Heathfield 1978

© Anton Corbijn

This is an iconic photo used for the cover of No Little Boy. It was taken by famous Dutch photographer and director Anton Corbijn, around March 1978.
First time it was used in print was in an interview by Bert van de Kamp in the Dutch music magazine Oor, published 8 March 1978. It was included in the book Famouz.
The picture also featured in various Corbijn expositions, for instane at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, April-May 1994.

Australian cartoon


'Michael Finucan's John Martyn Konzert Watch'
A very rare find: a cartoon accompanying the review of the show given at Brisbane Mayne Hall, 21 August 1977.
It was published in the Radio Times of 1 September.
There's a lot going on in the drawing: John's music runs like clockwork, probably inspired by the echoplex.
The hands of the clock become John's hands, on the strings, tuning, and moving the capo. We also notice bottles of beer and a drop of sweat elegantly being propelled. And one or two broken strings, of course.

Special copy.. 1976

© Tim Dickeson

Photographer Tim Dickeson owns this unnumbered but signed copy of Live At Leeds but he got it from Hastings journalist Stephen Turner. The copy went unnumbered as it was a personal gift, says Tim:

"Steve was a good friend of mine and a little time after the gig [of 9th January 1976] he went around to John & Beverley's place [in Hastings] to do an interview for the paper. John gave Steve a signed copy of Live At Leeds - which Steve later gave me as he knew I was 'smitten' so to speak..."

Ringside Seat 1975 - 1

© Ben Small

Before deciding on the album name of Live At Leeds, John had considered naming it Ringside Seat. He wanted some photographs for the release and went with Danny to the Thomas A'Becket boxing gym in London's Old Kent Road. A friend of Danny's kitted them out in shorts and gloves for what should have been play-fighting...

Kingston Folk Barge


During the sixties this was a famous place where folk musicians could perform: the Kingston Folk Club also known as The Barge. It was an old Dutch ship moored at the quay in Kingston upon Thames. Anyone who was anyone played this small venue one time or another. In 1965 Paul Simon performed, Jackson C. Frank was a regular guest and Sandy Denny made her first public appearance there. Theo Johnson, who managed the place, also performed himself three times a week with his resident group called The Whalers or The Barge Crew.


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