21st Cambridge Folk Festival - 9

22 Feb 1986
BBC Transcription Services

The Bottom Line:

Unknown number of tracks from the Cambridge Folk Festival.

John performed the 21st Cambridge Folk Festival on 27 July 1985. The material was broadcast a few months later, 22 February 1986.
The A-side contains material by Loudon Wainwright III from the same line-up.
The B-side lasts half an hour, so half of John's set was left out.

There were more transcriptions of the festival, at least twelve records must have been made.

Vinyl: BBC Transcription Services CN 4690/S


1 Nov 1983
The Bottom Line:

The most electrifying electrical live album that John produced and that should be played LOUD.

Vinyl: 'Body Swerve' JMLP001 (Nov 1983, independent)
Vinyl: DOJO LP 26 (Mar 1986)
CD: Castle Communications DOJOCD 26 (Jul 1986)
CD: Blueprint BP275CD (1997)

In Vision 1973-1981

1 Jan 1982
The Bottom Line:

Excellent but unavailable collection of vintage Martyn; good overview up to Grace and danger. Also useful for comparing suits.

VHS: BBCV 3013 (100 minutes)
V2000: BBCV 3013 (100 minutes)

Spizzles | The John Martyn Band ‎| In Concert - 254

29 Jun 1981
BBC Transcription Service

The Bottom Line:

The big Punk confrontation.

This record contains four live tracks recorded for BBC Live In Concert at the Paris Theatre, London, 25th March 1981.
Together with Some People Are Crazy, they were also released on the BBC Live In Concert 2CD from 2007 (Island 984 898-1).

Related to: 
Vinyl: BBC Transcription Service CN 3811/S

Live At Leeds

1 Sep 1975
The Bottom Line:

Good (and rather rare) registration of great performance. Signed copies are true collectors items.

Vinyl: Island ILPS 9343
Vinyl: Cacophony SKELP 001 (June 1987)
Vinyl: Pläne 88533 (Germany 1987, red label, p/sleeve)
Vinyl: RCA DYNAFLEX - LSP 4577 (USA)
CD: AWCD 1036 (1992, Awareness)
CD: Hypertension HYCD 200114


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