Piece By Piece - Island ILPS 9807

8 Aug 1986
Milwaukee Sentinel
Dale Shuster

PIECE BY PIECE John Martyn Island

John Martyn is a gem of a musician waiting to be discovered. The Scottish born Martyn has produced a dozen innovative albums during the past 18 years, attracting only a smattering of public acclaim. "Piece by Piece" might redress that. It is another example of Martyn's formidable song-writing, singing and production skills.

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Piece By Piece

Piece By Piece - Island 90507-1

23 May 1986
The Missoulian
Michael Moore

Martyn proves he deserves higher profile

Scotland-born John Martyn has never been a commercial success and that's too bad. It's travesty compounded in the case of Martyn's latest offering, Piece By Piece, because a couple of the tunes here, in the hands of less-eccentric artists, would simply sell millions.

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Piece By Piece

John Martyn: Heart On The Rocks With A Twist

Gene Santoro
Guitar World Vol 7 #1

The long, sustained note curls loops over a reggae-flavored Linndrum, a fat-toned bass and floating synth voices. Augmented by delay and overdrive, the note burns toward feedback as John Martyn, eyes closed, sways feelingly onstage at New York's Bottom Line, then steps to the mick to propel the lyrics with his soulful, breathy tenor. After 18 years as a performer and a dozen lp's to his credit, Martyn still digs deep inside himself to find the spontaneous sounds that express his very personal vision.

Confessions of a Romantic

Brett Milano
Boston Globe

It's not easy being a confirmed romantic, says British songwriter John Martyn. "I probably reveal too much of self when I write a song. It gets embarrassing when I meet people from the audience, because they know more about me than I know about myself."


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