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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Glory Box menu.

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Date Title Written by Sourcesort descending
10 Jun 1978 Maddy/ Martyn In The Park Anonymous Record Mirror
1 Aug 1978 John Martyn [Roadrunner] Anonymous Roadrunner Vol 1 #5
1 May 1985 Digne Martyn François Gorin Rock & Folk #219
1 Sep 1998 Solid Gone Chris Barnes Rock 'n' Reel #31
1 Nov 2008 Grace & Danger Johnny Black Rock 'n' Reel vol 2 #12
3 Nov 1982 Rock | Priče | John Martyn Slobodan Cicmil Rock 82
20 Jul 1986 John Martyn/ Un Hombre Tranquilo Mingus B. Formentor Rock de Lux
15 Apr 2011 Heaven And Earth: Musical Pioneer John Martyn’s Last Sonic Testament Anonymous Rock Paper
1 Jan 1981 John Martyn | Intervista [Rockerilla] Ugo Bacci | Elena Riva Rockerilla #10
29 Jan 2009 'Solid Air' Singer-Songwriter John Martyn Dead at 60 Daniel Kreps Rolling Stone
20 Apr 2004 [John Martyn on On The Cobbles] Paddy Kehoe RTÉ Guide
1 Apr 2005 The Final Say Paddy Kehoe RTÉ Guide
25 May 1985 About Nick Drake Richard Skinner Saturday live, BBC
1 Oct 2007 Blues'n'Trouble John Neil Munro Scotland on Sunday
8 Sep 2002 Battered And Bruised... But Still Standing Adam Lee Potter Scotland on Sunday
25 Apr 2004 I'm Still Standing Aidan Smith Scotland on Sunday
2 Sep 1998 Boxed Set Carol Laula Scottish television
21 Feb 2001 Sister Bliss and John Martyn Dan Gennoe Seven Magazine
18 Aug 1973 Music On Impulse From John Martyn Jerry Gilbert Sounds
5 Mar 1977 Blood, Sweat and Cheers Vivien Goldman Sounds
13 Nov 1982 SOLID HEIR Hugh Fielder Sounds
1 Feb 1975 Life After Dark Jerry Gilbert Sounds
27 Nov 1975 John Martyn, 26 Jahre alt, verheiratet mit Beverley M., ein Kind... Manfred Gillig Sounds Magazin
1 Nov 1975 Martyn & Garfunkel: eyeballs and a cocoon Angus MacKinnon Street Life #1
17 Jan 2010 Legend Martyn left £82K Anonymous Sunday Express
21 May 2000 Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know David Keenan Sunday Herald (Glasgow)
1 Oct 1973 A Happy Man... Dave Neale Supersnazz #2
21 Jul 1977 Jansch and Martyn here in August Anonymous Sydney Morning Herald
24 Jan 1983 A Scots Egotist Joins A Team And Tones It Down Les Giesler Sydney Morning Herald
1 Jun 1978 John Martyn - A Walking, Playing Bag Of His Own Anonymous Tertangala, Vol 4 #2
22 Jun 1978 Pack of Talent on Dollar Hunt Leslie Falkiner The Age
7 Nov 2008 John Martyn, Dome Concert Hall, Brighton, Nov 7 Duncan Hall The Argus
29 Jan 2010 John Martyn, One-Year Wake Graeme Thomson The Arts Desk (website)
8 May 1978 His Music Is Borderless Rob Patterson The Daily Advertiser
15 May 2004 Cultural Baggage Hedge Seel The Daily Telegraph
21 Mar 1998 The Two-Minute Interview... Caspar Llewellyn Smith The Daily Telegraph
31 Jan 2009 John Martyn John Neil Munro The Glasgow Herald
26 Nov 2005 I've Had a Wonderful Time Graeme Thomson The Glasgow Herald
28 Mar 2009 Partner collects folk singer John Martyn’s OBE for services to music Tony Jones The Glasgow Herald
30 Jan 2009 John Martyn Adam Sweeting The Guardian
29 Jan 2009 John Martyn: A Music Legend Remembered Will Hodgkinson The Guardian Music Blog
30 Jan 2009 The Day John Martyn Played For Us In Prison Erwin James The Guardian music blog
7 Aug 1994 Grace and Danger Paul Tingen The Guitar Magazine Vol 4 #7
3 Jan 1976 Group Scene Stephen Turner The Hastings and St Leonards Observer
26 Jan 2019 Musical genius or a wasted talent? Graeme Thomson The Herald
25 Jan 2010 Saint or Sinner? Russell Leadbetter The Herald Scotland
1 Mar 1983 The Great Musicians: John Martyn Tony Bacon The History of Rock #29 (vol 3)
30 Jan 2009 John Martyn: Pioneering Singer-songwriter James McNair The Independent
5 May 2004 Heaven Can Wait James McNair The Independent
6 Feb 2008 John Martyn: He's The Daddy Pierre Perrone The Independent