Other places on the web for finding John Martyn content

The first site for John Martyn fans used to be the The John Martyn Connection, by music lover Kees van der Lely. Records, interviews and reader stories were to be found in an elaborate site. This was the first John Martyn fanpage on the internet but unfortunately Kees has decided to end this resource.

In the same prehistoric period Lee Barry used to maintain an ad-spoiled site on Geocities and was editor of the late Well Kept Secret, a first class fanzine that lived through four issues. A few years later Lee finished a 'totally unauthorised' biography, Grace & Danger, original working title John Martyn From The Inside Out. Lee: 'Be warned, this story is one tragedy after another.'

magsBig Muff went into operation late 1998. After 9 years and 200,000 visitors it got the format you are now looking at.

In about the same period John Hillarby from London developed a John Martyn Website featurring news, stories, discography, a usually rare song in MP3, a John Martyn cover list, a monthly competition and even an Amazon affiliated online shop: The .net extension works fine, too.

Since July 2000, an 'official' John Martyn Central was up and running. This was developed to support the release of Glasgow Walker, was operated by Independiente, rather small and not maintained. So the thing slowly turned into a digital graveyard and eventually the url was transferred to John Hillarby's website - with permission.
One can choose to keep an eye by the way on a site filling up a UK domain name: but it has not been touched for ages.

The most recent addition is the official site promoting the Johnny Boy Would Love This tribute project. They sell Heaven And Earth too and other merchandise in a decent webshop.

Myspace? Your space?

In this day and age, musicians don't count unless they have a myspace account. There they can boast of thousands of 'friends'. At least three accounts are dedicated to John Martyn. This one is obvious: but this is a fansite. The same goes for this fan.
This one is intriguing: Iain and a lot of people used to think this actually was John's personal page. John however was never active on the net so this is a mystification also.
One warning before entering myspace: the page layout is often terrible.

Guitar players should pay a visit to Acoustic Guitar Freaks', run by Willie Milne and Andy Stephen ( It has been recently revamped and serves tunings, tab notes and playing notes for an increasing number of songs with much more accuracy than the two songbooks in existence.

Other interesting stuff is presented at McGeachy Guitar. The gear diagram comes from this site, uncredited.

YouTube is also a great source for both music and guitar technique.

Pete Grant used to have an interesting list of live tape recordings of John Martyn concerts but he has constructed a new site with very humourous comments. The list has since then been adopted by Dave Maddern but these pages have disappeared from the web. Almost..

Joe Sixpack is a California DJ who could be suspected being a member of the so-called acoustic mafia. He did some writing on John but also on lots of other folk artists. Nice reading if you appreciate some outspoken opinions after all the fact and figures on this site..

Martin Selway is a photographer living in Denmark who does a pretty good job web designing. He has recently scanned in some 1985 negatives of a Copenhagen John Martyn show (click on "John Martyn" in the menu).

Also into photography is Kenny Mathieson. His 'masterpieces' are displayed here. He travels a lot and if you look around you will find some JM material there. Kenny: "Some are from recent concerts in Glasgow, the older ones are from the Foundations concert at The Town & Country in London. If you watch the video of the concert carefully for tracking shots of the audience... I'm the guy with a camera pressed tight against my face in the front row...".