Rock Goes To College (2)

2 Feb 1981

Live performance at Stirling University; electric band with audience.
"Rock Goes To College featuring the best of contemporary British and American rock bands. Each week's recording takes place on a college campus. This week: John Martyn from Chelsea College, introduced by Pete Drummond."
"The concert took place in the Pathfoot Auditorium at Stirling University, a lovely, intimate setting for what was a brilliant concert" (Andrea Moseley).
Alan Thomson's suit deserves acclaim.

Producer: Michael Appleton
Director: Tom Corcoran

Glorious Fool Tour 1981

Mike Sparrow
Tour program

John's Band

Jeff Allen, Drums
Jeff is a leading session drummer whose credits read like a who's who of the record business. Formerly in East of Eden for four years he went on to play with Bonnie Tyler, Barbara Dickson, B.A. Robertson and on literally hundreds of records.

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Martyn's Identity Papers

Karl Dallas
Melody Maker

According to the official biog, John Marlyn was born in New Malden, Surrey, but was brought up for the first 15 years of his life in Scotland after his parents split, coming down for occasional visits to his mother in the stockbroker belt.

John Martyn: The Exorcism

Nick Kent
New Musical Express

So there was this Scotsman, Irishman and Englishman propping up the bar in a shabby pub in the heart of Glasgow. The Irishman, whose name escapes me, and his Scottish pal, John Martyn, are heading steadily out of the realms of dreary sobriety towards that state of intoxication which Martyn, in his brick thick Glaswegian brogue, refers to simply as a "hoolie".

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