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Below your find things that are published about Big John. I also included various interview transcriptions. Obituaries in most cases are left out, though. They are accessible through the Glory Box menu.

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Datesort ascending Title Written by Source Country
2 Aug 1996 Gig of the weekend Anonymous The Mirror Ireland
1 Aug 1996 Caught On The Hop Mark Cooper Mojo magazine #33 UK
4 Jan 1996 Hamish Imlach | A song, a glass and a laugh Ewan McVicar The Guardian UK
23 Jun 1995 What a Combination Anonymous Reading Chronicle UK
10 Jun 1995 Fleadh 1995 Various Tour program UK
5 Feb 1995 Observations Charlotte O'Sullivan The Observer UK
1 Jan 1995 You don't have to be in Harlem Russell Leadbetter Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing 1995, ISBN 1851587462 UK
1 Jan 1995 John Martyn For Guitar Tab Richard Carman, Peter Evans, Arthur Dick Wise Publications 1995, ISBN 0-7119-3753-2 USA
1 Dec 1994 Legendary John Martin Plays Roisin Dubh Anonymous Galway Advertiser Ireland
4 Nov 1994 Mystery Man Alastair Mabbott The List #240 UK
21 Oct 1994 Autumn Flyer 1994 Anonymous UK
7 Oct 1994 Grave Martyn Anonymous La Stampa Italy
1 Oct 1994 The Boy Can't Help It Nick Coleman Mojo Magazine #11 UK
7 Aug 1994 Grace and Danger Paul Tingen The Guitar Magazine Vol 4 #7 UK
28 Apr 1994 E' di Scena La Musica Di Martyn Anonymous La Stampa Italy
1 Jan 1994 Love Is The Drug John Aizlewood (ed), Mark Cooper London, Penguin, 1994; ISBN 014024199x UK
20 Sep 1993 Anatomy of cult music figure John Martyn Reuter New Straits Times Malaysia
17 Dec 1992 Martyn's Moments Make the Music Dave Hoekstra Chicago Sun-Times USA
1 Oct 1992 The Triumphant Return of John Martyn Lahri Bond Dirty Linen #42 USA
1 Aug 1992 Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice Hamish Imlach, Ewan McVicar Mainstream Publishing, ISBN 978-1851585120 UK
26 Jun 1992 After Hours June Sawyers Chicago Tribune USA
15 Dec 1991 John Martyn [International Musician] Keith Grant International Musician, vol 18 #2 UK
14 Dec 1991 John Martyn [Oor: Een lied in het donker] René Megens Oor #25/26 Netherlands
24 Oct 1991 John Martyn Anonymous Trouw Netherlands
28 Sep 1991 Down That Lonesome Road Jonathan Futrell [Sunday Times] UK
20 Sep 1991 John Martyn [unknown] Anonymous unknown magazine UK
1 Aug 1991 Cooltide Tour 1991 Chas Keep Tour program UK
1 Apr 1991 John Martyn [Record Collector] Chas Keep Record Collector #140 UK
22 Feb 1991 Ferry Folk Tom Lappin The List #142 UK
9 Feb 1991 John Martyn Al Folk Club Gabriele Ferraris La Stampa Italy
20 Aug 1990 The Apprentice [radio interview] Nicky Campbell BBC Radio 1 UK
1 Jul 1990 I Am John Wayne.. Simon Jones First Hearing #9 UK
1 Jul 1990 The Acoustic-Electric... John Martyn Rick Batey Guitarist magazine UK
1 Jun 1990 Big Day line-up Anonymous The List #122 UK
12 May 1990 Kerrang Guru Court Fred Dellar New Musical Express UK
5 May 1990 Saturday Night Clyde Anonymous NRC Handelsblad Netherlands
4 May 1990 Listen! [A Day For Scotland] Anonymous The List #120 UK
1 May 1990 Same Again? Mark Cooper Q #44 UK
7 Apr 1990 Fred Fact Fred Dillar New Musical Express UK
1 Mar 1990 The Zip Code John Martyn interview Kevin Ring Zip Code magazine #5 UK
1 Mar 1990 The Apprentice Tour 1990 Chas Keep Tour program UK
1 Mar 1990 Whatever Turns You On | Danny Thompson Rick Batey Guitarist UK
22 Sep 1989 Hamish Imlach's rocky career now firmly back on track Rod Campbell Edmonton Journal Canada
1 Sep 1989 Danny Thompson | On Playing Bass Mark Cooper Q #36 UK
3 Aug 1989 Chris Blackwell en Island: het beste van twee werelden John Oomkes Het Vrije Volk Netherlands
24 Mar 1989 Danny Thompson Kenny Mathieson The List #90 UK
12 Aug 1988 John Martyn [Fringe] Anonymous The List #73 UK
22 Jul 1988 Fife Aid 2 Anonymous The List #71 UK
28 Mar 1988 John Perry's Fretwork John Perry International Musician & Recording World Vol 14 #4 UK
1 Sep 1987 The Foundation Tour 1987 Anonymous Tour program UK