Manchester 1970 - 4

Geoff Allan

See the smoke coming from the neck of the guitar?
Live at the Manchester University Union..
Geoff: "The bottle, if your'e wondering, is Newcastle Brown Ale, the favourite drink of many a performer then (and now) - a powerful brew from my home town, which gives a wicked hangover!"

Kingston Folk Barge


During the sixties this was a famous place where folk musicians could perform: the Kingston Folk Club also known as The Barge. It was an old Dutch ship moored at the quay in Kingston upon Thames. Anyone who was anyone played this small venue one time or another. In 1965 Paul Simon performed, Jackson C. Frank was a regular guest and Sandy Denny made her first public appearance there. Theo Johnson, who managed the place, also performed himself three times a week with his resident group called The Whalers or The Barge Crew.


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