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Stephen Turner
The Hastings and St Leonards Observer


AS the post-Christmas-back-to-work depression slowly evaporates and the spectre of 1975 slinks out through the back door, is there anything on the horizon to brighten up this gloomy scene?
The short term answer is yes – the John Martyn concert at the Carlisle next Friday.

Live At Leeds advert

20 Sep 1975
Melody Maker

This historical full page advert was printed in Melody Maker of 20 September 1975, page 15 (and also one week earlier on page 17). It served to promote the 'independent' release of the Live At Leeds album. John's private address got published in the process, albeit misspelled. Four concert dates were also included, 'On tour with Out To Lunch'.

'Look 'ere, I've made this album. Now keep schtum and don't tell de uvver mob.
Just send free quid as soon as you like to my gaff and my latest live waxing can be yours.'

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Martyn Tour, Do-it-yourself Album Sale

[Julie Webb]
New Musical Express

JOHN MARTYN, whose forthcoming British tour will be his last in the foreseeable future, is to sell his new album from his home on a mail order basis. The album will be issued in a plain white sleeve and is available in a signed limited edition of 10,000. Price £2.50 p and p. 50p extra, from John Martyn, 10, Cobourg Place, The Old Town, Hastings, Sussex.

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