Martyn: Between Head and Heart

Andrew Means
Melody Maker

MUSICIANS are generally expected to progress, and 'progress' often means change.
The resulting preconceptions as to what a musician should be doing and where that should be leading to is sometimes the very thing that blocks his path. John Martyn, for instance, has for some months been holding the reins of acoustic and electric music. Since the two styles sound so diverse it's a wonder that he has not concentrated entirely on the latter, the newer aspect of his playing.

John Martyn Keeping Everything A Lot Less Rigid

Richard Howell
Time Out
..... and talking to Richard Howell

Unless you happen to frequent folk clubs, there are only two reasons for your having heard of John Martyn: Stormbringer and Road To Ruin. Both albums were made in conjunction with his wife Beverley. They were produced by Joe Boyd, arranged by Paul Harris and engineered by John Wood, which does little to explain their importance.


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