John Martyn Reviews

These are the ones I haven't found (yet). Additions are always welcome in my mailbox of course.

yyyy-mm-dd source ctry author category subject/ title/ info
1972-01-19 Oor NL unknown album [Bless the Weather], no picture
1972-02-19 Folk & Country Aus Royston Wood album Bless the Weather, picture
1972-11-18 Melody Maker GB unknown concert  
1973-10-27 Melody Maker GB Karl Dallas concert In 'Caught in the Act'
1974-01-31 Zoo World #51 US unknown album Inside Out review in Florida based magazine
1974-02-01 Crawdaddy US unknown album  
1974-07-13 NME GB Chris Salewicz concert London, Olympia National Hall, London Rock Proms (5 Jul, shared bill)
1975-01-25 NME GB unknown album Sunday's Child, b/w picture
1975-02-22 Melody Maker GB unknown concert  
1975-05-01 Sounds #5 D Bernd Gockel album Sunday's Child, no picture
1975-06-07 NME GB Rod McShane concert Croydon, Fairfield Halls, 25 May 1975
1975-11-15 NME GB Kate Phillips concert North London Poly, 07 Nov 1975
1976-07-10 Sounds GB Vivien Goldman concert Solo, Regent's Park Open theatre, Sunday evening [4 Jul]
1977-03-19 Sounds GB Ralph Whaley concert Eric's, Liverpool, 25 Feb 1977
1977-09-17 Melody Maker GB unknown concert [One World Tour]
1977-11-19 NME GB Monty Smith album One World 1/3 page review with b/w concert picture
1977-12-02 Disco express #454 E unknown album [One World] special review
1977-12-10 Melody Maker GB Mark Prendergast album One World
1978-04-05 Oor NL Jan-Maarten de Winter album One World, b/w picture
1978-11-18 NME UK Ian Penman concert London School of Economics
1980-10-25 NME GB unknown album Grace and Danger, b/w picture
1981-01-01 Buscadero #2 I unknown album [Grace and Danger]
1981-02-01 Rock & Folk #169 F unknown album [Grace and Danger]
1981-05-26 The Times GB Richard Williams concert London Dominion
1981-05-30 Melody Maker GB unknown concert Possibly London Dominion, no picture
1981-10-07 Oor NL unknown album [Glorious Fool]
1981-12-01 Rockerilla I unknown album [Glorious Fool]
1981-12-02 Oor NL unknown concert Band, Glorious Fool Tour, Amsterdam (Paradiso) or Rotterdam (De Lantaren), b/w picture
1982-02-01 Rock Espezial #6 E unknown album [Glorious Fool]
1982-09-18 Sounds GB unknown album [Well Kept Secret], no picture
1982-10-30 NME GB Richard Cook concert Sunday's Child Tame'n'Tired, Hammersmith Odeon, London (22 or 23 Oct)
1982-11-01 Rock & Folk #190 F unknown album 'Disque du mois', [Well Kept Secret]
1983-01-01 Best #174 F unknown album [Well Kept Secret]
1983-02-17 Rolling Stone #389 US unknown album [Well Kept Secret]
1983-03-01 The Rocket #42 US Robert Allen album Well Kept Secret, Seattle music magazine
1983-05-01 Musik Express D unknown concert Probably Philentropy like band, b/w
1983-06-01 Rock & Folk #197 F unknown concert Probably Philentropy like band, no picture
1983-11-26 Melody Maker GB unknown concert Probably Philentropy like band
1983-12-03 NME GB Ian Penman album Philentropy
1984-11-10 NME GB Richard Cook album Sapphire, Jewel Personality!
1984-12-08 NME GB Sean O'Hagan concert London Dominion 15 Nov, b/w picture
1985-02-01 Rock & Folk #216 F unknown album [Sapphire]
1985-02-23 Oor NL unknown concert Band, Sapphire tour, b/w picture
1985-04-01 Guitare F unknown album [Sapphire]
1986-03-08 NME GB Len Brown album Piece By Piece, Bobbin'n' Weavin', b/w picture
1986-05-22 Rolling Stone #474 US unknown album [Piece By Piece]
1987-10-24 NME GB Jonathan Romney concert London Hammersmith Odeon show 9 Oct 1987
1987-11-00 Option Q2 GB unknown album Live At Leeds, about 100 words, probably Cacophony vinyl rerelease
1987-12-01 Vinyl NL unknown album [Foundations or Live At Leeds], b/w picture
1987-12-01 Buscadero #76 I unknown album [Foundations or Live At Leeds]
1988-02-01 Rock & Folk #249 F unknown album [Foundations] probably
1988-04-01 Rock de Lux #40 E unknown album [Foundations] probably
1989-04-15 Melody Maker GB Paul Oldfield concert London, Powerhaus, 31 March
1990-04-01 Q GB unknown album The Apprentice
1990-04-14 NME GB Gavin Martin album The Apprentice
1990-05-05 Oor #107 NL René Megens album The Apprentice special review, b/w picture
1990-06-27 Trouw NL unknown concert Probably Amsterdam Paradiso 25 Jun 1990
1990-11-01 Ruta 66 #56 E unknown album [The Apprentice]
1991-04-01 Rock de Lux #74 E unknown concert Unknown, b/w picture
1991-10-19 Oor #143 NL René Megens album Cooltide, no picture
1993-08-11 Hot Press EI Paddy Kehoe album No Little Boy
1994-[10-01] Q #97 GB unknown concert London, Mean Fiddler, Thursday 8 Sep
1995-10-01 Rolling Stone D unknown album [Live]
1996-01-27 Oor NL unknown album [Live]
1996-09-07 Oor NL unknown album [And.]
1996-12-01 Rock & Folk #352 F unknown album [And.]
1998-05-01 Q GB Rob Beattie concert Dublin, Mean Fiddler, 07 Apr 1998
1998-07-09 Time Out New York #146 US unknown album Church With One Bell
2000-05-25 Hot Press EI Niall Stanage album Glasgow Walker
2000-06-01 Record Collector #250 GB Simon Ward album Classics (Artful)
2004-05-12 Hot Press EI Nadine o'Regan album On The Cobbles
2006-01-01 Uncut #104 GB Andy Gill albums Two pages about reissues with very short interview