List of John Martyn Publications

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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Glory Box menu.

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Datesort ascending Title Written by Source Country
12 Feb 1972 Guide to the week Anonymous Melody Maker UK
18 Dec 1971 Martyn: Between Head and Heart Andrew Means Melody Maker UK
11 Dec 1971 An inventor who doesn't stand still Jerry Gilbert Sounds UK
4 Dec 1971 Say John Martyn… Louder Rosalind Russell Disc and Music Echo UK
1 Oct 1971 John Martyn Keeping Everything A Lot Less Rigid Richard Howell Time Out UK
26 Dec 1970 John and Beverley - On The Road To Scotland Anonymous Melody Maker UK
12 Dec 1970 John Martyn's City Struggle Anonymous Sounds UK
1 May 1970 John and Beverley Martyn Anonymous Beat Instrumental #85 UK
28 Feb 1970 Focus On Folk Jeremy Gilbert Melody Maker UK
5 Feb 1969 Fisher Folk Anonymous Gaudie UK
9 Dec 1967 Big Night For The Blues David Leggatt Glasgow Evening Times UK