Solid Air [180 grams]

1 May 1999
Simply Vinyl
The Bottom Line:

Solid repressing of solid record.

The record was issued with a flyer containing the following text on behalf of the record company.

White labels with no print on them.

Mold numbers
SVLP 102 A-01-01-1 and SVLP 102 B-01-01-1


May 1999

Dear Recipient,

You have just been sent a Simply Vinyl Test Pressing.

Please note that Test Pressings are literally the first new pressings which come off the record presses. Test Pressings are used primarily to double check that everything is in order, for instance, have the right lacquers been used, are the A and B sides correct and does the overall sound quality come up to standards?
Please note that because Test Pressings are the first off the presses they are often subject to a greater degree of blips, clicks and pops etc because the whole process generally needs about 70-100 pressings to roll-off before all the grooves are nice and smooth. Hence, when you listen to Test Pressings please be aware that the fidelity, in many cases, may not be up to the standard of a full manufacturing run finished product. Also please note that on occasion the Test Pressings may be of a different weight to the finished copies, for instance, 150 grams instead of 180. This is because the 180 gram presses may be tied up doing other titles for us!

Test Pressings may not be as ideal as finished copies in terms of overall fidelity. What you do have however, is a Collectors Item Test Pressing of which there are only 50 copies of each title ever supplied. So cherish accordingly!

All The Best,
The Simply Vinyl Crew

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