One World advert

10 Dec 1977
New Musical Express

This full page advert quotes two reviews, one from Melody Maker's Monty Smith (19 November) and one from Vivien Goldman (Sounds, 26 November). This places the earliest possible publishing date at 3 December.

John Martyn
The Definitive John Martyn

"Mean, moogy and magnificent.
One World is the most mesmerising album of the year.
More complete even than Bowie's.
Just plain better than anything else." **

His First Studio Work In Three Years

"The sabbatical has done the man good.
John Martyn has returned with a remarkable album." **

Eight Classic New Songs

"So fine spun you half expect the record
to float on and off the deck...
there isn't any other musician doing what Martyn does" ***

A New Album

"Some of us live like princes
Some of us live like queens
Most of us live like me
And they don't know what it means" *

* John Martyn (One World) ** Monty Smith (N.M.E.) *** Vivien Goldman (SOUNDS)

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