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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Glory Box menu.

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Date Title Written by Sourcesort descending
1 Oct 1992 The Triumphant Return of John Martyn Lahri Bond Dirty Linen #42
1 Nov 1996 Electric Folk/ John Martyn Chris Nickson Discoveries #102
15 May 2007 Solid Air Roundhouse DVD interview Bryan Kolupski DVD
1 Jan 1995 You don't have to be in Harlem Russell Leadbetter Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing 1995, ISBN 1851587462
11 Oct 2007 Some People Are Crazy | The John Martyn Story John Neil Munro Edinburgh, Polygon ISBN 978 1 84697 036 8
1 Jun 2010 Some People Are Crazy | The John Martyn Story [revised] John Neil Munro Edinburgh, Polygon ISBN 978-1846971655
1 Apr 1985 Kontrastprogramm/ John Martyn Kurt Koelsch Fachblatt/ Musik Magazin #4
1 Jul 1990 I Am John Wayne.. Simon Jones First Hearing #9
23 Apr 1983 Aylesbury Flyer 1983 Anonymous Friars
13 Oct 1983 Sound Scene Margaret Collins Galway Advertiser
17 Jan 1985 Welcome Return to John Martyn Anonymous Galway Advertiser
27 Mar 1986 'Without my beard I look like Bill Sykes' Niamh O'Byrne Galway Advertiser
1 Dec 1994 Legendary John Martin Plays Roisin Dubh Anonymous Galway Advertiser
2 Apr 1998 John Martyn At The Quays Anonymous Galway Advertiser
1 Jul 2004 Bless the weather that brings us John Martyn Kernan Andrews Galway Advertiser
5 Feb 1969 Fisher Folk Anonymous Gaudie
1 Jan 1982 Short German radio interview Anonymous German radio
9 Dec 1967 Big Night For The Blues David Leggatt Glasgow Evening Times
4 Feb 1986 John Martyn - 20 Years A Troubadour David Belcher Glasgow Herald
17 Dec 1981 A Home Base For John Martyn, The Wandering Minstrel Jack Webster Glasgow Herald
1 Jan 1976 John Martyn | Bianca Luna Blues Marco Fumagalli Gong Vol III #1
24 Jan 1978 John Martyn: Talking through Solid Air Dave Belbin Gongster
1 Apr 2009 John Martyn | Grace And Danger Michael Heatley Guitar & Bass Vol 20 #5
1 May 1975 John Martyn: A fingerpicking Brityn Dan Hedges Guitar Player Vol 9 #5
1 Jul 1974 Guitar Folk Ian Elliott Shircore Guitar Vol 2 #12
1 Nov 1973 Inside John Martyn Dave Pyke Guitar vol 2 #4
1 Jan 1986 John Martyn: Heart On The Rocks With A Twist Gene Santoro Guitar World Vol 7 #1
1 Mar 1990 Whatever Turns You On | Danny Thompson Rick Batey Guitarist
1 Dec 2007 Still Rather Be The Devil Ciarán Tracey Guitarist magazine
1 Jul 1990 The Acoustic-Electric... John Martyn Rick Batey Guitarist magazine
15 Jul 2004 John Martyn - Al 35 jaar een Mysterie Hans van den Berk Heaven magazine
1 May 2009 John Martyn (Iain David McGeachy) Anonymous Heaven vol 11 #3
11 Apr 1980 The Damned In Eksit Anonymous Het Vrije Volk
20 Nov 1981 John Martyn Band Anonymous Het Vrije Volk
12 Oct 1985 Star Dust Cowboy uit Pandora's Box Louis du Moulin Het Vrije Volk
19 Mar 1986 Tweemaal pop in Arena Anonymous Het Vrije Volk
3 Aug 1989 Chris Blackwell en Island: het beste van twee werelden John Oomkes Het Vrije Volk
18 Mar 1998 On Top of his Game Colm O'Hare Hot Press
1 May 2000 From Art School to Recording Artist Mike Conway iCast website
1 Aug 1982 Open Window: the John Martyn Songbook Anonymous International Music Publications
28 Mar 1988 John Perry's Fretwork John Perry International Musician & Recording World Vol 14 #4
15 Dec 1991 John Martyn [International Musician] Keith Grant International Musician, vol 18 #2
31 Jan 2009 DEATH NOTICE Irish Independent
1 Feb 1986 Piece by Piece [Promo boxed set] Trevor Dann Island JM 1-1, JM 1-2
30 Jun 1998 Morning Becomes Eclectic Nic Harcourt KCRW California
6 Feb 2009 John Martyn’s Last Appearance in Kytelers Anonymous Kilkenny Advertiser
11 Apr 1986 Martyn, Vent' Anni Di Rock Amando Il Jazz Enzo Gentile La Stampa
9 Feb 1991 John Martyn Al Folk Club Gabriele Ferraris La Stampa
28 Apr 1994 E' di Scena La Musica Di Martyn Anonymous La Stampa
7 Oct 1994 Grave Martyn Anonymous La Stampa