29 Jul 1996
The Bottom Line:

Fist new material in five years; John turns hip-hop. Songs are great but recording quality suffers a little from digital diseases.

Recorded at JMI Studios and The Washoose [Mill Studios, Kilkenny, Ireland]. Mixed by Spencer Cozens, Stefon Taylor (5, 7) and Doublas 'Bone' Graham (6); mastered by Gordon Vicary.

The working title for the album was Snooo, John told the Reading Chronicle in 1995. He turned to hip-hop when he was in Chicago recording No Little Boy: "I really love black American culture and when I went out to the clubs where the music was really big it blew me away. It's the energy of it that's exciting." John insisted that this diversion in style was a one-off and that the lyrical content remained 100 per cent Martyn even though the music sounded different.

The vinyl edition had no room for the reprise of Sunshine's Better. On the CD it is a hidden track only to be after a 50 seconds break after track #9. In the bonus track you can hear John pouring a glass on 9'08" and 10'43".

Vinyl mold numbers:
DFI 96- 6 828798-1 A1 and DFI 96- 6 828798-1 B1. Lyrics and credits on inner sleeve.

thelonious monk cover
According to John Neil Munro, the cover of And was inspired by Thelonious Monk's In Italy album (1963) and meant as a tribute to this jazz hero.

Production: John Martyn, Stefon Taylor, Spencer Cozens
Engineers: Stefon Taylor, Spencer Cozens, Douglas 'Bone' Graham
Cover photography: Lawrence Watson
CD: GO! Discs 828 798-2
Vinyl: GO! Discs 828 798-1 (500 copies, no hidden track)