John Martyn 90s Giglist


If you know of any other performances, do not hesitate to send me a note...


The Apprentice Tour



1990-03-16 Scotland, Edinburgh, Buster Brown's. Recorded.

1990-03-27 UK, London, Shaw Theatre.

1990-03-28 UK, London, Shaw Theatre.

1990-03-29 UK, London, Shaw Theatre.

1990-03-30 UK, London, Shaw Theatre.

1990-03-31 UK, London, Shaw Theatre. "JLP Concerts | Present John Martin [sic] | & Special Guests | Sat 31 March 1990 | 7.30 doors." Tickets £ 8.50. This evening the Apprentice video and Live album were recorded. One of the other nights The Apprentice was recorded for Deny This Love single.


1990-04-02 UK, London, Shaw Theatre.

1990-04-03 UK, London, Shaw Theatre.

1990-04-04 UK, London, Shaw Theatre.

1990-04-05 UK, London, Shaw Theatre.

1990-04-06 UK, London, Shaw Theatre.

1990-04-07 UK, London, Shaw Theatre.

1990-04-11 Ireland, Cork.

1990-04-12 Ireland, Tramore (co. Waterford), O'Shea's Hotel. "A legendary gig in local folklore." (Paul Flynn).

1990-04-14 Ireland, Dublin.

1990-04-15 Ireland, Killarney.

1990-04-20 Norway, Trondheim.

1990-04-21 Norway, Alesund.

1990-04-22 Norway, Bergen.

1990-04-24 Norway, Stavanger.

1990-04-25 Norway, Oslo.

1990-04-27 Sweden, Stockholm.

1990-04-28 Sweden, Stockholm.

1990-04-29 UK, Manchester, Royal Exchange.

1990-04-30 UK, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Bridge Street Arts Centre.



1990-05-01 UK, Leeds, Irish Centre.

1990-05-02 UK, Worthing, Pavilion. Wednesday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 6.50.

1990-05-03 UK, Poole, Arts Centre.

1990-05-04 UK, Southport, Arts Centre. Bootlegged, 100 minutes.

1990-05-05 UK, Nottingham, Trent Poly.

1990-05-06 UK, York, Opera House or Hull, Spring Street Theatre.

1990-05-08 UK, Colne, Pendle Hall.

1990-05-09 UK, Birmingham, Irish Centre. "JLP presents | John Martyn | & His Band | Wednesday 9 May 1990 | Doors: 8 pm | Tickets: £7 Advance."


1990-05-10 UK, Cambridge, Junction (Corn Exchange).

1990-05-11 UK, Kendal (Cumbria), Brewery Arts Centre.


1990-05-12 UK, Kendal (Cumbria), Brewery Arts Centre.

1990-05-13 Scotland, Glasgow, Mayfest.

1990-05-14 Scotland, Glasgow, Mayfest.

1990-05-15 Scotland, Glasgow, Mayfest.

1990-05-16 Scotland, Aberdeen, Ritzy.

1990-05-17 Scotland, Dundee, Whitehall Theatre.

1990-05-18 Scotland, Ayr, Pavilion.

1990-05-19 Scotland, Edinburgh, Queen's Hall.

1990-05-20 UK, Hull, Spring Street Theatre or Aberdeen, Ritzy.


1990-05-21 UK, Newcastle, Playhouse.

1990-05-22 UK, Newcastle, Playhouse. "John Martyn and Band". Tuesday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 7.50.

1990-05-23 UK, Reading, Hexagon.

1990-05-24 UK, Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall.

1990-05-25 UK, Norwich, University of East Anglia.

1990-05-26 UK, Hemel Hempstead, Pavilion.

1990-05-27 UK, Southend, Cliffs Pavilion.

1990-05-28 UK, Bristol, Thekla.

1990-05-29 UK, Bristol, Thekla. Admission £ 8.50 (bootlegged).

1990-05-30 UK, Exeter, St Georges Hall.

1990-05-31 UK, Exeter, St Georges Hall.


1990-06-01 UK, Newtown, Powys, Theatre Hafren.

1990-06-02 UK, Swindon (Wiltshire), Wyvern Theatre.


1990-06-03 Scotland, Glasgow, Custom House Quay. John played at the Bandstand by the river Clyde for 'The Big Day' celebrating Glasgow City of Culture. Alan Thomson was on bass. Also a saxophone player. John shared the bill for this stage with the River Detectives and Billy Bragg. The show was broadcast live by Channel 4.
There also is a mention of UK, Wolverhampton, Civic Hall for this date.

1990-06-04 UK, Hayes, Beck Theatre.

1990-06-05 UK, Cardiff, St David's Hall. Tuesday, 8.00pm. Admission £ 7.00.

1990-06-06 UK, Fareham, Ferneham Hall (near Portsmouth). "Wed 06 Jun 90 at 19:30 | John Martyn & Band." Tickets £ 7.50. "It was a great night. JM bounced onto the stage and said 'I should say Hello Fareham, but where the f*ck is Fareham!'. Storming night, the correct balance of young guns in the band and just the right amount of alcohol in JM." (John Stait)

1990-06-08 UK, Bradford, St George's Hall. Friday, 7.30pm. Tickets £ 7.50, £ 6.50, £ 5.50.


1990-06-09 UK, Lewisham Theatre.

1990-06-10 UK, Sheffield, Crucible Theatre. "The Legendary John Martyn In Concert." Saturday 10 June at 7.30pm. Tickets £ 6.50.

1990-06-11 UK, Oldham, Queen Elizabeth Hall.

1990-06-12 UK, Lincoln, The Drill Hall.

1990-06-18 Germany, München, Schlachthof. Bootlegged, 130 minutes.

1990-06-20 Germany, Köln, Live Music Hall.

1990-06-21 Germany, Bochum, Zeche.

1990-06-24 Netherlands, Uden, De Nieuwe Pul. With band. Sunday night, 22:00 hrs. Tickets f 15,00 (advance), f 17,50 (door). "That evening the Dutch 11 played the 1/8 World Championship finals against West-Germany. They set-up a TV-set in the lounge so people wouldn't have to miss the match. John agreed to begin the concert after the match was done, so he and his fabulous band came on at about 11:30 that night! After some additional sound trouble they really took off for an unforgettable and intense show, playing three hours of the best Martyn music with only a twenty minute break. For less than 40 people in the audience..." (Peter Klaessens).

1990-06-25 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso. With band. Monday night, 21:30 hrs. Bootlegged, 150 minutes.



1990-07-00 Italy, Isola del Liri, Liri Blues Festival (Small village between Roma and Napoli, 20 kilometers east of Frosinone).

1990-07-04 UK, Warrington, Par Hall. "He was meant to do this gig but never turned up (it was the evening of the World Cup semi-final)." (Dav Devalle). Show was transferred to 26 Sep 1990.

1990-07-14 Scotland, Stirling, Stirling Castle. Part of Scotland's Day Out festival, Hue and Cry and Runrig topped the bill. Tickets £ 5.00 (advance). Either this entry is not correct or the Pistoia one isn't. "Day For Scotland | A Festival For Our Future | Saturday 14 July Stirling | Organised by STUC in association with Regular Music and Stirling District Council | A positive celebration of Scottish life - Which says we must decide our future - No-one else!" Featuring Runrig, Hue & Cry, John Martyn, Dick Gaughan, Test Department, The Fini Tribe, The Hamish Moore Band, Wild River Apples, The Right Stuff, Stu Who?, Kith And Kin, Rhythm Chillun, World Wide, The Thieves, Makossa, Ceolbeg, Carol Laula, The Shamen, The John Rae Collective, Wildcat, 7:34 Theatre Company, The Funny Farm, Alex Frackleton, Alien Arts Company, Project Ability, Bhangra, Mary Sandeman, Hamish Henderson, African dancers, Gen Michael of Sty, and Kids' entertainment, Buskers, Fun fayre, Over 200 stalls, Beer tents, Juggling, Fire eating, Workshops, plus more to be announced..


1990-07-14 Italy, Pistoia, Pistoia Blues Festival. (13-15 July). John was scheduled for Saturday evening 14 July 1990 at the 11th edition of the festival 'dedicated to the music of the devil'. The Friday was about Chicago Blues featuring John Hammond, First Experience, Edoardo Bennato, Otis Clay, B.B. King.
stubJohn was to play Saturday with Tolo Marton, Robben Ford, and the Jeff Healey Band, Sunday was a soul day for ladies: Anna e Le Sorelle, Ladri di Biciclette, Chaka Khan, Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown, Miriam Makeba. Presenter was Andy J. Forest.


1990-08-15 Scotland, Edinburgh, Queen's Hall (Edinburgh Festival). Bootlegged (audience recording).


1990-09-06 Scotland, Glasgow, Botanic Gardens. Deny This Love in The Garden Party live BBC TV show.

1990-09-22 Belgium, Bruxelles, Ancienne Belgique. Part of Bruzzle, the Brussels Arts Festival (13-23 Sep). "He opened acoustic, then the band blew everyone out of their chairs." (Patrick Teugels).

1990-09-24 UK, Cambridge, The Junction. Supporting act Cassell Webb.

1990-09-25 UK, Leeds, Irish Centre. Supporting act Cassell Webb. Tickets £ 5.00 advance, £ 6.00 door.


1990-09-26 UK, Warrington (Cheshire), Parr Hall. Supporting act Cassell Webb. "Par Hall, Warrington | SJM concerts present | John Martyn plus guests | Wednesday 4th July 1990 | [stamped] 26 SEP 1990 | Doors open 7.30pm." Tickets £ 6.00 (advance). "As we approached the hall, John appeared at the stage door (situated at the front of the hall!). John was right there in front of me and he asks 'Where's the nearest pub?' Me being Mr Beer Head, tells John to avoid Friars Court or the Woolpack and get to the Lower Angel for some decent beer, at which point John kindly looks at me and says 'I'm looking for the band!'..." (Stuart Massey)

1990-09-27 UK, London, Dominion Theatre. Supporting act Cassell Webb.

1990-09-28 Ireland, Sligo, Arts Festival.

1990-09-29 Ireland, Dublin, Olympia. Supporting act Cassell Webb. Probably Midnight At The Olympia; 'instant sell-out'.


1990-10-17 Scotland, Edinburgh, Amphitheatre. Bootlegged, audience recording.


1990-11-17 Italy, Torino, Folk Club.


1990-12-10 Germany, Dortmund, Live Station.

1990-12-16 Germany, Paderborn, U-Bahnhof. With band, bootlegged, 130 minutes.

1990-12-22 Italy, Torino, Folk Club. Concert announced but postponed.


1991-00-00 Scotland, Edinburg, Lothian Road: free lunchtime gig at club.


1991-02-09 Italy, Torino, Folk Club. 21:00 and 23:00 hrs. Show announced in La Stampa.

1991-02-10 Italy, Roma, Castello. Duo performance with keyboard player. Reviewed in La Repubblica.


1991-03-19 Spain, Madrid or Barcelona. Live TV-performance for final show of Sigue Sigue Plastic by RTE2. John plays Send Me One Line with a full band.


1991-04-13 France, Paris, New Morning Club. "The New Morning is a very good place for concerts (it's rather small) and John was fantastic there." (Robert Laugier). John played this venue twice in April 1991. This was the first evening.



1991-05-13 Scotland, Glasgow, Pavillion. Mayfest on a Monday. Tickets £ 3,50. "Can't remember much of this one, probably full band." (David Hardie)

1991-05-27 UK, Milton Keynes, Campbell Park. May Daze Festival; shared bill with Cockney Rebel. Tickets £ 9.50.


1991-06-19 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso. Supporting act The Watchman. Wednesday night, 21:00 hrs. Tickets f 12,50.

1991-06-21 Netherlands, Tilburg, probably Noorderligt. Cancelled.


1991-07-04 UK, Hopwood, Middleton (near Rochdale), Hopwood Hall College. Thursday night, 19:00-23:00 hrs. "Heineken Music Big Top Comes To Middleton! | 4th-7th July 1991 | Hopwood Hall | Rochdale Road - Middleton - Manchester M24 | John Martyn Band | George Borowski & Amazon Rags | The Bobby Charltons." John headlined the opening night of this Heineken sponsored (free) festival. "John Martyn was well received in the green big top, although unknown to many there. He and the band had the audience dancing to Apprentice songs. Also on the bill were The Days, and The High [both 6th July, ed]." (Craig Millar).

1991-07-21 UK, Swansea, probably Heineken Big Top festival (bootlegged).



1991-08-04 UK, Bristol, Castle Park. Heineken Big Top (bootlegged).

1991-08-15 UK, Southsea Castle (near Portsmouth, Hampshire), Heineken Big Top Festival. Big John topped the bill, also present was Hazel O'Connor and probably Richard Thompson. Band gig with Cooltide Tour line-up. "I saw him in the audience watching acts earlier in the day, sporting a dark blue blazer with a nautical emblem on the front top pocket; seemed rather an odd choice of attire to me for his lordship!" (Ian Hepplewhite).
"John necked a full bottle of Bacardi in the first hour of the gig." (Doug Miller).

Cooltide tour

Band: Spencer Cozens (keyboards), Dave Lewis (sax), Alan Thomson (bass), Gerry Conway (drums)


1991-09-26 UK, Coventry, Tic Toc.

1991-09-27 UK, Wolverhampton, Civic Hall.

1991-09-28 UK, Manchester, International II.

1991-09-29 UK, Bradford, Queens Hall. Bootlegged, 100 minutes.

1991-09-30 UK, Cardiff, St David's Hall.


1991-10-01 UK, Hanley, Freetown Club.

1991-10-02 UK, Kendal (Cumbria), Brewery Arts Centre.

1991-10-03 UK, Kendal (Cumbria), Brewery Arts Centre.

1991-10-04 Scotland, Aberdeen, Music Hall.

1991-10-05 Scotland, Edinburgh, Queens Hall. Bootlegged, audience recording.

1991-10-06 Scotland, Kilmarnock, Vito's.

1991-10-07 Scotland, Glasgow, Tron Theatre.

1991-10-08 Scotland, Glasgow, Tron Theatre.


1991-10-09 UK, Warrington (Cheshire), Parr Hall. "Parr Hall, Warrington | SJM Concerts present | John Martyn & His Band | in concert | Wednesday 9th October 1991 | Doors open 7.30pm." Tickets £ 7.50 (advance).

1991-10-11 Ireland, Dublin, Olympia Theatre. Friday night.

1991-10-12 Ireland, Dublin, Olympia Theatre. Saturday night.

1991-10-13 Ireland, Cork, Everyman's Theatre. Sunday night.

1991-10-15 UK, Bristol, Thekla.

1991-10-16 UK, Aylesbury, Civic Centre.

1991-10-17 UK, Southport, Arts Theatre. After this concert John was interviewed for five or six minutes by David Barber, he talked about Nick Drake. Quotes went public as late as 2005. David: "I think it’s fair to say that he was, on this occasion, a reluctant interviewee."

1991-10-18 UK, Nottingham, Polytechnic (Trent Poly).

1991-10-19 UK, Birmingham, Red Lion.

1991-10-20 UK, Sheffield, University.

1991-10-21 UK, Newcastle, Playhouse.

1991-10-22 UK, Newcastle, Playhouse.

1991-10-23 UK, Carlisle, The Front Page.

1991-10-24 UK, Cambridge, Junction.

1991-10-25 UK, Norwich, University of East Anglia.

1991-10-27 UK, London, Subterania.

1991-10-28 UK, Lewisham, Theatre.


1991-10-29 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso. Supporting act The Watchman. Tuesday night, 21:00 hours. "John looked like an old hippie with long curly hair, dressed in a long sleeve coat and was either drunk or stoned (or both). During the concert he even shouted at Dave Lewes.The music was great." (Peter Klaessens). Reviewed in Trouw 01 Nov 1991.

1991-10-30 Netherlands, Den Haag, Paard. (I was there).

1991-10-31 Netherlands, Tilburg, Noorderligt. Supporting act The Watchman. Thursday night, 21:00 hrs. Tickets f 17,50 (advance), f 20,00 (door). "John was fresh and wore a white suit. Jan Douwe Kroeske (host of the 2-meter sessions) was in the audience that night." (Peter Klaessens).


1991-11-01 Belgium, Kortrijk, Parochiaal Centrum.

1991-11-02 Netherlands, Apeldoorn, Gigant.

1991-11-03 Netherlands, Utrecht, Tivoli. Supporting act on the bill Calvin Russell. Sunday night, 21:30 hrs. Tickets f 15,00. "John didn't want to play after Calvin so John opened first. I had a chat with him after the the show, his son was also there" (Marc ter Horst). Same day studio performance in 2 Meter Sessies.

1991-11-04 Germany, Krefeld, Kulturfabrik.

1991-11-05 Germany, Köln, Alter Wartesaal. 'A.S.S. Concerts presents | John Martyn & Band | The Cooltide Tour 1991 | Beginn 20.00 Uhr.'

1991-11-06 Austria, Linz, Posthof.

1991-11-08 Germany, Berlin, Quasimodo.

1991-11-10 Germany, Hamburg, Fabrik.

1991-11-11 Danmark, Copenhagen, Montmartre.

1991-11-13 Germany, Frankfurt, Batschkapp. Tickets DM 24 (advance), DM 28 (door).

1991-11-14 Germany, Dortmund, Live Station.

1991-11-15 UK, London, Dominion Theatre.



1992-02-15 UK, London, The Grand (Clapham Junction). Tickets £ 8.00.


1992-03-11 Ireland, Dun Laoire, The Purty Loft. Wednesday night.

1992-03-13 Ireland, Limerick, Royal George Hotel.

1992-03-16 Ireland, Dundalk, Derry Hale Hotel.

1992-03-17 Ireland, Waterford, The Mansion.

1992-03-18 Ireland, Cork, Sir Henry's.

1992-03-19 Ireland, Galway, Setanta Hotel (Salthill). Thursday night. Reviewed by Galway Advertiser one week later.

1992-03-20 Ireland, Belfast, The Conor Hall. Friday night.


1992-04-28 UK, Folkestone (Kent), Metronome (with supporting act). Admission £ 7.50 (advance).


1992-05-22 UK, Telford, Oakengates Theatre. Friday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 7.50. "Town Hall Oakengates | Setting the Standard | At Oakengates Theatre | John Martyn in concert | Wrekin District Council | Fri 22 May 92 | Perf. Evening 7.30pm | £ 7.50" "John played as a 3 piece (JM, Spencer and I think Gerry Conway) and turned up an hour late as he was stuck in traffic. As was I, we arrived around the same time!! Played a lengthy Big Muff, a beautiful Bless The Weather and Angeline were among the highlights." (Steve W.)


1992-05-24 UK, London, Subterania. Admission £ 8.00 (advance).


1992-06-02 UK, London, The Grand.

1992-06-12 US, Burlington (Vermont), The Metronome. Small place, capacity 120. "His daughter was on board as tour-master. JM and I chatted briefly at the bar. I had been a fan for so long I couldn't believe it. The gig was amazing, of course." (John Dennison).

1992-06-17 US, New York, Tramps.

1992-06-20 US, New York, The Bottom Line (Martyn, Ahmun, Cozens, Underwood; 2 sets, one broadcast on WBAI FM, one track -Big Muff- released on Georgia On Our Mind.

1992-06-26 UK, Guernsey, venue unknown. Friday night. John had flown in from Chicago the day before.

1992-06-27 UK, Jersey, St Helier, La Buvette. Saturday night, with band. Ticket: "Le Masurier Sports and Social Club present John Martyn and his band". Packed pub with 400 people audience. Reviewed in Jersey Evening Post.


1992-07-00 US, Northampton (Massachusetts), Iron Horse. "I remember it well, it was a sweltering hot, early summer night. The lighting in the old Iron Horse was terrible for taking photographs." (Lahri Bond). It is likely that the show took place in June though.


1992-08-08 UK, Hastings, The Stade. Saturday afternoon free Beach Concert; charity show for Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Poster text: "The Nelson Tigers '92 | Free RNLI Beach Concert | Featuring John Martyn [...] Saturday 8 August | 2pm until 8pm | on The Stade | Hastings Old Town". John headlining for Moonshot Blues, Tich Turner's Mish Mash Band, The Pullbacks, Chris Fyfe & friends plus support. "Live coverage by Hastings Local Radio on 100.5FM". This show was cancelled due to a 'missed plane' but John corrected the omission by playing one day later.

1992-08-09 UK, Hastings, The Stade. Sunday afternoon, spontaneous band performance. Charity for Lifeboat Institution show missed one day earlier. Spencer Cozens (keyboards), John Giblin (bass), Jerry Underwood (saxophone) and Jeff Allen (drums).



1992-09-13 UK, Wolverhampton, The Lighthouse. Sunday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 7.50. "A Special Evening of Music | with the Legendary | John Martyn | In Concert | Live at The Lighthouse | Fryers Street - Wolverhampton | Sunday 13th Sept at 8pm". Alan Hallett reports this show was cancelled due to The Lighthouse not having a license. It was moved to the Wulfrun Hall a while later.

1992-09-24 UK, London, Town and Country Club (Forum): Prison Reform Trust Charity gig. Thursday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 10.00 (door), £ 9.00 (advance). "P.R.T. presents | John Martyn and band | Plus Special Guests | + Support - Microgroove | All proceeds to Prison Reform Trust | Thursday 24 september 1992 | Doors 7pm Show 7:30pm | Adv £9.00 Door £10.00". Andy Sheppard on sax; "mind blowing version of John Wayne".


1992-11-03 UK, London, The Grand (Clapham Junction). Admission £ 8.

1992-11-04 UK, London, Mean Fiddler (series of 10th anniversary concerts for the venue).

1992-11-05 UK, BBC2: Later with Jools Holland, first series. Man In The Station, Sweet Little Mystery, May You Never. Andy Shepherd was in same show.


1992-12-20 US, Chicago, Beat Kitchen (solo).




1993-01-03 Scotland, Glasgow, Cathouse. Support act to The Party Boys (Sensational Alex Harvey Band). "It was the night he signed some of my pictures taken at the Sub Club and christened me Snapper." (David Hardie)

1993-01-29 UK, London, Town & Country Club. "Magnetic South presents John Martyn in Concert." Friday night, door 19:00 hrs, showtime 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 11.00 in advance.

1993-01-30 UK, Bradford, Queens Hall. "John Martyn with full band plus special guests." Saturday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 8.00.


1993-02-02 UK, London, Mean Fiddler.

1993-02-16 Scotland, Edinburgh, Queen's Hall.

1993-02-18 UK, Telford, Oakengates Theatre.


1993-02-20 UK, Manchester, Students Union (Main Hall, bootlegged). "Manchester University Union | SJM Concerts present | John Martyn | Saturday 20th February 1993 | [...] Doors 7.30 p.m. | Over 18's only." Tickets £ 9.00 (advance).

1993-02-23 UK, Worthing, Pavilion Theatre. "John Martyn & Band." Tuesday night, 20:00 hrs. Admission £8.50.


1993-03-17 Ireland, Waterford, The Mansion House, with band. "Too pissed to play, the gig lasted an hour or so as he kept forgetting lyrics and changing in mid song and the band trying to keep up with him. Not his finest hour." (Paul Flynn).

European spring tour

Spencer Cozens (keyboards), Scott [Firth] (bass), Gerry Conway (drums), Jerry Underwood (sax)


1993-04-08 Germany, Berlin, Franz Club.


1993-04-09 Germany, Hamburg, Fabrik.

1993-04-10 Germany, Hannover, Capitol. Saturday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets DM 18 (advance), DM 22 (door). "25 Jahre | John Martyn | Sa., 10.04.'93 | Einlaß: 19.30 Uhr | Vorverkauf DM 18,-- | Abendkasse DM 22,-- | Tourneeleitung: BIG MUFF".


1993-04-12 Germany, Köln, Luxor.

1993-04-14 Germany, Bremen, Lagerhaus.

1993-04-15 Germany, Erlangen, E-Werk.

1993-04-16 Germany, Halle, Capitol.

1993-04-18 Germany, Wuppertal, Forum.

1993-04-19 Germany, München, Nachtwerk.

1993-04-20 Germany, Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer. "John had our addresses collected for a 'traditional' mailing list, but no information whatsoever arrived in the last 11 years (-:)" (Hermann Wüst).

1993-04-21 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Melkweg. With band. Wednesday, 22:00 hrs.

1993-04-22 Netherlands, Den Haag, Paard. Thursday, 22:00 hrs.

1993-04-23 Germany, Bielefeld, PC 69.

1993-04-24 Netherlands, Haarlem, Patronaat. Saturday night.

1993-04-25 Netherlands, Uden, De Nieuwe Pul. Sunday night, 22:00 hrs. Tickets f 15 (advance), f 17,50 (door). John was more than an hour late. "zondag 25 april | 25-jarig jubileum tour | John Martyn | & Band | + Special Guests | open: 21.00 uur • aanvang: 22.00 uur | entree: f 15,- (vvk) / ƒ 17,50 (kassa)". Reviewed Limburgs Dagblad 28 Apr 1993.

1993-04-26 Germany, Bonn, Jazz Galerie.

1993-04-27 Belgium, Bruxelles (Molenbeek), De Vaartkapoen (VK*). "Horrible. John arrived an hour late and totally drunk. The band seemed to be together for the first time. John had to show the chords for some requests which they turned into muzak." (Patrick Teugels).

1993-04-28 France, Paris, Passage du Nord-Ouest. "I remember it was an awful concert. John was in a terribly bad mood." (Robert Laugier). There is a reference to the New Morning club but that is faulty.


1993-06-05 Scotland, Glasgow, The Scottish Fleadh (Glasgow Green).

1993-06-12 UK, London, Finsbury Park - Fleadh (Stage 2).

1993-06-22 UK, London, Forum. Supporting act Pat Orchard.


1993-08-07 US, Los Angeles, The Troubadour.

1993-08-24 Scotland, Edinburgh, Acropolis (Edinburgh Festival).


1993-08-28 UK, Stansfield, Suffolk & Good Festival. John Martyn and Bert Jansch apparently replaced Rick Wakeman (see flyer clip). Strawbs 25th anniversary festival. Line-up: Spencer Cozens, Jerry Underwood, John Giblin, Gerry Conway. From the program, sponsored by Nethergate Fine Ales: "At Suffolk & Good, John Martyn plays for us with his band. He's still using the 'echo-plex' effect, but these days the sound is achieved digitally. That's progress for you." Perhaps that is also the reason they claim Solid air had a track called I'd Rather Go Blind.
John noticed the Strawbs were heading the bill and decided to rename his band The Mixed Fruits for the occasion. "Less than 1000 people attended but it was a superb line-up and JM was in fine form. I spoke to him as he arrived and he had clearly had a snifter or two on the way there. He played wonderfully and was supposed to play for much less time than he did. The stage manager took to hopping up and down in front of the stage (which wasn't high) trying to get him to stop - John just smiled at him and carried on. Wonderful, classic Martyn behaviour." The show was bootlegged.


1993-09-00 US, Ferndale (Michigan), Magic Bag.

1993-09-08 US, New York, Bottom Line (duo with John Giblin bass, two sets, first song solo).

1993-09-12 US, Chicago, Beat Kitchen (solo performance).

1993-09-15 US, Fort Worth (Texas), Caravan of Dreams. Duo with John Giblin.

1993-09-16 US, Seattle, Backstage Club (solo performance, bootlegged).

1993-09-19 US, San Francisco, The Great American Music Hall (solo). "Neat little venue holding about 250-300 people, tables with waitress service. Very civilized concert going! The surprising thing was that it was fairly full. I didn't think that many people over here had heard of old John. He played a great set consisting totally of older songs." (anonymous).

1993-09-24 US, Santa Monica (California), McCabe's (two sets).

1993-09-26 US, [unknown]. Radio session for NPR radio.


1993-12-10 US, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), WXPN Studios (World Cafe broadcast March 30 1994).


1994-00-00 Italy, Milan, solo concert.


1994-01-09 UK, Chester, Telfords Warehouse.


1994-03-00 US, Scottsdale, Arizona, The Rockin' Horse. "Life has not been the same here since musically. The club burned to the ground in 1996." (Mariah Fleming)

1994-03-09 US, San Francisco, GAMH.

1994-03-12 US, Santa Monica (California), McCabe's (two sets).


1994-04-21 US, New York, [The Bottom Line] (2 sets, supporting act Huffamoose).

1994-04-27 US, Somerville (Massachusetts), Johnny D's. "Great show, although he was so drunk I don't think he'd remember it."

1994-04-29 Italy, Bergamo, Blob House.

1994-04-30 Italy, Bologna, Ruvido. 'Live Music & Restore.' Solo show, Saturday, 22:30 hrs.




1994-05-01 Italy, Vicenza, Totem.

1994-05-05 UK, Telford, Oakengates Theatre.

1994-05-06 Ireland, Dublin, Olympia Theatre.

1994-05-07 Ireland, Dublin, Olympia Theatre.

1994-05-08 UK, Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms.

1994-05-10 UK, Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms.

1994-05-11 UK, Bath, The Hub.


1994-05-12 UK, Newport, King's Hotel. "The Kings Hotel presents | Thursday 12th May | John Martyn & Band | plus support | Tickets: £8.00 | Doors open 8.00pm No Admission after 10.00pm | Management reserve the right to refuse admission."

1994-05-13 UK, Northampton, Roadmenders.

1994-05-14 UK, London, Blackheath Concert Hall.

1994-05-15 UK, Manchester, University, Students Union (Minor Hall).

1994-05-17 Scotland, Aberdeen, Lemon Tree.

1994-05-18 Scotland, Aberdeen, Lemon Tree.

1994-05-19 Scotland, Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall.

1994-05-20 UK, Blackpool, Winter Gardens.

1994-05-22 Scotland, Edinburgh, The Lyceum.

1994-05-23 UK, Kendal (Cumbria), Brewery Arts Centre.

1994-05-24 UK, Kendal (Cumbria), Brewery Arts Centre.



1994-05-25 UK, Leeds, Irish Centre. "John Martyn plus Special Guests." Wednesday evening, doors open 8.00pm. Admission £ 8.00 (advance), £ 9.00 (door).

1994-05-26 UK, Southport, Arts Centre.

1994-05-27 UK, Birmingham, Town Hall. Tickets £ 7.50.

Ticket stub

1994-05-28 UK, Leicester, University Queens Hall.

1994-05-29 UK, Cheltenham, Town Hall. "Town Hall | Pump Room | Cheltenham Town Hall | Cheltenham Borough Council | John Martyn | Sun 29 May | 8.00 pm." Tickets £ 6.00 balcony.

1994-05-30 UK, Stoke, Wheatsheaf.

1994-05-31 UK, Swansea, Penyrheol Leisure Centre. Tuesday, 8.00pm. Admission £ 8,50 (balcony) Bootlegged.


1994-06-01 UK, Cambridge, The Junction.

1994-06-02 UK, London, The Grand (Clapham Junction). Thursday night, 21:00 hrs. Tickets £ 8.50. "The Grand Presents | John Martyn at The Grand | St. John's Hill, Clapham Junction | London, SW11 2RS | Doors: 7:00pm - Midnight Showtime 9:00pm | Thursday 2nd June 1994 | Tickets £8.50 (Advance) | No under 18s".

1994-06-03 UK, Derby, Assembly Rooms.

1994-06-05 UK, High Wycombe, Swan Theatre.

1994-06-06 UK, Winchester, Theatre Royal.

1994-06-08 UK, Newcastle, Riverside.

1994-06-09 UK, Chester, Telfords Warehouse.

1994-06-10 UK, Middlesbrough, Town Hall Crypt.

1994-06-11 UK, Colchester, Leisure World/ Charter Hall. 19:00 hrs. Tickets £ 9.50. "Charter Hall | The Main Event | Colchester Leisure World | Proudly Presents | John Martyn | Plus Support".


1994-06-12 Scotland, Ayr, Festival.

1994-06-13 UK, Preston, The Mill (Aqueduct Street). "A great show with John Giblin on bass." (Craig Millar).



1994-08-03 Scotland, Glasgow, Old Fruit Market. Loudon Wainwright hosted BBC2 show; Big Muff turning into Hurt In Your Heart with unchanged rhythm. John on electric guitar, John Giblin on acoustic bass guitar.


1994-09-08 UK, London, Mean Fiddler Tickets £ 8 in advance, reviewed in Q #97.

1994-09-10 UK, St Ives (Cornwall), Guildhall. September Festival with supporting act Mike Silver.

Autumn: solo tour

Supporting act Jay Fisher



1994-10-08 Italy, Torino, Folk Club. Saturday night gig announced but also cancelled. La Stampa claimed John had suffered a heart attack, needing recovery in a Birmingham hospital. This info is unconfirmed and not very likely either.

1994-10-15 Scotland, Lerwick (Shetland Islands), Norscot Angling Club. "He was supported by the Red Vans (a local band) who also backed John for some of the night." (James Carlyle)

1994-10-21 UK, London (Islington), Union Chapel project (bootlegged). Tickets £ 10.00.

1994-10-22 UK, Carlisle, Front Page.

1994-10-23 UK, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Maltings Arts Centre.

1994-10-24 UK, Newcastle, The Cellar.

1994-10-25 UK, Bath, The Hub.

1994-10-27 UK, Newport, The King's Hotel.

1994-10-28 UK, Exeter, St. Georges Hall.


1994-11-01 UK, Norwich, University of East Anglia.

1994-11-02 UK, Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall.

1994-11-04 UK, Milton Keynes, The Sanctuary.

1994-11-06 UK, Banbury, The Mill Arts.

1994-11-07 UK, Birmingham, Town Hall.

1994-11-08 UK, Chester, Telfords Warehouse.

1994-11-09 UK, Chester, Telfords Warehouse.

1994-11-10 Scotland, Glasgow, Castlemilk Community Centre.

1994-11-11 Scotland, Edinburgh, George Square Theatre.


1994-11-12 Scotland, Glasgow, Renfrew Ferry.

1994-11-13 UK, Hull, Hull Truck Theatre.

1994-11-14 UK, Stoke (Cheshire), Wheatsheaf.

1994-11-15 UK, Nottingham, Old Vic.

1994-11-16 UK, Southport, Arts Centre.

1994-11-17 UK, Leeds, Irish Centre. Solo, Thursday night, 8.00pm. Admission £ 7.50 (advance), £ 8.50 (door).


1994-11-18 UK, Allendale Town (Northumberland), King's Head Hotel.

1994-11-19 Scotland, Glasgow, Renfrew Ferry.

1994-11-20 Scotland, Aberdeen, The Lemon Tree.

1994-11-24 UK, Manchester, University.

1994-11-25 UK, London, The Watermans Arts Centre.

1994-11-27 UK, Henley [on Thames], Town Hall.

1994-11-28 UK, Brighton, Concorde Bars. "Superb." (John Hawkins)

1994-11-29 UK, Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms.

1994-11-30 UK, Southampton, The Gantry.


1994-12-01 UK, Salisbury (Wiltshire), The Arts Centre.

1994-12-02 UK, Ashburton (Devon), Lanterns.


1994-12-03 Northern Ireland, Blackheath (Londonderry), Concert Halls.

1994-12-04 UK, Sheffield, Leadmill.

1994-12-05 Ireland, Galway, Róisin Dubh. Monday night. Tickets for these two shows sold out in a record-breaking two hours.

1994-12-06 Ireland, Galway, Róisin Dubh. Tuesday night. "I remember when John Martyn was here [in the Róisin Dubh] for the first time. On his second night, everybody started singing along with him, and he just broke down in tears because he was so moved by their response. And that's not unusual." (John Mannion)

1994-12-07 Ireland, Belfast, Conor Hall.

1994-12-08 Ireland, Limerick (venue unknown).

1994-12-09 Ireland, Dublin, Dublin Olympia.

1994-12-10 UK, Kendal (Cumbria), Brewery Arts Centre.

1994-12-11 UK, Saint Donats (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales), Tythebarn Theatre.

1994-12-12 UK, Stratford [upon Avon], Civic Hall.

1994-12-17 UK, Worksop (Nottinghamshire), Regal Centre.

1994-12-18 UK, Bristol, Bierkeller. "Bristol Bierkeller | Hanx presents | John Martyn | + Jay Fisher | Sunday 18th December 1994 | Doors 8:00pm". Tickets £ 8.50 (advance).

1994-12-19 UK, Burnley (Lancashire), Mechanics.

1994-12-00 Ireland, Culdaff (Donegal), Mac's Backroom Bar (solo; moron performance [ipse dixit]).



1995-01-14 Italy, Torino, Folk Club. Saturday night, 21:00 hrs. Admission Lit 30.000. Replacement for the cancelled 08 Oct 1994 show.


1995-03-17 Netherlands, Haarlem, Patronaat. (Good solo gig.)

1995-03-18 UK, London, Astoria Theatre (supporting act Pat Orchard). Saturday night, doors 19:00 hrs. Tickets £ 10.00. Ticket text: "EQ Presents | John Martyn | Plus Special Guests | at London Astoria | 157 Charing Cross Road | London WC2 | Admission £10 advance". Cf 2 June 1996. "Due to Exceptional Public Demand | an evening with | John Martyn | plus special guest | Saturday 18th March."

1995-03-18 France, Paris, New Morning (faulty).

concert program

Snoo Tour

Supporting act Iain Archer


1995-06-01 Scotland, Glasgow, Pavillion.

1995-06-02 Scotland, Kirkcaldy, Adam Smith Theatre.

1995-06-04 UK, Newcastle, The Playhouse.

1995-06-05 UK, Chester, Telfords Warehouse (bootlegged).

1995-06-06 UK, Newbury, The Corn Exchange.

1995-06-08 UK, High Wycombe, The Swan Theatre.

1995-06-09 UK, UK, Lowestoft [Suffolk], The Marina Theatre.

1995-06-10 UK, London, Finsbury Park. Fleadh festival. Fifth anniversary of the Fleadh (so sixth show). John played the (secondary) Time Out stage from 18:15 to 19:15 hours. He was followed by Michelle Shocked but most people probably went to the Main Stage for Van Morrison afterwards.

1995-06-11 UK, Cambridge, The Corn Exchange.

1995-06-13 UK, Gravesend, Woodville Halls. "John came back from the pub/ curry house through the auditorium in Hawaian gear while a solo act was performing, and started heckling the poor guy himself" (Martin Futter)

1995-06-14 UK, Leeds, Irish Centre. "John Martyn & His Band + Iain Archer." Wednesday evening, doors open 8.00pm. Admission £ 9.00 (advance), £ 10.00 (door).


1995-06-15 UK, Preston, The Charter Theatre.

1995-06-16 Ireland, Belfast, Folk festival.


1995-06-17 Ireland, Dublin, Olympia Theatre.

1995-06-20 UK, Swansea, Penyrheol Leisure Centre.

1995-06-21 UK, Bath, The Pavillions.

1995-06-22 UK, Tavistock [Devon], The Wharf.

1995-06-23 UK, Wolverhampton [Birmingham], Wulfrun Hall. "John was playing like a demon & sweating up a storm" (Garry Corbett).

1995-06-24 UK, Stone [Staffordshire], The Forum Leisure Centre.

1995-06-25 UK, Spalding, South Holland Centre.

1995-06-26 UK, Coventry, Warwick Arts Centre.

1995-06-27 UK, Yeovil (Somerset), Octagon Theatre.

1995-06-28 UK, Portsmouth, The Wedgewood Rooms.

1995-06-29 UK, London, The Grand (Clapham Junction).

1995-06-30 UK, Crawley [West Sussex], The Hawth. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 10.00. "Crawley Borough Council | Leisure Services | for the best in | Arts and Entertainment | The Hawth | John Martyn plus support | £10.00 Ad Rear Stalls | Fri 30 Jun 95 | 8:00 pm".



1995-07-01 UK, Winchester, Theatre Royal.

1995-07-02 UK, Bracknell [Berkshire], South Hill Park. John headlined the Sunday line up of the Bracknell Festival (07:30 p.m.). "He was pissed as a fart. Rubbish." (Neil Jung).


1995-08-06 UK, Swansea, Singleton Park. Swansea Music Fest '95 lasted four days from Thursday 3 through Sunday 6 August and was organised by Square One Events and the Swansea City Council. The Sunday show ran from 14:00 - 22:30pm. Text from the poster: "4 days of big name live music for a tenner! | Season tickets only £10 in advance | Produced by Square One Festivals the people behind the Heineken Festivals". Artists billed for Sunday: Big Country, John Martyn, Oysterband, Energy Orchard, Wilko Johnson, John Otway Big Band, Killing Time and many more.
"When, after several years of the Heineken Big top in Swansea the show stopped, the council ran it's own festival for a few years, on exactly the same lines as the Heineken. That is free [sic], in a big top in the park, and on the grass outside. 6 August 1995 was a hot day, perfect for listening to John and band playing for about for 75 minutes. The band were Alan Thomson bass, Gerry Underwood saxes, Spencer Cozens keyboards and Ted McKenna drums. Setlist: Big Muff | Couldn't Love You More | Step It Up | Lookin' On | Fisherman's Dream | unknown song | Suzanne | Rock, Salt and Nails | Johnny Too Bad | John Wayne." (Ian Burgess). Bootlegged.
According to Sean Wilkie the sax player was Andy Sheppard: "Andy played most of the gig. Martyn was in dungarees and had put on a few inches around the waist since the last time I'd seen him. It was a good show."

1995-08-14 Scotland, Edinburgh, The Palladium (Edinburgh Festival).

1995-08-19 Scotland, Aberdeen, Bridge of Don Barracks. John headlined this 'Event In A Tent', an all day festival. Also on the bill were The Gin Goblins and various local bands. Benefit show for aids research.



1996-02-13 UK, London, Blackheath Halls (bootlegged).


1996-04-05 UK, Carlisle, probably Front Page. With band, Karl Vandenbossche on percussion (soundboard recording). John calls his band "The Bumdusters".


1996-05-03 UK, Chester, Telfords Warehouse.

1996-05-04 UK, Sandbach, Leisure Centre. Saturday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 8.50. "Sandbach Arts Festival 1996 | The Balcony Arts Foundation Presents | John Martyn and guests | Sandbach Leisure Centre | Saturday 4th May at 7.30pm | Price £8.50". There were more than 500 people present at this show which took place during the 5th edition of the Sandbach Arts Festival.


1996-05-09 Ireland, Culdaff (Donegal), Mac's Backroom Bar (with band).

1996-05-10 Ireland, Sligo.

1996-05-13 Ireland, Galway, Rosh and Dove (Róisin Dubh). "John Martyn & His Band." Monday night, 21:00 hrs.

1996-05-14 Ireland, Galway, Rosh and Dove (Róisin Dubh). "John Martyn & His Band." Tuesday night, 21:00 hrs.



1996-06-01 UK, BBC2, Later with Jools Holland; Step It Up, She's A Lover, Easy Blues with Danny Thompson (bass) and Jools on piano.

1996-06-02 UK, London, Astoria Theatre. Supporting act Pat Orchard. "EQ Presents | John Martyn | plus Special Guests | at London Astoria | Sunday 2nd June 1996 | Doors 7.00pm." Tickets £10.00 advance, £11.00 door. Cf 18 March 1995.



1996-06-20 UK, London, Forum: guest appearance at The Band concert. "The show was enlivened by a totally drunken John Martyn lurching around during Ophelia." (Peter Viney) And: "Mysteriously, John Martyn wandered onto the stage and richly intoned the chorus of Ophelia, then just as mysteriously vanished again. [...] Levon Helm from behind the safety of his drumkit called for 'Bobby O' to come back on. Then added 'He's called Bobby O in the States. He's just shy.' That was just the first of the euphemisms that seemed to be circling the stage that night. (Julian Moseley).

1996-06-29 UK, Watford (Hertfordshire), Cassiobury Park. Saturday appearance at the annual local council sponsored Rainbow Festival (also dubbed 'Environmental Fair'). Short 20 minute set; last minute replacement for 90s boy band Let Loose who cancelled due to illness. Other replacement was soul band Odyssey. "John appeared on set clad in a fur coat and clutching a can of special brew. When a fan requested May You Never he responded tersley that 'I may *ucking play it later!' His reason for the fur coat he insisted was that he was suffering from a heavy cold and had aquired it the previous day from a local charity shop. Cynics believed that it was a little mischievous. The fur coat attracted more space in local paper the Watford Observer than details of the performance itself." (Lawrence Williams).


1996-07-06_07 Germany, Bonn. Festival 'Rheinkultur Umsonst & Draussen'. Line-up mentioned in Der Spiegel: Element of Crime, Paulo Mendonca, Blumfeld, John Martyn, Orange, Die Schweisser, Ignite, Millencolin, Lightning Seeds, My Own Victim and others.

1996-07-20 UK, Stratford upon Avon, Long Marston Airfield: Phoenix festival. Saturday night. John played the Mean Fiddler stage together with Beth Orton and Ian Archer (among others). Main acts like Björk, Massive Attack and Skunk Anansie played the Phoenix stage.


1996-07-29 UK, Gosport (Hampshire), Gosport Summer Festival, in a tent ('Big Top') on Walpole Park. With band but no support act, although ticket says otherwise. Doors 7:30pm, tickets £ 8.00. "Gosport Borough Council present | John Martyn & his Band | + support | Monday 29th July 1996 | Big Top | Walpole Park, Gosport | Gosport Summer Festival 1996."
"One of the best gigs I've been to" (David Veale). "Our own post-Festival report refers to his show being 'stylish and charismatic'. 452 people attended - not bad for a Monday night in Gosport!" (Peter Chegwyn).


1996-08-04 Ireland, Millstreet (Co. Cork), The Green Glens Arena. Sunday band gig on one day three stage festival with 30 acts. "I saw John do an incredible 10 minute version of Johnny Too Bad. Gobsmacking. Unfortunately Johnny Too Bad was all I saw. I had been watching Van Morrison's 9pm outdoor set which finished up about 10. I headed to the indoor arena for Shane McGowans 10:15 set, arriving around 10:10. As happens schedules had gotten behind and Martyn was running late. I arrived to see the stage manager feverishly gesticulating at John to finish up, who indicated he wanted to do one more. John, being typically contrary, then did that awesome version of Johnny Too Bad, to the obvious despair of the stage manager. One of my treasured memories." (Martin Foyle).
John played the World Stage. Other acts there included Emmylou Harris, Cowboy Junkies, Altan, Kiki Dee and Ann di Franco. Van Morrisson was scheduled for the Greenfield Stage.


1996-09-13 UK, London, Royal Festival Hall. "Awesome, people were sitting in the aisles, John was suited, booted, hair extensions a la Thelonious And. top class gig...." (John Hillarby). Reviewed one week later in The Independent.


1996-10-11 Scotland, Aberdeen, The Lemon Tree.

1996-10-21 UK, Liverpool, The Philharmonic Hall.


1996-11-00 Spain, Bilbao, Sala El Carmen (solo).


1997-00-00 Derby, Flowerpot.


1997-01-15 Italy, Treviso (bootlegged).

1997-01-17 Italy, Rimini, Svego (bootlegged).

1997-01-18 Italy, Recanati (MC), Barfly Club.



1997-02-02 Scotland, Glasgow, Renfrew Ferry.

1997-02-05 UK, South Shields (John Wayne became John Major, also Maggie's Farm played).

1997-02-09 UK, Chester, Telfords Warehouse (about 150 present).


1997-04-14 UK, Southampton, The Brook.

1997-04-15 UK, Oxford, Zodiac.

1997-04-16 UK, Swansea, Penyrheol Leisure Centre.

1997-04-18 UK, London, Shepherds Bush Empire.

1997-04-19 Ireland, Dublin, Olympia. With band, Midnight at the Olympia. "Awful gig, unfortunately. Terrible drunken audience, Saturday night, wretched sound. John did his best, but it was kind of going through the motions." (Martin Foyle).


1997-04-20 Ireland, Belfast, Queens University.

1997-04-22 UK, Coventry, Warwick Arts Centre.

1997-04-23 UK, Dudley, Robin Hood. Wednesday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 10.00 (advance), £ 11.00 (door). "The Robin R'n'B Club | John Martyn + Support | Wednesday 23rd April 1997 | Doors open 8.00pm".

1997-04-24 UK, Plymouth, Pavilion.

1997-04-25 UK, Cheltenham, Town Hall. "Cheltenham Festivals & Entertainments | Town Hall, Imperial Square | John Martyn & Band | Promoter: Cheltenham Borough Council | Fri 25 Apr 1997 at 8.00pm | Town Hall £10.50."

1997-04-26 UK, Leicester, University.

1997-04-27 UK, Telford, Oakengates Theatre (bootlegged).

1997-04-29 UK, Liverpool, Irish Centre. Tuesday night, 21:00 hrs. Tickets £ 10.00. "The Irish Centre | Mount Pleasant, Liverpool | Tue 29th Apr 97 9:00 pm | Admission includes membership | Wise Moves Presents | John Martyn".

1997-04-30 UK, Leeds, Irish Centre.


1997-05-01 UK, Colne, Municipal Hall.

1997-05-02 UK, Manchester, University. "Manchester University | Students Union | C.M.P. Presents | John Martyn | + Special Guests | Friday 2nd May 1997 | Doors 7.30 p.m. £ 10 (Advance)."


1997-05-03 UK, Middlesbrough, Town Hall Crypt.

1997-05-04 Scotland, Glasgow, Cottier Theatre. John Wayne transformed into John Major... (Chuck Wearing) "The old man can still rip it up!" (Mark Fitchett)

1997-05-06 UK, Guildford, Civic Hall.

1997-05-07 UK, Cambridge, Junction.

1997-05-08 UK, Ipswich: Corn Exchange.

1997-05-09 UK, Norwich: University of East Anglia.

1997-05-11 Northern Ireland, Blackheath (Londonderry), Concert Halls.


1997-05-12 UK, Yeovil (Somerset), Octagon Theatre. Monday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 10.00.


1997-06-30 Ireland, Galway, Róisin Dubh. Monday night, 21:30 hrs. "Scottish folk legend, only Irish performance with his full band."


1997-07-01 Ireland, Galway, Róisin Dubh. Tuesday night, 21:30 hrs. "In a surprise move even for the enigmatic John Martyn, all of the seven shows on his Irish tour have been pulled - except for his three nights at Róisin Dubh -June 30, July 1 & July 2- one of his alltime favourite venues. Martyn's visit also celebrates the success of his new album -'and'- his 25th, which is already being hailed by critics the world over as 'a timeless work of art'." (Galway Advertiser).

1997-07-02 Ireland, Galway, Róisin Dubh. Wednesday night, 21:30 hrs.

1997-07-04 Ireland, Thomastown, Kilkenny, Caroll's Bar (benefit with full band).

Solo tour with Jim Lampi

Supporting act Phil Shackleton



1997-10-14 Scotland, Kirkcaldy, Adam Smith Theatre.

1997-10-16 UK, South Shields, The Customs House.

1997-10-17 UK, Alnwick, Playhouse.

1997-10-18 Scotland, Airdrie, Sir John Wilson Town.

1997-10-20 Scotland, Ayr, The Gaiety Theatre.

1997-10-21 UK, Liverpool, Philharmonic Hall. Tuesday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 12.00. Supporting act Phil Shackleton.


1997-10-22 UK, Milton Keynes, The Stables.

1997-10-23 UK, Colchester, Arts Centre. Thursday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 10.00. (I was there!).

1997-10-24 UK, Croydon, The Cool Room (cancelled).

1997-10-25 UK, London, Jazz Café (sold out).

1997-10-26 UK, London, Jazz Café. "Legendary Folk songwriter in rare acoustic mode | Support from Phil Shackleton."

1997-10-27 UK, London, Jazz Café.

1997-10-28 UK, London, Jazz Café.

1997-10-29 UK, Stamford, Arts Centre.

1997-10-30 UK, Newbury, The Corn Exchange.

1997-10-31 UK, Worcester, Huntingdon Hall.


1997-11-01 UK, Cardiff, Coal Exchange.

1997-11-02 UK, Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms.

1997-11-03 UK, Birmingham, Ronnie Scott's.

1997-11-04 UK, Birmingham, Ronnie Scott's.

1997-11-05 UK, Birmingham, Ronnie Scott's.

1997-11-06 UK, Birmingham, Ronnie Scott's.

1997-11-07 UK, Birmingham, Ronnie Scott's.

1997-11-08 UK, Birmingham, Ronnie Scott's.

1997-11-09 UK, Newark, The Palace Theatre.

1997-11-11 UK, Whitehaven, Rosehill Theatre.

1997-11-12 UK, Leeds, Varieties Theatre. "Totally live | Absolutely solo."

1997-11-13 UK, Beverley, The Picture Playhouse.

1997-11-14 Ireland, Dublin, Whelans.

1997-11-15 Ireland, Dublin, Whelans. Saturday, 8.30 pm, tickets € 12.00. "Whelans, Wexford Street | Doors open 8.00pm | Sat 15-Nov-97 8.30pm." These must have been dangerous gigs: "Strictly over 18's | I.D. Essential | Ticket Holders Admitted 1st."


1997-11-16 Ireland, Belfast, Empire Music Hall (bootlegged).

1997-11-18 Ireland, Dublin, Temple Bar (bootlegged).


1997-12-18 UK, London, Mean Fiddler (Venue's 15th anniversary; recording of Excuse me mister single).

1997-12-19 UK, London, Mean Fiddler.



1998-03-06 UK, VH1 Cable TV studio live show (Cozens, Ahmun, Lampi).

1998-03-22 UK, London, Jazz Café.

1998-03-23 UK, London, Jazz Café.

1998-03-24 UK, London, Jazz Café.

1998-03-25 UK, Norwich, The Waterfront.

1998-03-26 UK, Newcastle, The Riverside.

1998-03-27 UK, Northampton, The Roadmender.


1998-03-28 UK, Salisbury, Arts Centre.

1998-03-29 UK, Cambridge, The Junction.

1998-03-30 UK, Wolverhampton, Wulfrum Hall.

1998-03-31 UK, Sheffield, The Leadmill.


1998-04-01 UK, Bristol, The Bierkeller. "Bristol Bierkeller Presents | J- Martyn [hand written] | Date: 1-4-98 [hand written] | Bristol Bierkeller | All Saints St. Bristol | Strictly over 18's."

1998-04-02 UK, Exeter, St. Georges Hall.

1998-04-03 UK, Cardiff, Coal Exchange.

1998-04-04 UK, Liverpool, L2. "Mean Fiddler Concerts presents | John Martyn | Plus Support." Saturday night, tickets £ 10.00. Doors 7.00pm. "Please note that this show will be over by 10.30pm".

1998-04-05 UK, London, Blackheath Concert Hall.

1998-04-07 Ireland, Dublin, Mean Fiddler. With Spencer Cozens, Jim Lampi and a drummer. Reviewed by Q's Rob Beattie.

1998-04-08 Ireland, Galway, The Quays. Wednesday night, 21:00 hrs. "John Martyn & Band | New album tour | Only West of Ireland gig | With support of The Three Amigos | Late Bar."

1998-04-09 Ireland, Belfast, Waterfront BT studio.



1998-05-16 Scotland, Edinburgh, the Liquid Room. With band.

1998-05-24 UK, Wigan, Haigh Hall. "John supported The Verve (at the bands request) at their homecoming concert at Haigh Hall in Wigan. With a capacity crowd of 33.000 he performed a short unrehearsed set, whilst the crowd either ignored or harassed him. Only days before he found out that his band could not play with him, as Beck's equipment made the set change impossible." (Lee Barry)
"I was particularly drawn to the support act, folk-rocker John Martyn. He got the worst reception I've ever seen, they were throwing bottles of piss at him! But he had real soul." (Jamie Walsh)


Guinness Fleadh

1998-06-02 UK, London, Mean Fiddler (warm-up for the Fleadh). Tuesday night, tickets £ 11.00. The Mean Fiddler organized a Flead Week and John opened it. Other acts on subsequent dates were Ron Sexsmith, World Party, Mike Scott and Mary Coughlan.


1998-06-06 UK, London, Finsbury Park. "Saturday 6th June 98 | Guinness Fleadh | Finsbury Park London N4 | An open air event - with two stages | Simple Minds | The Corrs - Sinéad O'Connor | Shane MacGowan & The Popes - Dr John - Mike Scott | Paul Brady - World Party - Eddi Reader - Altan | Bootleg Beatles - John Martyn | Capercaillie - Robert Forster - Ron Sexsmith - Mary Coughlan | Oysterband - David Gray - Picturehouse - Ghostland - Anam - Equation | More Acts To Be Announced."

1998-06-10 US, Northampton (Massachusetts), The Iron Horse Music Hall. Support act Peter Mulvey.

1998-06-12 US, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), WXPN Studios (World Cafe broadcast August 13 1998).

1998-06-13 US, New York, Randall's Island. "John Martyn started playing and the security guy said 'You know, he's really not bad for an American white guy playing blues.' 'He's from Glasgow.' 'What, man, then he really is good.' " (Eddie Punch)

1998-06-15 US, New York, WFUV radio session with band (released on CD as The New York session).

1998-06-17 US, New York, The Bottom Line (2 separate sets).

1998-06-20 US, Chicago, Arlington International Racecourse.

1998-06-21 US, Chicago, The Beat Kitchen (Belmont Avenue). "Age 21+." With band; hardly promoted. "It was transcendent, and I've always considered myself extremely lucky to have been present in that small group of fans here in Chicago who were were treated to a rare experience." (R. Ritsema).

1998-06-27 US, San Francisco.

1998-06-30 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour.


1998-07-28 Scotland, Edinburgh, The Playhouse. One song with Paul Weller. Bootlegged, soundboard recording.


1998-08-22 Ireland, Galway, The Róisin Dubh. Tickets £ 12.50, sold out. "On Saturday August 22 the mighty John Martyn comes in for one show only with his full band."

1998-08-23 Ireland, Thomastown (Kilkenny), Caroll's bar (with band; support act Spider Baby). "John Martyn | And his band | in Concert | Carroll's Beer Garden | Thomastown Co. Kilkenny | 23 August 1998 | In Aid of The Kilkenny/Carlow Home Care Team | & The Bob Champion Cancer Trust."

1998-08-25 Northern Ireland, Belfast, Empire Music Hall. "Tuesday 25th August 1998 | Doors open 8.30pm | Seating not guaranteed | The management reserves the right to refuse admission | Over 18's Only." Tickets £ 10.50. "It was a great show with a very appreciative crowd" (Stephen Boyle).


1998-08-30 UK, Stansfield, Stansfield Hall. Suffolk & Good Festival; main stage, with band. ('Superb performance').


1998-09-02 Ireland, Skibbereen, Liss Ard Event. John was host on the first (Wednesday) night and topped the bill for the main event. Other acts were Mary Coughlan & Band, and The Frames.

1998-09-04 Ireland, Skibbereen, Liss Ard Event. Host of the Friday night was Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. John played the final concert, the so-called Parting Glass, during a live version of Here Comes The Night (the Donal Dineen radio show), in a joined bill with John Kelly and apparently Nick Cave. "My favorite gig ever was at Liss Ard in 1998 watching John Martyn and then Nick Cave play in a small hidden tent (a very late night private show). Lou Reed sat beside me for the concert. The whole gig was insanely beautiful. It was a mind blowing weekend." (Cat Dowling). "John was on fire that night and seemed so contented and happy." (@Donnach).


1998-10-02 UK, London, Queen Elizabeth Hall. Shared bill with Bill Nelson, at the first 'LaBradford International Festival of Drifting'. "We came back to see JM and band all sitting on chairs on stage, reading magazines, relaxing. The whole of the audience expects something musical to happen, still JM and band just sit there reading their magazines! Eventually, JM turns to a mike and says, 'Don't mind us, we're just drifting!', and goes back to his magazine, before eventually getting the two hour gig underway. I thought it was funny, my friend thought it was funny, but the rest of the audience did not seem to get the joke." (Pete Grant).
First Bill Nelson played; "Next on was John Martyn - trying to 'drift' - the sound and mix was abysmal but JM still managed to shine with some startling guitar work."

Italian intermezzo

Band: Spencer Cozens (keyboards), Jim Lampi (Chapman stick), Arran Ahmun (drums)


1998-12-03 Italy, Palermo, Cantieri alla Zisa (with band).

1998-12-04 Italy, Codevilla (Lombardia), Thunder Road (with band). Friday night, 22:30 hrs. Bootlegged (60 min).

1998-12-05 Italy, Torino, Folk Club (with band). Saturday night, 21:15 hrs. Bootlegged (60 min).

1998-12-07 Italy, Trento, Auditorio S. Chiara (with band). Monday night, bootlegged (60 min).



Guinness Fleadh


1999-06-05 US, San Francisco, Golden Gate Park (cancelled).

1999-06-12 US, Chicago, Chicago Motor Speedway, Sportsmans Park (cancelled).

1999-06-19 US, Boston, Suffolk Downs.

1999-06-26 US, New York, Randall's Island.


1999-07-05 UK, London, Harlesden, Mean Fiddler. Monday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 9.50. "London Fleadh Presents | John Martyn & Band | 10th Anniversary warm up | The Mean Fiddler | High St, Harlesden, NW10 | Mon 05-jul-99 Doors 8pm". Spencer Cozens, Jim Lampi, Arran Ahmun. Rocking the joint for more than two hours with a broken toe.


1999-07-10 UK, London, Guinness Fleadh at Finsbury Park.

1999-07-23 Scotland, Glasgow, The Garage.

1999-07-24 Scotland, Edinburgh, Liquid Ballroom (with band: Spencer Cozens, Jim Lampi, Arran Ahmun).


1999-08-10 UK, Cornwall, St. Neot, Roscarrek Farm (The Cornish Eclipse Blues Festival) (cancelled).

1999-08-11 Ireland, Waterville (Kerry) (mainly acoustic with percussionist in hotel after stage collapsed).

1999-08-27 Ireland, Skibbereen, Liss Ard Event (with band). John played at the Wildflower Meadow on the Friday evening.

1999-08-29 Ireland, Thomastown (Kilkenny), Carroll's bar, with band. "Fantastic gig, very intimate" (Paul Flynn).

1999-08-30 Ireland, Galway, Róisin Dubh. Monday night, with band.

1999-08-31 Ireland, Galway, Róisin Dubh. Tuesday night, with band.


1999-09-07 UK, London, Jazz Café. Tuesday night, 19:00 hrs. Tickets £ 13.50. "Jazz Cafe presents | John Martyn | No under 18's admitted." "Fusing Celtic despair with early jazz and blues hues, he has kept his artistic drive for over 25 years." (Newspaper ad).


1999-09-08 UK, London, Jazz Café.

1999-09-09 UK, London, Jazz Café.


1999-10-29 Belfast, Elmwood Hall. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 9.00. BBC radio, Five Live, with Spencer Cozens; also recorded on video.


1999-11-13 Ireland, TVE Studio, Saturday Live: May You Never.

1999-11-14 Ireland, Wexford, Ferry Carrick Hotel (Cozens, Ahmun, Lampi). No supporting act.


1999-11-15 Ireland, Cork, City Limits (Cozens, Ahmun, Lampi). Supporting act Roesy. "Flip Proudly Presents... At City Limits, Cork City... | John Martyn | £12.00 Mon 15th Nov '99 | Doors 8pm | 8 til late."


1999-11-16 Ireland, Dublin, Vicar Street (Cozens, Ahmun, Lampi). Supporting act Roesy (bootlegged, also parts on Tell Them video). "John Martyn | & Band | Vicar St | Doors open 8.00pm | Tue 16-Nov-99 | Strictly over 18's." Tickets £ 14.00. "Needless to say it was a superb gig.."

1999-11-17 Ireland, Limerick, Dolan's Warehouse (Cozens, Ahmun, Lampi). Supporting act Roesy. "The audience was treated to his uncannily accurate Chris de Burgh impression and some jokes delivered in his impenetrable Scottish brogue. At one point, he even managed to get everybody to miaow." (Pat Walsh).

1999-11-18 Ireland, Lisdoonvarna (Clare), the Hall (Cozens, Ahmun, Lampi). Supporting act Roesy.