Written by: 
J. Martyn
22 May 2000

Take all your faith and put it in me
Take all your sweet love and give it to me
Everyone of your passions - all the lessons so hard
Take everyone of your little missions put your hand on your heart and tell me
I've been spittin' on the sweetest word that was ever written

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Written by: 
J. Martyn
1 Sep 1998

You think it's bad; you know it could be worse.
You could be lying in the arm baby, with the graveyard curse,
If you see that mailman;
If you see that mailman.
can't see that mailman carry your name no more.

First release: 

Glory Box

Written by: 
G. Barrow, B. Gibbons, A. Utley
23 May 1998

Get so tired of playing;
Playing with this bow and this arrow here.
I'm going to give my heart away,
And leave it to the other boys out there to play.
I've been tempted too long.

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