Johnny Too Bad

Written by: 
The Slickers, add. lyrics J. Martyn
1 Oct 1980

Walking down the road
With an old blade in your hand,
Johnny too bad, that's what they say.
Walking down the road
With a blade in your waist,
Johnny too bad, Johnny too bad.
Don't you play come faking,
You're looking and mistaking,
Too bad.
You're hurrying and you're shooting,
You're losing, told you,
You're too bad.

First release: 

Lookin' On

Written by: 
J. Martyn
1 Oct 1980

What kind of love is this,
Concealed behind your kiss.
What kind of love we're trying
To find, the silent quiet to come
Stealing in, with an innocent grin;
To leave you staring
At the empty ceiling, feeling nothing,
Looking on.
I'm just looking on.

First release: 

Grace And Danger

Written by: 
J. Martyn
1 Oct 1980

You know I wished you all you wish you say.
It makes me feel so good to know you've found somebody else.
You want a word from me;
I'll give you two.
I mutter desperately darling,
As you say goodbye.
As I start to cry.

First release: 


Written by: 
J. Martyn, M. Norton
29 Jul 1978

She came to me so young and free, and put her arms around me,
She said that she would always stay, with me until my dying day.
We grew up in a dirty town, where they like to kick you when you're down,
If you show an easy side, they twist the knife and open you wide.


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