Inside Out advert

20 Oct 1973
Cash Box

Cash Box was a US based weekly magazine for the music industry trade publishing record charts. This two page advert preluded to John touring the US during the winter. The same material was re-used in black and white, as inner sleeve of the Jook Joint sampler.

The text says

ISLAND PEOPLE are a unique group of artists, whose records are not 'product' but works of art - all appreciated for what they bring to the world of music.
The ISLAND PEOPLE are distributed by the Capitol People, who have a complete support program for these artists.

And specifically for John

John gained acceptance (and rave reviews) with US audiences last spring. His virtuosity on guitar, his distinctive vocals, and his songwriting talent have already created a demand for this new album, which will be enhanced by his tour of the States this fall. INSIDE OUT was produced by John Martyn (SMAS-9335)

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