Andy Kershaw Show (1985)

BBC Radio Manchester
31 Aug 1985

First time John appeared on the Andy Kershaw show, episode produced by John's producer John Leonard.
Also broadcast by BBC Radio1.
"Andy Kershaw with the show where every tune is as bright as the stars in the eyes of the one you're dancing with" (Radio Times announcement).
No further details available.

Producer: John Leonard

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Richard Skinner
Saturday live, BBC

Richard Skinner: John Martyn, contemporary and fellow Island recording artist in those days, yes?
John Martyn: This is true, this is true.
RS: Did you know the man well?
JM: I did, yes. We lived very close to each other. He lived in one part of Hampstead, and I lived just up the road. Um, very quiet, very quiet lad. Extremely personable and charming, when necessary.


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