Piece By Piece - Island ILPS 9807

8 Aug 1986
Milwaukee Sentinel
Dale Shuster

PIECE BY PIECE John Martyn Island

John Martyn is a gem of a musician waiting to be discovered. The Scottish born Martyn has produced a dozen innovative albums during the past 18 years, attracting only a smattering of public acclaim. "Piece by Piece" might redress that. It is another example of Martyn's formidable song-writing, singing and production skills.

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Piece By Piece

Piece By Piece - Island 90507-1

23 May 1986
The Missoulian
Michael Moore

Martyn proves he deserves higher profile

Scotland-born John Martyn has never been a commercial success and that's too bad. It's travesty compounded in the case of Martyn's latest offering, Piece By Piece, because a couple of the tunes here, in the hands of less-eccentric artists, would simply sell millions.

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Piece By Piece


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