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Looking for John Martyn articles in:

Melody Maker 1970-02-28; 1972-01-29; 1972-02-19; 1973-10-27; 1975-03-01; 1975-07-12; 1978-11-04; 1981-09-19; 1982-10-23
Nuggets #7 April/ May 1977. "Ace shu Herman Eugen Beer (of CAMRA?) rapped briefly with the revitalised John Martyn recently. Here's what went down."
Deja Vu magazine #3 (1977)
CD Review magazine (1986), interview, Angeline review and competition
Musician Magazine #168.
Jamm #19 - (Journal of Australian Music & Musicians) interview from late seventies
Irish Press, 3 Dec 1981, 'Martyn's Anarchy', Brian Bell interviews John Martyn, 'something of a musical explorer'
Beat Magazine, March 1986 (Johnny Lydon cover): one page interview.
Fachblatt Magazin (D), July 1986.
Boy Music (weekly from Corriere della Sera) Vol XI #48 – 2 Dec 1982: two pages on John Martyn in Italian
Suono/ Music Box #46 (Italy), Article by Andrea Carpi.
Buscadero (Italy), November 2008 (Tracy Chapman cover)
Disco Express (Spain), 28 June 1974. One page black/white feature about John.
Music World #17 (25 Aug 1982) (unconfirmed).
Schlager #2 (Sweden) (26 Feb 1985) John Martyns kreativa kriser. Two page interview by Håkan Lahger, picture Nina Ericson.

Below is the stuff that is still on my TO DO LIST. If you have knowledge of any other articles or interviews, be my guest...

yyyy-mm-dd medium ctry title author/ host description
1973-08-18 Sounds GB Music on impulse from John Martyn Jerry Gilbert Studio interview during recording of Inside Out
1973-10-13 Melody Maker GB John Martyn Inside Out Geoff Brown One page feature about Inside Out
1973-11-01 Guitar GB Inside John Martyn Dave Dyke Two page interview with pic in 'the magazine for all guitarists'
1974-02-03 Ciao 2001 #5 I John Martyn: Folk & Jazz 'Per Il Cuore' Enzo Caffarelli Four page article with pics
1975-11-29 NME GB The bitterest beard in Britain Rod McShane Interview
1976-01-01 Gong Vol 3 #1 I John Martyn/ Bianca Luna Blues Marco Fumagalli Italian career description
1977-02-00 Beat Instrumental #124 GB Player of the month/ John Martyn anonymous Two page interview portrait
1977-04-09 Melody Maker GB John Martyn: so far so good Geoff Brown One page interview
1977-06-03 McMaster University radio, Hamilton, Ontario CA interview unknown 32 minutes of really bad tape
1977-12-01 Trouser Press #24 (Vol 4, Nr 6) US John Martyn, Superstar! John Walker Four pages career description and short interview on US tour
1977-12-24 NME GB This Man is a Walking, Playing Bag of his Own Chris Salewicz Two page interview with original pictures
1979-06-01 Ciao 2001 I John Martyn Dalla Lingua Lunga Marco Ferranti Italian article during tour
1980-11-29 NME GB John Martyn: The Exorcism Nick Kent Two page interview; birth of the diaries quote
1981-04-03-16 Hot Press Vol 5 #6 GB To the pub and back with John Martyn unknown No further details yet
1981-06-00 Musician #33 US John Martyn's Grace and Danger Brian Cullman Two page career description on appearance of album
1981-09-00 International Musician & Recording World
Vol 7 #9
UK John Martyn/ End of the One Man Band? Peter Murphy Four page interview about band transition
1982-01-24 Ciao 2001 Vol XIV #4 I Il nuovo John Martyn e' successo Luigi Abbà Three page interview with five pics in Italian weekly
1983-01-07 RAM #201 AU unknown Steve Sutherland One page Australian interview, Well Kept Secret
1984-12-22 NME GB The man who put the sap in Sapphire Barney Hoskyns One page interview
1985-01-00 Guitarist Vol 1, #8 GB John Martyn Nicholas Webb Three page interview on gear and Sapphire
1986-03-08 BBC2, Saturday Review GB 20 years of performing Mick Brown TV interview before taking off for world tour. Also five songs from Palladium performance
1987-03-01 Guitar Club Vol 4 #3 I Intervista a John Martyn Vittorio Azzoni Four page Italian interview with original photos
1990-03-18 Sunday Correspondent GB Starting again at the bottom Sean O'Hagan 630 word article
1998-02-00 Guitar techniques GB John Martyn unplugged unknown Transcription of May You Never
1998-03-18 Hot Press EI On Top Of His Game Colm o'Hare Interview in Irish magazine
2001-02-20 Dotmusic GB The John Martyn interview Simon Ward Taped interviews in streaming video no longer on the net
2001-07-01 Guitarist #212 GB John Martyn Style Matthew Wig Short piece on DADGAD in 'Techniques' section
2002-01-01 Guitar Vol 12 #8 GB Songwriting workshop/ John Martyn Douglas Noble Fine four page piece on various tunings
2004-06-01 Record Collector #298 GB John The Lad Jonathan Wingate Three page interview about career and discography
2004-08-01 Guitar magazine vol 15 #4 GB Echo Ranger Michael Heatley Three page post op interview on appearance of On The Cobbles
2005-08-04 RTE Radio 1 EI John Creedon Show John Creedon Short radio interview during Irish tour
2005-09-20 RTE Radio 1 EI Under The Influence Joe Jackson Radio interview during Irish tour
2005-10-08 NDR Radio Hamburg D Nachtclub Classics Harald Mönkedieck Interview fragments in one hour German radio special
2005-11-01 The Word #33 GB "Booze Is Fuel" Graeme Thomson Two page interview supporting release of remasters
2006-01-01 Uncut #104 GB To Slur With Love Andy Gill Two pages about reissues with very short interview
2006-05-02 BBC Radio 2 GB Mark Radcliffe Show Mark Radcliffe Conversation between live studio band performance
2006-05-21 BBC Radio 3 GB Andy Kershaw Show Andy Kershaw Interviews intersected with live studio band performance, recorded 9 May
2006-08-01 Mojo #153 GB [Stabbed, shot and stoned] Mat Snow Five page interview with several pictures
2007-12-01 Guitarist magazine GB Still Rather Be The Devil Ciarán Tracey Five page interview with several pictures
2008-06-01 Acoustic magazine #22 GB John Martyn David Hughes Cover story; five page career interview following Lifetime Achievement Award.
2008-07-01 The Word #65 GB A Golden Age Rob Fitzpatrick Cover story; seven page interview following Lifetime Achievement Award.
2008-09-01 R2/ Rock 'n' Reel vol2 #11 GB John Martyn Johnny Black uncertain
2008-11-01 R2/ Rock 'n' Reel vol 2 #12 GB Grace & danger Johnny Black Interview about career
2009-03-01 Total Guitar #186 GB John Martyn Stuart Ryan One page story in a tryptich called Folk Guitar.
2013-04-01 Mojo #233 GB Vintage Trouble Mat Snow Six pages about Solid Air and Inside Out, forty years after release.