Live version of a track that did not make it to Glasgow Walker.

Sergeant Sergeant is a reggae song with a simple structure that sticks in your head. The lyric is rather obscure. It is a chain of associations started by a London police officer enquiring about a parking ticket from a friend. The phrase "Tell them I'm somebody else" seemed to work and John's mind made a connection to a poor bloke in World War I who does not know who he is. The typical Martyn ambiguity is also there: does he sing "Confide in me" or "Come fighting me"?

Independiente marketing officials feared the studio verson of this song would have caused bad criticisms and replaced the track by You Don't Know What Love Is. Which is rather strange thinking. If there is one lesson to be learned from John's career, it is never to worry about what the critics might say. So here you go.