Kentish Town 1987 - 1

Robert Laugier

Robert Laugier: "I saw John twice in October 1987, the first time in the Hammersmith Odeon [09 Oct], and the second one, two days later, in the Town & Country Club of Kentish Town.
For the first concert, John arrived wearing a raincoat which he kept only during the first song, and then took off.
Two days later, he arrived wearing with the same raincoat... but kept it on all concert long!
Each time John was lowering a hand, sweat was flowing down the sleeves like a cascade."

Roberton 1984

Anton Corbijn

One of the most famous pictures Anton Corbijn took from John. The location must be the environments of his Roberton cottage. As to the date, it probably was taken late 1984 as the back picture of Sapphire (released November 1984) seems to come from the same session. Also it was used by NME in Richard Cook's review of Sapphire (where John provided the names of the sheep by the way).

Heathfield 1978

© Anton Corbijn

This is an iconic photo used for the cover of No Little Boy. It was taken by famous Dutch photographer and director Anton Corbijn, around March 1978.
First time it was used in print was in an interview by Bert van de Kamp in the Dutch music magazine Oor, published 8 March 1978. It was included in the book Famouz.
The picture also featured in various Corbijn expositions, for instane at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, April-May 1994.


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