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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Glory Box menu.

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Date Title Written by Sourcesort descending
30 Jan 2009 Farewell, John Martyn… Danny Eccleston Mojo website
2 Mar 2009 John Martyn Remembered: By Al Stewart Andrew Male Mojo website
2 Mar 2009 All Hail John Martyn! By The Verve's Nick McCabe Danny Eccleston Mojo website
1 Mar 2001 Heavy Load David Clayton, Todd K. Smith Moonshine Publishing, Bilborough, Nottingham 2001; ISBN 978-0954216900
1 Dec 1973 John Martyn [Music Scene] Mitchell Paul Music Scene
1 Jun 1983 John Martyn [Music UK] Max Kay Music UK #18
21 Aug 2008 John Martyn: Solid Gold Christopher Barrett Music Week
12 Nov 1984 Sapphire interview: Keele University Rob O'Dempsey Musin' Music Magazine #2
1 May 1986 John Martyn Interview, 27.2.86, Hanley [part 1] Rob O'Dempsey Musin' Music Magazine #4
1 Jul 1986 Excerpt from an interview Rob O'Dempsey Musin' Music magazine #5
29 Nov 1975 The Bitterest Beard in Britain Rod McShane New Musical Express
10 Oct 1981 Johnny Done Badly Chris Salewicz New Musical Express
6 Sep 1975 Martyn Tour, Do-it-yourself Album Sale [Julie Webb] New Musical Express
21 Jul 1973 The Stormbringer Comes Into The Sun Ian MacDonald New Musical Express
20 Sep 1993 Anatomy of cult music figure John Martyn Reuter New Straits Times
30 Jan 2009 John Martyn, Folk and Jazz Guitarist, Dies at 60 Ben Sisario New York Times
1 Mar 2002 Live In Your Living Room... John Martyn John Hillarby Newsprint #3
11 Apr 1980 Cowboys Anonymous Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
8 Feb 1985 Q65 | Popmuziek Max Palfenier Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
21 Mar 1986 John Martyn en Blue Murder Max Palfenier Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
1 Mar 1986 Un Secret Bien Gardé Philippe Thieyre Nineteen #19
1 Mar 1986 FOLK & ROCK Benoît Binet Nineteen #19
21 Sep 1979 John Martyn [Now!] Anonymous Now!
30 Jan 2009 Folk Icon John Martyn Dies At 60 Tom Cole NPR National Public Radio
29 Mar 1986 Synthese tussen volksmuziek en jazz Alfred Bos NRC Handelsblad
5 May 1990 Saturday Night Clyde Anonymous NRC Handelsblad
3 Feb 2009 John Martyn (1948-2009) Hester Carvalho NRC Handelsblad
12 May 1997 Yeovil Flyer 1997 Anonymous Octagon Theatre
18 Nov 1981 John Martyn [Oor] Herman van der Horst Oor #23
14 Dec 1991 John Martyn [Oor: Een lied in het donker] René Megens Oor #25/26
8 Mar 1978 John Martyn: Het Scherp van de Snede Bert van de Kamp Oor #5
20 Apr 1985 Johnny & The Kid Rogier van Bakel Oor Vol 15 #8
31 Jan 2009 Remembering John (Martyn) Phil Shackleton Phil Shackleton website
1 Jan 1981 Dry Martyn Angelo Pinna | Ernesto Assante Prisma Vol 1 #1
1 Sep 1989 Danny Thompson | On Playing Bass Mark Cooper Q #36
1 May 1990 Same Again? Mark Cooper Q #44
26 Jun 2004 Profile/ John Martyn: Johnny Too Bad Alison Graham Radio Times (London)
6 Feb 2009 John Martyn Ralph McTell Ralph McTell website
23 Jun 1995 What a Combination Anonymous Reading Chronicle
1 Jan 2002 Celtic Soul Brother Michael Heatley Record Buyer & Music Collector
1 Apr 1991 John Martyn [Record Collector] Chas Keep Record Collector #140
1 Sep 1996 Frog to Prog: Pink Label LPs Stuart Penney/ Chris Savage Record Collector #205
19 Nov 1977 Winwood Backs Martyn [Jim Evans] Record Mirror
10 Jun 1978 Maddy/ Martyn In The Park Anonymous Record Mirror
6 Sep 1975 Mail Order Martyn Anonymous Record Mirror
25 Oct 1975 Martyn Makes Changes Anonymous Record Mirror
8 Nov 1975 Martyn Out Of Stock Anonymous Record Mirror
8 Nov 1975 Limited Compilation Album Anonymous Record Mirror
27 Aug 1977 Martyn For Marquee Anonymous Record Mirror
15 Oct 1977 Martyn LP And TV [Jim Evans] Record Mirror