Special copy.. 1976

© Tim Dickeson

Photographer Tim Dickeson owns this unnumbered but signed copy of Live At Leeds but he got it from Hastings journalist Stephen Turner. The copy went unnumbered as it was a personal gift, says Tim:

"Steve was a good friend of mine and a little time after the gig [of 9th January 1976] he went around to John & Beverley's place [in Hastings] to do an interview for the paper. John gave Steve a signed copy of Live At Leeds - which Steve later gave me as he knew I was 'smitten' so to speak..."

Steve Turner worked for the Hastings & St Leonards Observer. Which explains the text: "The Observers album of British Nutters | Godblessyer Steve | John Martyn".

Two articles by Steve are included in the Print section. Including the mentioned interview.