[John Martyn on On The Cobbles]

Paddy Kehoe
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He's been on the phone all day, everyone from The Guardian to the Manchester Evening News to the Basingstoke Echo has been speaking to him as his first tour since 2001 approaches. The 56-year-old musician tells it in his own way, how he 'copped a huge belt' off his guitar amplifier, thereby damaging a cyst at the back of his right knee. A serious infection subsequently set in. " My leg went -he gives a mock-dramatic shriek- "big and red and horrible." I said to the guy, 'listen, I think you'll have to amputate here.' He says, 'I think you might be right.'"

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John Martyn At The Quays

Galway Advertiser

John Martyn at The Quays


ON APRIL 8 the great John Martyn plays a very special gig al The Quays. Martyn, one of the most gifted and brilliantly original singer/songwriter/musicians in contemporary music, has had an extraordinary career since he first gave notice in the early 70s that he wasn't prepared to be lied down to any particular conception of music by attaching fuzzbox, echoplex and phase-shift to his acoustic guitar. Purists beware!

On Top of his Game

Colm O'Hare
Hot Press

On top of his game

Not all that long ago, you wouldn't have reasonably expected to be talking to John Martyn at the unearthly hour of 10:00am. Unless perhaps you had chanced upon him on the way home the morning after the night before, as it were. These days, however, he is not only up and about at the dawning of the day but sounding more chipper than ever. The legendary hoarse whisper booms with unexpected clarity.

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