Heaven And Earth - Hole in the Rain LSM 4010

14 May 2011
Arts Desk
Thomas H. Green

I've spent the last week feasting on John Martyn via Spotify. He was a gap in my musical education. He turns out, as a large portion of you reading already well know, to be a rich, raw talent. I knew his rep but had a misguided notion he was another blueprint for whiny contemporary singer-songwriters. All that reveals is my own ignorance.

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Heaven And Earth

Heaven And Earth - Hole in the Rain LSM 4010

11 May 2011
The Herald Scotland
Keith Bruce

John Martyn, Heaven And Earth

Two years after his death, the final recordings by the ground-breaking Glaswegian are released.

Although now regularly cited as an influence by many (and audibly so), it is over three decades since Martyn's career was at a peak, but technology has since made copying his technical innovations possible, and his vocal range –from light-voiced yearning to blues growl– is the aim of many.

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Heaven And Earth

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The Word Magazine

Beverley Martyn has a pinched and brow-beaten look about her and orders a non-alcoholic drink. She's just published an autobiography, Sweet Honesty, her life with the cantankerous troubadour she met in 1969, performed and recorded with and, eventually, married and divorced. He died in 2009.


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