Permanent Mess

One of the consequences of John's contract with Permanent is a dispute over the rights to the recordings he made for them. John was not satisfied with the tapes for Couldn't Love You More and decided upon an overhaul in the States. Manager John Lennard had to find a way to get a return on his investments.

The result is a plethora of compilations drawn from just a few records: The Apprentice, Cooltide, Live, Couldn't Love You More and No Little Boy. Sometimes released under obscure label names and even under misleading titles like Solid Air or One World.

Official John Martyn Albums..

John Martyn is both a gifted songwriter and a great performer. He has written and recorded more than 200 songs; the number of covers being remarkably low.

When John does cover a song, his version tends to eat up the original; when other artists cover a John song, it hardly ever works satisfactory. Therefore, it is advisory to issue a

VIRUS WARNING against John Martyn records:
DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM because they will

Food For Collectors..

This section contains some real gems that are hard to find. Also you can find quite a few Voiceprint releases, often announced as 'Collectors Series' carrying the One World label. But also other names are used.

Most of the One World releases originate from restored live casette tapes, mainly by lack of any alternative recordings. The philosophy behind these projects is that musical, historical or sentimental value exceeds the interest of technical sound quality.

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