Varsity tour for Martyn

Melody Maker

JOHN MARTYN, who is currently working up material for a new album1, sets out on a university tour next month.

The dates confirmed so far are: Sussex University (November 8), London School of Economics (9), Exeter University (11), Uxbridge Brunel University (17), Colchester Essex University (18), Lancaster University (22), Leeds University (25), York University (December 5), and London Queen Mary College of Education (9). More concerts will be added next week.

The Rock Goes To College programme that Martyn recorded last week to replace the Stranglers show2 will be shown again on BBC 2 on November 26.

1 Grace & Danger, which took a year more to be released.
2 Rock Goes To College performance at Reading University, 20 October 1978. John replaced The Stranglers who apparently had walked off stage, swore at students, smashed equipment and sang 'obscene songs'.
This announcement was published in Melody Maker of 28th October 1978. Photo provided by John Neil Munro.