John Martyn 70s Giglist


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1970-01-08 UK, London, Kingston, Polytechnic Students Union. John Martyn 8pm.

1970-01-16 UK, Dorking, Congregational Hall. Shelter with Bridget St. John, John Martin [sic]. 6 shillings and 7/6, 7:30pm.

1970-01-13 UK, London, Hounslow Arts Lab (White Bear Public House, Kingsley Road). Tuesday; John Martyn, Tony Crerar, Little Boots. Organized by Strawbs founder Dave Cousins.

1970-01-17 UK, London, Les Cousins. Saturday night, 7:30-11pm: John Martyn, Mike Cooper, Nick Drake.

1970-01-21 UK, London, College for the Distributive Trades - John Martyn, Rick Davey, Barry Youldon.

1970-01-23 UK, London, Walthamstow, Waltham Forest Technical College. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets 5 shillings and 7 shillings sixpence.Concert in aid of Shelter; shared bill with Richard Digance, Gasworks and Terry Hutchings.

1970-01-24 UK, Greenwich, Greenwich Theatre Folk Club (Saturday). Solo gig.


1970-02-07 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - John Martyn, Dr Strangely Strange.

1970-02-07 UK, Bristol, Troubadour. Solo gig.

1970-02-09 UK, London, Half Moon, Putney. Monday night. John Martyn, Cliff Aungier, Royd Rivers, Gerry Lockran.

1970-02-14 UK, London, Les Cousins: supporting act for Dr Strangely Strange. Four tracks taped.

1970-02-00 UK, Bristol, unknown. Band gig accompanying Stormbringer release, of same nature as Queen Elizabeth Hall performance, so with band.

1970-02-21 UK, London, Queen Elizabeth Hall (together with Beverley and a full band, to launch Stormbringer). Saturday night, 19:45 hrs. "John and Beverley Martin [sic] and their musicians - A concert of contemporary songs, plus Nick Drake. Tickets 20, 16, 12, and 8 shillings. A NEMS presentation." About 1,500 people showed up. "Nick Drake opened the show, staring at his feet, playing extraordinary finger-style guitar and disappearing as quickly as possible as though to deny he'd ever been there at all. [] That night John smacked a guitar while the lovely Beverley sang the extended, muscular funk of Sweet Honesty." (Mark Cooper) John's anger was caused by unsympathetic band musicians. In 1973, he called this "the most humiliating musical experience of my career".



1970-03-05 UK, Bedford, Bedford college. Solo.

1970-03-06 UK, Hull, University Folk Club. Solo.

1970-03-14 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - John Martyn, Dando Shaft (very good sensitive band of minstrels).

1970-03-18 UK, London, Holloway, Northern Polytechnic. Solo concert.


1970-04-18 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - John Martyn.

1970-04-24 UK, High Wycombe, High Wycombe College of Art & Technology. Friday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets 7, 8 or 10 shilling. "An evening with John Martyn, Heron and John James | Pook Penn Jones production". Advertised in Melody Maker 25 April 1970 (so too late). "L.P. and Leonard Cohen tickets in a Lucky Ticket Draw." "My fondest memory of the gig is marching up and down the corridor at the College with John doing Singing In The Rain" (Tony Pook, Heron). "John just bought a new wah wah pedal that day and played through it a quite lot on the gig!" (Roy Apps, Heron)

1970-04-28 UK, Bradford, Folk Club.



1970-05-08 UK, London, Bedford College. All night festival. Friday night, 21:30-06:00 hrs. Tickets £ 1.00. Advert text: "Bedford College | allallalla nightnightn | Initiation | Graham Bond + guests | also | East of Eden | May Blitz | Climax Chicago Blues Band | Raw Spirit | Black August | Group 'X' | Jo-Ann Kelly | Spencer Davis | John Martyn | Nick Drake | On Friday, May 8th, 09.30 p.m.-6 a.m. | Licensed Bar till 4 a.m. | Tickets £1 | Bedford College, Inner Circle, Regent's Park."

1970-05-09 UK, Chichester, Bishop Otter College. Saturday night, 20:00 hrs at the Folk Club. Tickets 3 shillings 6 pence. "B.O.C. Folk Club | John Martyn | and college residents | 3/6 | Sat. 9th. May | free booze! | 8-11p.m. | Studio One | capricorn productions".

1970-05-16 UK, Leyton (London), Leyton Senior High School for girls. John Martyn, Mudge & Clutterbuck, Colin & Terry.

1970-05-22 UK, London, East Ham, Denmark Arms. John Martyn, Chris Davies, Richard Digance.

1970-05-23 UK, Sheffield, Sheffield University Union of Students. Saturday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets 6 shilling (members), 8 shilling (guests). "John Martyn | The Strawbs | Principal Edwards Magic Theatre | A special holiday event from ENTS | 7.30 to 12.30 | Bar till 11.30".

1970-05-29 UK, Ware (Hertfordshire), Ware College. John Martyn, John James, John Foot. Friday night, 20:00 hrs.


1970-06-05 UK, London, London City University. John Martyn, 8pm.

1970-06-21 UK, London, Westfield College. Loosely termed as a 'folk event'. Sunday night, 20:45 hrs, tickets 10 shilling. Started after end of World Cup Final. "Westfield College Festival presents | Elton John - Stefan Grossman - John Martyn - Humblebums + surprise guests | Sunday, June 21st, 8.45 p.m. 10/- | Kidderpore Avenue, N.W. 3."

1970-06-22 UK, London, Phonograph. John Martyn, Mythica - 7:30-11pm. Monday night. "Next week: Bridget St. John". The Phonograph was situated Finchley Road, opposite Golders Green Tube.



1970-07-11 UK, London, Les Cousins. Solo concert.

1970-07-27 UK, Richmond, Hanging Lamp. Solo concert.


1970-08-15 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm: John Martyn, Ceilidh at the House.


1970-09-20 UK, Glastonbury: small event for 2.500 guests, more of a barn dance.


1970-10-01 UK, London, Kingston, Polytechnic Folk Club. Solo gig, 8pm.


1970-11-17 UK, Redruth (Cornwall), Room at the Top. Solo concert.

1970-11-21 UK, Reading, Reading University. Opening for Mott The Hoople with John Morgan.


1970-12-07 UK, London, South Bank Students Union. Solo concert.


UK tour with Claire Hamill

Claire Hamill remembers playing several universities with John:

1971-00-00 Scotland, Glasgow. "What a wonderful man he is. I have many fond memories of the times we spent on the road in the seventies, like in a club in Glasgow where the dressing room was the most bleak I've ever been in! We only had a few empty paint tins to sit on, needless to say the audience were as warm as they usually are in Glasgow which incidentally is my father's home town. In Stirling we spent the night in a guest house. It was extremely cold but the landlady had put hot water-bottles in our beds for us. We were all starving when we came back from the gig but everyone was in bed so no luck there. The decor was decidedly Scottish..."

1971-00-00 Scotland, Stirling, University.

1971-00-00 UK, Warwick (Warwickshire), University of Warwick.

1971-00-00 UK, York, University of York.

1971-00-00 UK, Durham, University of Durham.

1971-00-00 UK, London, Imperial College


1971-01-02 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - Solo gig.

1971-01-11 UK, Richmond, Hanging Lamp. 8pm - Solo gig.

1971-01-12 UK, Hayes, Folk Club. John Martyn, John Coverdale, Richard Bartram.


1971-02-13 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - John Martyn solo.


1971-03-06 UK, Bristol, The Bristol Troubadour. Saturday night.

1971-03-09 UK, Twickenham College. Shared bill with Michael Chapman and Dando Shaft. Reviewed Sounds 20 March 1971: "After a late start John Martyn worked briskly through his repertoire, and even confessed later to playing the numbers faster than usual."

1971-03-11 UK, Guildford, Civic Hall. John Fahey, John Martyn, Gordon Giltrap, Bernie Roy, Nick Gray. "Contemporary Music in Guildford | 5-14 March 1971 | The Guildford Festival". Part two of 'The Contemporary Guitar.' Thursday, 7.30pm. Tickets 40p, 60p, 80p. Reviewed Sounds 20 March 1971.

1971-03-18 UK, Bradford, University. Michael Chapman, John Martyn, Dr Strangely Strange.

1971-03-19 UK, Bradford, University. Shared bill with Steeleye Span and Dr Strangely Strange.

1971-03-20 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - John Martyn.


1971-04-05 UK, Richmond (Surrey), Hanging Lamp (Monday 8 p.m.). Solo concert.

1971-04-15 UK, Plymouth, Guildhall. Thursday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets 50p. Opening act for Mott The Hoople. "Van Dike and Island Artists ltd present | at the Guildhall | 8pm. thur. 15 April | in Concert | Mott The Hoople + John Martyn".

1971-04-18 UK, Hanley (Stoke-on-Trent), Victoria Hall. Sunday night, 19:30 hrs. Admission 50p/ 60p. Opening act for Mott The Hoople; ticket mentions 'John Martin'.


1971-04-24 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - John Martyn.

1971-04-27 UK, York, University of York. Supporting act for the Strawbs. Tuesday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets 65p. "University of York Entertainments Council presents | Strawbs in concert with John Martyn | at University of York, Central Hall | Tuesday 27th April | tickets 65np S.U. and associate members only | Concert starts at 8.00p.m. Bar ext. till 11p.m."


1971-05-09 UK, London, Paris Theatre. John opening for Groundhogs on John Peel Sunday Show concert by BBC Radio 1. A 21 minute recording survives.

1971-05-11 UK, Kingston, Get Stuffed. John Martyn - 8pm.


1971-06-18 UK, Sheffield, University. Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, John Martyn.

1971-06-19 UK, Reading, Town Hall. Michael Chapman, John Martyn, Wizz Jones, Pete Berryman. 7:30pm, tickets at door.


1971-07-10 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - John Martyn.

1971-07-21 or 1971-07-22 UK, Glastonbury, first festival. John played for '9.000 hippies'. Actually there were 12.500 people. The real first Glastonbury was one year earlier.

1971-07-31 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - John Martyn.


Early August 1971, John featured in a series 'Summer Folk Concerts '71'. Concerts took place in Falmouth, Newquay, Redruth and St Ives. John crossed Cornwall via the latter three and did five shows. Other acts involved Tir Na Nog (June), Bridget St. John, Storyteller, Third Ear Band, Keith Christmas (July), Wizz Jones, Steve Tilston and/or Gerry Lockran (August), Pig Sty Hill Light Orchestra and Mike Maran Being (September). All concerts had Strange Fruit as supporting act and were promoted by David Penprase (of Room at the Top) and MC'd by Keith Warmington (of Strange Fruit).

1971-08-02 UK, Newquay, Congregational Hall. Supporting act Strange Fruit. Monday night, 20:15 hrs.

1971-08-03 UK, Redruth, Room At The Top. Supporting act Strange Fruit. Tuesday night, 20:15 hrs.

1971-08-04 UK, Newquay, Congregational Hall. Supporting act Strange Fruit. Wednesday night, 20:15 hrs.

1971-08-05 UK, Redruth, Room At The Top. Supporting act Strange Fruit. Thursday night, 20:15 hrs.

1971-08-06 UK, St Ives, The Guildhall. Supporting act Strange Fruit. Friday night, 20:15 hrs.

1971-08-16 UK, Richmond, Hanging Lamp. John Martyn, 8pm, please come early!


1971-09-04 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - John Martyn.

1971-09-10 UK, London, Queen Elizabeth Hall. Sandy Denny, John Martyn, Duncan Browne (part of the Festival of Progressive Music). Friday night, 19:45 hrs. Tickets £ 1.10, 90p, 70p, 45p. "September 10 is the concert debut of Sandy Denny, although the singer is also billed on the forthcoming Lincoln Festival. She is supported by John Martyn and Duncan Browne." (Record Mirror)

1971-09-17 UK, Worcester, Gaumont Theatre: supporting act for Traffic. "One-off promotion by a local Worcester guy called Mitch." (Ben Hodgkiss).

1971-09-20 UK, London, Playhouse Theatre (Northumberland Avenue). Recorded for John Peel session broadcast 20 October 1971.



1971-10-03 UK, London, Chalk Farm Roundhouse. IMPLOSION! 3:30pm-11:30pm - Fresh Form Frisco, Stoneground, Brinsley Schwartz, John Martyn, Help Yourself, Derrick & Armstrong, Jeff Dexter.

1971-10-23 UK, London, Les Cousins. 7:30-11pm - John Martyn.

1971-10-24 UK, Hull, Brickhouse.

1971-10-30 UK, London, PCL (Polytechnic of Central London, 115 New Cavendish Street). Saturday night, 19:30hrs. Admission 60p. Second evening of "Festival Three". Shared bill with Loudon Wainwright III, Mr Fox, Ian Campbell Group and Jeremy Taylor. "The last part of his set I experienced as being like waves of sound flowing down the hall, flowing over me, all around me, floating me... A bit like waves of low lying ripples of mist. A unique experience... And I hadn't smoked at any of those gigs, had never been stoned in my life at that point." (Joe Quilty).



1971-11-04 UK, London, Kingston Polytechnic (Students Union, Knights Park). John Martyn, Roger Ruskin Spear. Thursday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets 35p (members).

1971-11-09 UK, London, University College. "Tuesday Folk at | University College, London | Bridget St John | John Martyn". "All concerts start at 8 p.m. | Central Collegiate Theatre, Gordon Sreet, WC1".

1971-11-12 UK, Lancaster, University. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets 60p. Amazing Blondel, Bronco, John Martyn.

1971-11-18 UK, London, Queen Mary College. John Martyn, 7:45pm - 30p.

1971-11-19 UK, Plymouth, Van Dike (Exmouth Road). Friday night.

1971-11-21 Northern Ireland, Belfast, Queen's University. Concert for students' Esoteric Music Society, admission 40p. Brendan Quayle was probably involved in this one.

1971-11-25 UK, Croydon, Fairfield Halls. "Thursday 25th November - 7.45pm | Island Artists present | Amazing Blondel & John Martyn". Review: "An acutely nervous John Martyn sadly gave a disjointed introverted performance. He seemed obsessed with his guitar playing to the neglect of his singing. As his voice can be uncommonly good, this seemed a waste." - We've come a long way...



1971-12-03 Netherlands, unknown. Parool newspaper announces in August that John Martyn will be touring in the Netherlands 3-12 December. In fact he arrived by ferry at Hoek van Holland, Friday 3 Dec, remembers Tom Steenbergen. One day later John had his first gig in Maassluis. Tour was organised by Frank van der Meijden.

1971-12-04 Netherlands, Maassluis, De Toverbal. Saturday night, 19:00 hrs. Solo show in old school building. John was paid the amount of fl 425. One day later he left for Rotterdam. There was mention in the press John "will be going to Belgium and Holland for 10 days".

1971-12-00 UK, London, Paris Theatre, acoustic solo performance (Head and Heart, BBC Live; probably recorded for John Peel's BBC Rock Hour).

1971-12-19 UK, London (Camden), Chalk Farm Roundhouse (Sunday 15:30-23:00). IMPLOSION! - shared bill with Mott the Hoople, England Dan, John Ford Coley, Brett Marvin & the Thunderbolts, Gallagher & Lyle and Max Merriott & the Meteors. Admission 50p.


1972-00-00 UK, Bromley, Bromley College of Technology. (John was playing a Gibson Flying V guitar.)

Island Artists Tour with Bronco and Claire Hamill


1972-01-14 UK, Leeds, Polytechnic. (Friday). 350 enthousiastic people in the smaller of two halls.

1972-01-15 UK, Ripon, College of Education. (Saturday). Solo show without support acts. "It was an incredible concert especially as it was a private performance. I do not exaggerate when I say there were no more than 5 people in the audience. [...] John played the most incredible set of what seemed like an extended Glistening Glyndebourne jam." (Anand Prasad)

1972-01-21 UK, Huddersfield, Polytechnic. (Friday).

1972-01-22 UK, Twickenham College of Technology. "Saturday, January 22nd, 8 p.m. till late." Tickets 50p.

1972-01-26 UK, Manchester, University. (Wednesday).

1972-01-27 UK, Warwick, University. (Thursday).

1972-01-29 UK, Bradford, University. (Saturday).


1972-02-04 UK, Guildford, University of Surrey. Friday, 8:00pm. Tickets 40p. "sent presents | university of surrey | great hall | 8 till late. feb 4 | An Island Tour | featuring | Bronco John Martyn Claire Hammill."


1972-02-09 UK, Keele, University. (Wednesday).

1972-02-10 UK, London, City University. Thursday night.

1972-02-12 UK, Southampton, University. (Saturday).

1972-02-13 UK, Bangor, University of North Wales. (Sunday).

1972-02-16 UK, Lancaster, University of Lancaster. Wednesday night. Supporting act the Sutherland Brothers.


1972-02-18 UK, Birmingham, University. (Friday).

1972-02-19 UK, Colchester, Essex University. (Saturday).

1972-02-20 UK, Fulham, Greyhound. Probably solo.

1972-02-26 UK, London, Imperial College (Great Hall; Saturday). "Spring" concerts. Admission 50p.


1972-03-01 UK, Aberystwyth, University. (Wednesday).

1972-03-04 UK, Leicester, Polytechnic. Shared bill with Bronco and Bridget St John.

1972-03-09 Scotland, Hamilton, College of Education. (Thursday).

1972-03-10 Scotland, Stirling University. (Friday).

1972-03-11 Scotland, Edinburgh University. (Saturday).

1972-03-17 UK, London, London College of Furniture. Friday night. Tickets 40p. "Friday, March 17th | John Martyn | Sarah Gordon | + Bondage at | London College of Furniture | 41-71 Commercial Road, E.1 | (Aldgate East Tube) | Adm. 40p".


1972-03-21 Finland, Turku, Concert House. Opening for Free.

1972-03-22 Finland, Helsinki, Finlandia Hall. Opening for Free.



1972-04-00 UK, London, Les Cousins. John took part in the final concert that was given in the Les Cousins folk club when it closed down. "That night was simply amazing..." (Joe Quilty).

1972-04-12 Netherlands, Nijmegen, Diogenes. Wednesday. "Wo 12 Apr | John Martyn | Engelse Folkzanger".

1972-04-13 Belgium, Tournai | Doornik, Halle aux Draps | Lakenhal. Thursday. Supporting act Flash.

1972-04-14 Belgium, Brussels Schaarbeek, Théâtre 140. Friday. Supporting act Flash.

1972-04-21 UK, Ilford (London), General Havelock Soft Rock Club. "I was at the gig in Ilford. It was a small venue, full of friendly people. Everyone pretty much knew everyone else. The promoters, as was often the case in those days, weren't in it for the money. I got involved with banter as John was tuning up for Singing In The Rain which ended up mildly pornographic. The music was out of this world." (Tom Alford).


1972-05-08 UK, Richmond (Surrey), Hanging Lamp. This show was recorded from the mixing desk and the tape included in the September 2013 release The Island Years. Also separately released on vinyl.

1972-05-12 UK, Maidenhead, Grammar School. Friday. "John Martyn played a gig at our school (Maidenhead Grammar School). He was paid £50 for the privilige, and slept on the floor at one of the Upper Sixth form lad's houses!" (Phil Reid).

1972-05-13 UK, Berkhamsted, Marlin Nursery School. Saturday night, 19:15 hrs. Tickets 40p. Concert organized by Portcullis Folk Club. "Portcullis Folk Club | Marlin Nursery School | 1 Park View Road | presents | John Martyn | Mike Deavin | Nick Webb Bob & Jezz | Bob McNiff | on Saturday May 13th at 7.15 p.m. | 40p at the door only".


1972-05-20 UK, Aberystwyth, University. "John Martyn | Claire Hammill | A Concert in New Union Refec | Sat. 20th May - Start 8.00pm | Limited No of Tickets at 35p Each."

1972-05-21 UK, London, Sadlers Wells Theatre. Sunday afternoon concert (17:00 hrs) preceding Roy Harper evening show of 20:00 hrs. Shared bill with Claire Hamill and Roger Williamson. Tickets 25p, 50p, 75p, £ 1.00 and £ 1.25. Apparently this gig was cancelled, Roy Harper being seriously ill.

1972-05-28 UK, Lincoln, Great Western Express Festival. The festival lasted 26-29 May; John played in the "Giants Of Tomorrow" marquee sponsored by the NME. Rab Noakes was scheduled for 26 May in the same location. Other names on the bill: Warhorse, Gnidrolog, Budgie, Skin Alley and Tea & Sympathy.


1972-06-00 UK, Leyton (London), Down River 1.


1972-07-25 UK, London, Kew Boathouse.

1972-07-30 UK, Redcar, Redcar Jazz Club (at the ballroom of the Coatham Hotel). Dando Shaft & John Martyn.


Touring with Sandy Denny


1972-09-06 UK, London, Queen Elizabeth Hall. Shared bill with Sandy Denny.

1972-09-14 UK, Hanley (Stoke-on-Trent), Victoria Hall. Shared bill with Sandy Denny; John was supporting act. Admission 50p. The gig was scheduled for Friday 15 September but moved to the preceding Thursday due to unforeseen circumstances.

1972-09-22 Netherlands, Amsterdam, RAI Congrescentrum. Joint bill in Island Rock Festival on Friday night. Admission only fl 5,00. Large promotional event which also featured world premiere of film about Traffic. Other acts announced: Free, Vinegar Joe, Sandy Denny, Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood, Mike Harrison and Luther Grosvenor, and Smith, Perkins & Smith.

1972-09-23 UK, Kettering, New Cattle Market. 'Folk Funk' festival for Save the Children Fund, organised by Kettering 3 Arts Club. Saturday, 16:30 hrs. Admission 60p (advance), 75p (door). John headlined, other acts Smoke, Sweet F.A., Blind Drunk, June Creighton, Vulture 2nd Impression. "Starts 4.30 p.m. Ends just before midnight".

1972-09-27 UK, London, Polytechnic of Central London. Wednesday night, admission 50 or 60p. Supporting act Sutherland Brothers. "ENTS Committee | Polytechnic of Central London | 115 New Cavendish Street | John Martyn + Sutherland Brothers".

concert program


1972-10-05 UK, Liverpool, Liverpool Stadium. Shared bill with Sandy Denny.

1972-10-06 Scotland, Edinburgh, St Mary's Cathedral. Friday night, 19:30 hrs. Admission 60p. Supporting Al Stewart. Promoter Dave Radford recalls "It was meant to be Third Ear Band [playing music from their score of Roman Polanski's Macbeth, ed] + John Martyn. But due to illness,Third Ear pulled out and we put Al Stewart on instead. There was no time to change posters etcetera." Later on in a 2020 interview Dave said "We tried doing a few gigs in Edinburgh Cathedral. The first one we did was John Martyn and Al Stewart. John Martyn –what a guy– so nice. He came up from Hastings on a train with an AC30, his guitar and Al Stewart flew in from Amsterdam, went to his hotel and got a taxi! So different, the two of them. I remember that gig, John Martyn being fantastic."
"I recall being blown away by the sound of John's echoplex guitar, enhanced by the wonderful acoustics in the cathedral. The set was drawn mainly from Bless The Weather and Solid Air (which would be released a few months later). Just awesome" (David Ferguson).
And Mike Stuart wrote in the guestbook "Al Stewart came on first and whined and moaned about the feedback from the PA. John then came on... There was no stage, they were playing on the cathedral floor and we, the audience were sitting in the cathedral seats. He rolled a spliff, passed it to the front row of the audience and proceeded to blow Al Stewart off the non-existent stage."

1972-10-07 UK, Bath, University. Shared bill with Sandy Denny.


1972-10-11 UK, Brighton, Brighton Dome. Shared bill with Sandy Denny. "The Dome | Brighton | Wednesday 11th October 1972 - 7.30 pm | island artists presents | An Evening With | Sandy Denny | with her friend | John Martyn | Admission 50p." "I snagged the poster the day after the show – it was a stunner, not unexpected considering the pedigree of Denny and Martyn" (Neil Raphael).

1972-10-12 UK, Newcastle, Civic Hall. Shared bill with Sandy Denny.

1972-10-14 UK, York, University. Shared bill with Sandy Denny.


1972-10-21 UK, Leicester, University.

1972-10-26 UK, Mile End (London), Sundown Theatre. Solo set opening for Sandy Denny. Bootlegged, 45 min. Apart from usual suspects versions of Little Bit Of Love, and Keep On.

1972-10-27 UK, Bolton, Institute of Technology.

1972-10-00 UK, Oxford, Town Hall. Shared bill with Sandy Denny. "This was late 1972. Both were excellent. What sticks in my mind was all of the gadgets the John used, loops etc. It was way ahead of its time." (Trevor Grant)


1972-11-08 UK, Manchester, University Union. (With Beverley, both playing acoustic guitars.)

1972-11-22 UK, Brighton, Polytechnic. With Beverley; supporting act Rainmaker. "Brighton Poly | present a concert with | John & Beverley Martyn | And Rain Maker | Wednesday 22nd November 8 til 11.30 | Bar - Tickets 50p".

1972-11-24 UK, London, Imperial College. With Beverley, main act Argent. "City + Guilds College - Allnighter | to be held in College Block Imperial College | London, S.W.7 | Friday, November 24th | Argent | John & Beverley Martyn | Ellis - Biggles - Rainmaker." Tickets £ 1.25 (door), £ 1.10 (advance).

1972-11-29 UK, Leeds, Leeds University. Supporting Sandy Denny.


1972-12-06 UK, Newcastle, City Hall. Shared bill with Sandy Denny. "Oz Records | of 87 Westgate Road, Newcastle, Present:- | A Folk Nite with Sandy Denny | and John Martyn | on | Wednesday, 6th December, at 8 p.m. | at | Newcastle City Hall | Doors open at 7.30 p.m. Compere: Scott Pickard." Tickets 65p.


1972-12-08 UK, Twickenham, Tech College. "Friday, December 8th, 7.30 p.m.-midnight | Christmas Feast | John Martyn | Dando Shaft | Pisces | Country Jug | Twickenham Tech., Egerton Road | Tickets 60p on night or 50p in advance from One Stop, Richmond; Parlour Sounds, Twickenham; Musicland, Hounslow or S.U. | Licensed Bar :: Lights".




American Tour with Traffic and Free

"When Traffic and Free play their opening concert tour of the States in January and February, John Martyn will be on the bill with them. Island Records thus has a nice field day with three of its acts all working together in person. The tour takes the package to large auditoriums." (Eliot Tiegel in Record Mirror, 13 Jan 1973)



1973-01-17 US, New Orleans (Louisiana), Loyola Fieldhouse.

1973-01-18 US, Houston, Sam Houston Coliseum. Thursday night, 19:55 hrs.

1973-01-19 US, Fort Worth (Texas), Tarrant County Convention Center. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 3.50, $ 5.50.

1973-01-20 US, El Paso, Civic Center.

1973-01-21 US, Tucson, Community Center.

1973-01-23 US, Long Beach, Arena. Tuesday night, 7:30pm. "2 Big Dates | KRLA presents | Traffic | special guest star | Free | introducing John Martyn." Tickets $6.50, $5.50, $4.50. Produced by Concert Associates. "John Martyn did what any folk singer in his right mind would do when plopped down in the Long Beach Arena and departed after one number" (Los Angeles Times review).

1973-01-24 US, San Diego, Sports Arena.

1973-01-25 US, San Francisco (California), Winterland. Thursday night, 20:00 hrs. "Bill Graham Presents | Thurs. & Frid., Jan. 25 & 26 | Winterland | Traffic Free John Martyn".

1973-01-26 US, San Francisco (California), Winterland. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 4.00 (advance), $ 4.50 (door).

1973-01-27 US, Santa Monica, Civic Auditorium. Saturday night, two shows: 7:00 and 11:30 pm. "2 Big Dates | KRLA presents | Traffic | special guest star | Free | introducing John Martyn." Tickets $6.50, $5.50, $4.50. Produced by Concert Associates. Reviewed Billboard and Cash Box.

1973-01-28 US, Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Johnson Gym. Sunday. "John Martyn, a Scottish songwriter, guitarist, and singer, drew an enthusiastic response from the audience at Johnson Gym." Reviewed Albuquerque Journal.

1973-01-29 US, Denver, Denver Coliseum. Monday night. "It was a typical early 70s scene with people tossing frisbees across the arena and reggae music by Jimmy Cliff playing over the sound system. The energy was high and everyone was stoked for the concert. The announcer, who was British, walked up and announced that unfortunately the opening act was not available, and that the replacement was John. When John walked on stage alone with his old beat up Yamaha, you could feel the energy drain from the crowd... They were ready to party and you give us a folk singer? Needless to say, he mesmerized the whole place and they called him back for two encores." (James LeClair).


1973-01-31 US, St. Louis, Kiel Auditorium. Wednesday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets $ 4.00, $ 5.00, $ 6.00. "This Wed. Jan. 31 | 7:30 p.m. At Kiel Auditorium | Traffic | in concert | Plus John Martyn | Special Guest - Free". Audience 9.000. Reviewed St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


1973-02-01 US, Pittsburgh, Civic Arena. Thursday night. "Two of those groups, Traffic and Free, and singer John Martyn appeared at the Civic Arena last night for Pat DiCesare productions and drew a crowd of 13,219, almost all teen-agers." And: "Pittsburgh is nearly mid-point of the tour which will go into 28 cities." (review The Pittsburgh Press).

1973-02-02 US, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Spectrum Arena. Friday night. Tickets $4, $5 and $6; capacity crowd of 19.500. "Sat Feb 2 | Traffic | John Martyn | Special Guest | Free | Produced by Spivak-Magid | Pick up a free copy of Concert Magazine at all concerts." Free did not perform because singer Paul Rodgers had an ankle injury. Reviewed Philadelphia Inquirer.

1973-02-03 US, Baltimore (Maryland), Civic Center. Saturday. Free did not perform. "Lots of feedback and he got frustrated and went to echoplex for much of the night, wonderful." (David Davis)

1973-02-04 US, Chicago (Illinois), Kinetic Playground. Sunday night, 22:00 hrs. "To say that the Kinetic Playground was crowded Sunday night grossly understates the case. Before British folkie-type John Martyn had finished his opening set to mild applause, the place was packed." "Last night's show at Arie Crown sold out ages ago and the Kinetic concert was added to help take up the overflow." (Chicago Tribune)

1973-02-05 US, Chicago, Arie Crown Theater. Monday night, sold out quickly.

1973-02-06 US, Detroit, Cobo Hall. Tuesday.

1973-02-08 US, New York, Nassau Coliseum (Uniondale, Long Island). Thursday night, 20:00 hrs. "Concerts East Presents In Concert | Traffic with their special guests | Free and John Martyn | Thursday, February 8, 8.00 pm | Nassau Coliseum." Tickets $ 4.50, $ 5.50 and $ 6.00.

1973-02-09 US, New York, Academy of Music (14 St. and 3 Ave). Friday night, 20:00 and 23:30 hrs. Tickets $ 4.50 and $ 5.50. Reviewed Cash Box.

1973-02-10 US, New York, Academy of Music. Saturday night, 20:00 and 23:30 hrs. Tickets $ 4.50 and $ 5.50.

1973-02-11 US, Boston (Massachusetts), Music Hall. Two shows.

1973-02-13 US, Williamsburg (Virginia), College of William & Mary. Tuesday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 4.00, $ 5.00 and $ 6.00. "Webb Concept | Presents | Traffic | John Martyn | and special guest star | Free".


1973-02-14 US, Atlanta, Municipal Auditorium. Wednesday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets $ 3.50, $ 4.50, $ 5.50. "Howard Stein Presents in Atlanta | Wednesday February 14 at 7.30 p.m. | Traffic | John Martyn | special guest star | Free".


1973-02-15 US, Orlando, Sports Stadium.

1973-02-16 US, Tampa, Curtis Hixon Hall. Friday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets $ 5.00 (advance) and $ 5.50 (day of the show).

1973-02-17 US, West Palm Beach, Auditorium. Show was moved from Hollywood, Florida Sportatorium.


This tour consisted of 35 dates in 39 days. (Liquorice interview). "He played about 30-minute sets and because of the vast stadia Martyn found that he could only perform his "electric side". (Geoff Brown in Melody Maker). Eight days later Martyn was back in America for a ...

1973-02-25 US, ... Solo tour supporting Solid Air sales that 'went well' and lasted six weeks.

Solid Air Tour


1973-03-02 UK, Bolton, Institute of Technology. Friday.

1973-03-08 UK, London Kensington, Town Hall. Thursday.

1973-03-09 UK, York, University. Friday. "I remember John Martyn at York University Central Hall sometime around about 1974? The hall wasn't full, maybe 2-300 people and he got everyone to move down to the front. He had a hip flask and a couple of joints in his pockets. At some point he passed one or more of these items out into the audience. He had his fairly newly acquired electric box of tricks and we floated on seemingly timeless waves of his imagination as well as listening to songs from Solid Air and Bless the Weather." (A fan from Huddersfield).

1973-03-10 UK, Durham, Trevellian College. Saturday.

1973-03-11 UK, Hull, Arts Centre. Sunday.

1973-03-13 UK, Norwich, University of East Anglia. Tuesday.

1973-03-17 UK, Portsmouth, Polytechnic. Saturday.

1973-03-19 US, Philadelphia, Bijou Cafe. Monday night. "Jazz bassist-composer Charles Mingus brings his quintet to the Bijou Cafe tonight for a five-day stand to be shared with British singer-songwriter John Martyn." (Courier-Post).

1973-03-20 US, Philadelphia, Bijou Cafe. Tuesday. "No One Under 21 Admitted". Reviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

1973-03-21 US, Philadelphia, Bijou Cafe. Wednesday night, 20:00 and 22:30 hrs.

1973-03-22 US, Philadelphia, Bijou Café (1409 Lombard Street). Thursday.

1973-03-23 US, Philadelphia, Bijou Cafe. Charles Mingus and John Martyn. Friday night, 21:00 and 23:30 hrs.

1973-03-24 US, Philadelphia, Bijou Cafe. Charles Mingus and John Martyn. Saturday night, three (!) sets: 20:30, 22:30 and 00:30 hrs.

1973-03-00 US, New York, Max's Kansas City. Supporting act for Rick Roberts. Reviewed Cash Box and Billboard.


1973-04-02 US, Denver (CO), Ebbets Field. Monday. Supporting act for Mahavishnu Orchestra.


1973-04-03 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Incredible String Band and John Martyn. Tuesday, 21:00 and 23:00 hrs. Los Angeles Times: 'Troubadour, 9 and 11 p.m. Through Sunday.' Reviewed Los Angeles Times, The Daily Sundial, The Van Nuys News.

1973-04-04 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Incredible String Band and John Martyn. Wednesday, 21:00 and 23:00 hrs.

1973-04-05 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Incredible String Band and John Martyn. Thursday, 21:00 and 23:00 hrs.

1973-04-06 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Incredible String Band and John Martyn. Friday, 21:00 and 23:00 hrs.


1973-04-07 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Incredible String Band and John Martyn. Saturday, 21:00 and 23:00 hrs.

1973-04-08 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Incredible String Band and John Martyn. Sunday, 21:00 and 23:00 hrs.

1973-04-12 UK, London, Rainbow Theatre (Finsbury Park). Supporting act for Traffic. There were two shows: Thursday night, 18:30 and 21:30 hrs. "Island Artists present | Traffic In Concert & John Martyn | 1st performance 6-30 p.m. || 2nd performance 9-30 p.m. | Thursday, April 12th, 1973". Tickets £ 1.00 (circle), £ 1.50 (stalls). Reviewed Record Mirror.

1973-04-26 Belgium, Brussels Schaarbeek, Théâtre 140. Shared bill with Maxime Leforestier. Thursday.

1973-04-27 Belgium, Brussels Schaarbeek, Théâtre 140. Shared bill with Maxime Leforestier. Friday.

1973-04-28 Belgium, Brussels Schaarbeek, Théâtre 140. Shared bill with Maxime Leforestier. Saturday. These three shows in a row must have been a success as the theatre organised this once again December 1974.

1973-04-29 Belgium, Huy, Maison de la Culture. Sunday.




1973-05-05 UK, Durham, University. "Rag Ball | Dunelm House, | Saturday, 5th May | 8.00 p.m. Tickets £1 | Appearing Al Stewart | John Martyn | Keith Christmas | Plus University Folk & Disco."

1973-05-09 UK, Lancaster, Lancaster University. Supporting act John Renbourne and Jacqui McShee.

1973-05-18 UK, York, University.

1973-05-26 UK, West Wycombe (Buckinghamshire); solo echoplex set on Soundscene '73, an all day open air festival. Headline act was Roy Wood's Wizzard. Saturday, admission £ 1.00; "All artists appearing free in aid of the New Chilterns Samaritan Centre."
"Roy Wood's Wizzard arrived at the venue in a 'novelty' train of the type normally to be found in English seaside resorts! The entire show was compered by former Radio One DJ Noel Edmonds. From my (admittedly hazy) memory of the event, JM played for less than a hour, performing a set heavy with Echoplex. I remember being quite impressed at the time." (Dave Peatey).


1973-06-02 UK, Leicester, Polytechnic.

1973-06-03 UK, London, Shaw Theatre. Solo show, supporting act Longdancer. Sunday night, 19:30 hrs; admission 65p. "On selected UK summer dates he will be supported by Longdancer who recently signed for Elton John’s Rocket label." "Last night the Shaw theatre was packed to capacity for his solo concert, and be demonstrated both the reasons why he is so admired, and the reasons why he has not done any better." Reviewed The Guardian.


1973-07-17 UK, Chatham, Medway Folk Centre (Kent). Solo gig recorded reel to reel by owner George Harden. Released on CD May 2007.



1973-08-11 Finland, Turku, Ruissalo island. Saturday. Ruisrock festival, shared bill with Status Quo, Vinegar Joe, Roy Wood's Wizzard, Tasavallan Presidentti, Wigwam, Savage Rose, Rohdes Rockers.

1973-08-22 Scotland, Edinburgh, Empire Theatre. Wednesday night, 23:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.50. With Danny Thompson. This was part of the Edinburgh Festival - one of ten concerts which marked the first time rock music appeared at the Festival. "Bruce's promotions present the edinburgh pop festival '73 | in association with the Edinburgh International Festival | Wednesday August 22 John Martyn in concert with Horslips | All concerts commence 11.30 Doors Open 11.00 p.m. | Front stalls £1.50 Back stalls/ balcony £1.25 | Upper balcony 75p". Reviewed NME.

1973-08-25 UK, London (Eltham), Well Hall Open Theatre (WHOT!). Saturday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets 60p. In the series Open Air Folk; open air concerts in the Well Hall Pleasaunce, a small park south of Tudor Barn along Well Hall Road.

1973-08-26 UK, Reading, Richfield Avenue; 12th National Jazz Blues & Rock Festival (24-26 August). John and Danny Thompson played in the early Sunday afternoon and put on a strong show. Some other acts for the Sunday were Spencer Davis Group, Jimmy Witherspoon, Tim Hardin and headliner Genesis. The final day of the festival was opened by Italian band Premiata Forneria Marconi who got the power cut off during their final song. Roy Buchanan was scheduled also but did not play.

Promoting Inside Out

with Danny Thompson (starting 10 October)


1973-10-03 Scotland, Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University. Wednesday.

1973-10-03 UK, High Wycombe, Town Hall. Same date announced by Sounds, 11th August.

1973-10-04 Scotland, Dundee, University. Thursday.

1973-10-05 House Call (STV). Scottish tv-programme. Friday.

1973-10-06 Scotland, Glasgow, University. Queen Margaret Union. Saturday.

1973-10-10 Sounds of the Seventies. Wednesday.

1973-10-11 UK, Coventry, Warwick University. Thursday.

1973-10-12 UK, Hatfield, Hatfield Polytechnic. Friday. Reviewed in Sounds of 27 Oct 1973.

1973-10-13 UK, Leeds, Leeds University. Saturday.


1973-10-14 UK, London, Shaw Theatre. With Danny Thompson, supporting act Bridget St. John. Sunday, two shows, 18:00 and 20:45 hrs. Both sold out, admission 75p... Reviewed NME 20 Oct and Melody Maker 27 Oct.

1973-10-15 UK, Oxford, Polytechnic. Monday.

1973-10-16 Old Grey Whistle Test. Tuesday.

1973-10-17 UK, Keele, University. Wednesday.

1973-10-19 UK, Bradford, University. Friday.


1973-10-20 UK, Hull, University. Saturday.

1973-10-21 UK, Gravesend, Civic Theatre. Sunday.

1973-10-24 UK, Manchester, University. Wednesday.

1973-10-25 UK, Sheffield, University. Thursday.

1973-10-26 UK, Aberystwyth, University. Friday.

1973-10-27 UK, Bristol, University. Saturday.

1973-10-29 UK, Birmingham, Aston University. Monday.

1973-10-31 UK, Colchester, Essex University. Wednesday.


1973-11-02 UK, Norwich, University of East Anglia. Friday.

1973-11-03 UK, Leicester, Polytechnic (Hawthorn Hall). Supporting act Gasworks. Saturday. Tickets 50p advance, 70p door.

1973-11-29 US, Tulsa (Oklahoma), Tulsa Assembly Center. Opening for Foghat and Humble Pie. "Echoplex guitar playing solo in a cavern like, lousy acoustic hockey/basketball venue." (Steve Darr)

1973-11-30 US, Fort Worth (Texas), Tarrant County Convention Centre. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Shared bill with Humble Pie and Foghat. "Wild West Productions presents."


1973-12-01 US, San Antonio (Texas), Municipal Auditorium. 'Humble Pie Revue'. Saturday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 3.50, $ 4.50, $ 5.50. "KEXL presents | Humble Pie | special guest Foghat | introducing John Martyn | It's a Wild West Production".

1973-12-02 US, San Antonio (Texas), Municipal Auditorium. With Foghat and Humble Pie.

1973-12-03 US, Houston, Sam Houston Coliseum. Monday night, 20:00 hrs. Opening for Foghat and Humble Pie. "He was memorable - one musician with an acoustic guitar that filled the venue with with jazz-like folk or folk-like jazz" (Philip Weems).

1973-12-05 US, Kansas City (Missouri), Cowtown Ballroom. Supporting Foghat. John: "Worst night I ever had. It was the same sort of vibe as Spinal Tap, if you can imagine that. The gig was at a place called the Kansas City Cow House and just as we were finishing up it started to burn down, so I swiftly moved my guitar and amp and left."

1973-12-06 US, Hampton (Virginia), Hampton Roads Coliseum. Thursday night, no show. Shared bill with Mountain and Foghat. "Mountain who put on a show with English group Foghat and without balladeer John Martyn who did not show up" (Newport News).

1973-12-07 US, Charleston (WV), Civic Center. Shared bill with Foghat and REO Speedwagon. Show mentioned in Mountain tour archive.

1973-12-00 US, Cambridge (MA), Passim's. Supporting act Lori Jacobs. Reviewed Billboard. Date not confirmed yet.

1973-12-09 US, Plattsburgh (NY), SUNY Plattsburgh Gym. Solo show mentioned in Mountain tour archive.

1973-12-10 US, Hempstead (NY), Hofstra University. Supporting act for Mountain. (Listed Billboard 15 Dec). Reviewed Cash Box: "In a difficult spot, Martyn won the approval of the audience in his brief half hour set".

1973-12-11 US, Wilson (North Carolina), Christian College. (Listed Billboard 15 Dec).


Supporting act for Yes
on US Tales from Topographic Oceans tour

(not all gigs, by the way)
On the tour, he shared bills with Lou Reed, Dave Mason and Livingston Taylor, Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt.



1974-01-20 Scotland, Glasgow, City Halls. Monday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.00, £ 1.25. "Brian Adams presents | John Martyn | Monday 20th January at 7.30 p.m. | At City Halls, Candleriggs, Glasgow".

1974-01-29 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. "One week only | Jan. 29-Feb. 3 | Fairport Convention and John Martyn." Tuesday night, 21:00 and 23:00 hrs.

1974-01-30 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Fairport Convention and John Martyn. Wednesday night.

1974-01-31 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Fairport Convention and John Martyn. Thursday night.


1974-02-01 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Fairport Convention and John Martyn. Friday night.

1974-02-02 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Fairport Convention and John Martyn. Saturday night.

1974-02-03 US, Los Angeles, Troubadour. Fairport Convention and John Martyn. Sunday; end of warming-up week.

1974-02-06 US, New York, Max's Kansas City (upstairs). "Saw John Martyn upstairs at Max's Kansas City. In the midst of a blizzard - no one showed. He offered to play two regular sets or one long one - we opted for the single set. Him solo but with his use of echoplex and other pretty simple effects he managed to sound like a full band. And OH that voice! Those songs! The playing! Brilliant stuff." (Howard Wuelfing). Billboard lists more concerts, from 6-11 February, in the issue of 9 Feb 1974.

1974-02-07 US, Gainesville (Florida), University of Florida. Supporting Yes. Thursday night, tickets $ 5.00 and $ 6.00.

1974-02-08 US, Miami, Miami Baseball Stadium. Supporting Yes. Friday night, tickets $ 6.50.

1974-02-09 US, Florida, Tampa Stadium. Saturday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets $ 6.00. Coldest night of the year; 19.000 people audience disrespectful to John.

1974-02-10 US, Columbia (South Carolina), Coliseum (University of South Carolina). Sunday night. "John Martyn opened up for them, who was really good, but I couldn't wait for him to finish" (Bill Dunn).


1974-02-11 US, Atlanta (Georgia), Alexander Memorial Coliseum. Monday night. A gentleman (I cannot recall his name) opened the show playing an acoustic guitar and singing. He was pretty good. I remember one song being about a river. The guitar was run through an echoplex" (Mark Brown).

1974-02-12 US, Roanoke (Virginia), Civic Center Coliseum. "John Martyn opened, letting us know that his set was just a sort of sound check. 'If you want to fuck, have a good screw,' he said." (Edward Kyle).
"I had no idea who he was but I thought then that he was AMAZING - his sound was so THICK it seemed like you could take a knife and cut it out of the air." (Spifclown).

1974-02-13 US, Baltimore (Maryland), Civic Center. Wednesday night, tickets $ 5.50. "The audience, all abuzz about Yes, talked throughout opening act John Martyn's set, making him so angry he cursed the crowd from the stage" (Jeff Smith). "I remember John Martyn coming out and shouting, Let's turn those f-king lights off!" (John Bent).

1974-02-15 US, Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania), Wilkes College Gymnasium. Friday night, 21:00 hrs. Shared bill with Dave Mason. 'First major concert of the spring semester'. "One of the best we could hope to bring to the campus because of their popularity among those who enjoy good music" (Stewart Feeney)

1974-02-18 US, New York, Madison Square Garden. Monday night, supporting Yes. Tickets $ 5.50, $ 6.50 and $ 7.50.

1974-02-20 US, New York, Madison Square Garden. Wednesday night, supporting Yes. Tickets $ 5.50, $ 6.50 and $ 7.50. "I attended this show, sitting behind the stage. The truth of the matter is, I threw up during John Martyn's set (combination of too much drink and the music) and remember little of the entire evening" (a certain David).

1974-02-21 US, Parsippany (New Jersey), The Joint in the Woods. Thursday night. "Direct from Madison Square Garden and His Tour With YES".


1974-02-22 Canada, Toronto, Maple Leaf Gardens. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 6.60. "When cult-followed John Martyn appeared before the masses for the first time in Toronto and Montreal (Feb. 22 & 25) it was preceding Yes, and most of the fans probably didn't need an acoustic folkie to set them up for the Grand Rock they had paid for." (Billboard, March 30 1974). Nevertheless they saw, "warm-up: John Martyn, sitting on a stool with a thundering Martin acoustic." Another one: "John Martyn came out by himself with an acoustic guitar, sat down and blew most of the 18.000 Yes fans away; astonishing performance..."

1974-02-23 US, Binghamton (New York), Broome County Arena. Saturday night, supporting for Yes. Outside In, Easy Blues, Sugar Cube/ Rather Be The Devil. Bootlegged.

1974-02-24 US, Ithaca (New York), Barton Hall (Cornell University). Sunday night, 19:30 hrs; tickets $ 4.00. Reviewed in student newspaper. John played three songs. "Cornell Concert Commission of University Unions presents YES | Sunday, February 24, 1974 - 8:00 P.M. | Barton Hall, Cornell University". "John Martyn opened, and we got off on that. The music was spacey acoustic guitar, and the sound guy was doing these cool quadraphonic effects, bouncing the guitar sound all around the hall." (Miner Gleason). "John Martyn was awesome with simply an acoustic guitar being routed through what were then largely analog electronics. Very spacey and very cool music to transform the crowd into the right frame of mind" (Don Bench in 2018).

1974-02-25 Canada, Montreal, Forum. Monday. "The opening act was the recently deceased John Martyn; and his set was equally amazing. He played an acoustic set that sounded as if there were six guys playing. If one could only get a copy of that whole evening's music… Truly a slice of heaven" (Dan Farrell). Show reviewed in The Gazette.

1974-02-26 US, Boston (Massachusetts), Boston Garden. Supporting act to Yes. Tuesday.

1974-02-27 US, Detroit (Michigan), Cobo Arena. Supporting act to Yes. Wednesday night, tickets $ 6.50.

1974-02-28 US, Detroit (Michigan), Cobo Arena. Supporting act to Yes. Thursday night, tickets $ 6.50.


1974-03-01 US, Hershey (Pennsylvania), Hersheypark Arena. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Capacity 7.225. Supporting act to Yes.

1974-03-02 US, Louisville (Kentucky), Louisville Convention Center. Saturday night, 20:00 hrs. "That YES concert was a magical night. I doubt anyone in the audience had even heard of John Martyn. He was the perfect opening to the evening." (Parker Drew).


1974-03-03 US, Cincinnati (Ohio), Cincinnati Gardens. Supporting act to Yes. Sunday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets $ 5.00 (advance), $ 6.00 (door). "John Martyn was spectacular. He sounded like he was playing 5 guitars" (Jim Heuring). "John Martyn blew us away with his echoplexed guitar performance." "I was mesmerised by John Martyn's opening, and he did sound like he was playing multiple guitars at the same time. It's too bad some of the opening acts weren't recorded as well, because the thought of Martyn's opening is still vividly etched in my mind today" (Dan Farrell, 2015).

1974-03-05 US, Bloomington (Minnesota), Metropolitan Sports Center. Tuesday.

1974-03-06 US, Chicago (Illinois), International Amphi Theatre. "I recall a guy coming onstage by himself with a guitar and then, before even playing a note, walking off. Somebody later told me that it was John Martyn and that he was disgusted with the setup and split." (Bradford Harvey). Another report says this was in fact a blind guitarist called Charlie Starr.

1974-03-08 UK, Lancaster, Lancaster University. Supporting act David Elliott.

1974-03-10 UK, Gravesend (Kent), Woodville Hall.

1974-03-16 UK, London, Imperial College (Prince Consort Road, SW7). Saturday, supporting act Rab Noakes. Tickets 80p advance, £ 1.00 door.

1974-03-25 France, Paris, Olympia. Two shows in this theatre at Boulevard des Capucines. One was recorded by Brian Pickering and Brian Humphries on the Island mobile unit. Three songs were issued on Solid Air De Luxe in 2009.


1974-04-00 UK, London, The Roundhouse (supporting act Dr Feelgood).


1974-05-01 UK, Exeter, University of Exeter (Great Hall). Wednesday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets 70p (advance), 80p (door). With Danny Thompson, supporting act Contraband. Drummer Danny Richmond was also announced but did not show up.


1974-05-03 UK, London, Polytechnic. With Danny Thompson, supporting act Unicorn. Friday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets 80p (advance), £ 1.00 (door). "Poly Ents Committee | John Martyn + Unicorn | Friday May 3rd." "Lovely evening" (Chuck Chiavarini).


1974-05-04 UK, Leicester, Polytechnic, Hawthorn Hall. Supporting act Halcyon. Tickets £ 1. "Leicester Polytechnic presents | in Concert | Halcyon and John Martyn | 80p with N.U.S. in advance £1 otherwise | Sat 4 May at 8pm | Hawthorn Hall."

1974-05-12 UK, London, Chalk Farm Roundhouse. Sunday, 15:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.00. "Greasy Truckers present at the Roundhouse | John Martyn | Carol Grimes | Byzantium | Rocky Rickettes and the Jet Pilots of Jive | (Bath Arts Workshop) | DJ Mark Poppins Alpha Centauri Lights | Sunday May 12th | 3.30-10.30 One Pound."

1974-05-14 UK, London, Imperial College. John Martyn and Rab Noakes. Admission 80p advance, £ 1 door.

1974-05-23 Scotland, Glasgow, Cumbernauld Theatre. Tickets £ 4.25, £ 2.50 standing.

1974-05-24 Scotland, Glasgow, Cumbernauld Theatre. Tickets £ 4.25, £ 2.50 standing.



1974-06-00 UK, Southampton, with Danny Thompson (reviewed NME 29 June).

1974-06-02 Scotland, GLC Jobs & Environment Festival.

1974-06-28 Scotland, Edinburgh, Caley Picture House. "Brian Adams presents | The Remarkable | John Martyn | with guest | Friday 28th June at 11.30 pm." Tickets circle £ 1.00.

1974-06-29 Scotland, Glasgow, City Hall. Saturday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets 99p and £ 1.10 (advance). Supporting act A Million People. "Brian Adams presents... | In concert at Glasgow City Hall | On Saturday, 29th June at 7.30 p.m. | the remarkable John Martyn and guests | 'A Million People'"

1974-06-30 Scotland, Dundee, Caird Hall. Supporting act A Million People. Brian Young, the man behind CaVa sound studios, was the guitarist in A Million People for these gigs. Other band members were Jackie Challenor (vocals), Tom Brannan (bass) and Graham Walker (drums).


1974-07-05 UK, London, Olympia National Hall; London Rock Proms. With Danny Thompson. Three day festival; part of Friday night bill, with Fairport Convention, Roy Harper, Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, Keith Christmas and 'special guest Beverly Martyn'. Tickets £ 2,60. (reviewed NME 13 July).

1974-07-30 UK, Penzance, Winter Gardens (aka Wints).



1974-10-05 US, Chester (Pennsylvania), Widener College (Schwartz Center). Saturday night, opening act for John Sebastian and Leo Kottke. Concert following homecoming game of Widener football team. Bootlegged, audience tape (0:48).


1974-10-06 US, Winston-Salem (North Carolina), Wait Chapel on campus at Wake Forest University. Sunday night. 55 minute solo set as opening act for John Sebastian. Setlist 8:30 Outside In, 8:40 May You Never, 8:45 Easy Blues, 8:51 Make No Mistake, 8:58 Bless the Weather, 9:02 Singing In the Rain, 9:05 Head and Heart, 9:10 Sugar Lump, 9:13 Rather Be the Devil, 9:20 The Glory of Love, 9:25 Set over. (J. Batchelor). The show was reviewed in the Old Gold and Black newspaper of Friday, 11 Oct.

1974-10-09 US, Northampton (Pennsylvania), Roxy Theater. 'Chick Corea and John Martyn.' Wednesday night. This must have been special, Chick Corea being a member of Weather Report.

1974-10-10 US, Loudonville (New York), Gibbons Hall. Opening act for John Sebastian. "The Student Center Entertainment Committee - Sienna College presents." Thursday evening, 20:00 hours. Admission $ 4.00, students $ 2.50.

1974-10-14 US, Worcester (Massachusetts). Shared bill with John Sebastian. Supporting act the Strongheart Band. "John was a great guy and very friendly to us." (Gabby Hendricks)

1974-10-26 US, St. Louis, Kiel Auditorium. Traffic and John Martyn. Saturday night. Packed house, show reviewed St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

1974-10-27 US, Chicago, Auditorium Theater. Two shows, Traffic and John Martyn. Sunday night, 19:00 and 22:30 hrs. "Through some mix-up the 7pm show actually began a half-hour or so earlier, so a lot of the crowd missed warm-up act John Martyn and thus, missed half the show." (Chicago Tribune)


1974-10-28 US, Detroit (Michigan), Ford Auditorium. Monday night. Gentle Giant and John opened for John Sebastian.

1974-10-30 US, Columbia (South Carolina), Carolina Coliseum. Wednesday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets $ 4, $ 5, $ 6. "Stop! Traffic will appear at Carolina Coliseum with special guest John Martyn".

1974-10-31 US, Springfield (Massachusetts), Julia Sanderson Theatre. Shared bill with Focus (main act) and Gentle Giant. Thursday evening, 20:00 hours. Admission $ 6.00, $ 5.00 and $ 4.00 (balcony). "Gentle Giant was preceded by John Martyn, both opening for headliners Focus. Being Halloween night, the crowd was rather festive, with a number of spectators in costume."


1974-11-01 US New York, Academy of Music. Friday, midnight concert. "John Martyn played first then Gentle Giant and headliners Focus. A tape of this midnight concert exists."

1974-11-09 US, Selinsgrove (Pennsylvania), Susquehanna University (Chapel Auditorium). Saturday night, 20:30 hrs. Tickets $ 5.00 (advance), $ 6.00 (door). "Susquehanna University presents | Entertainment Association | John Sebastian | in Concert, with John Martyn".


1974-12-12 Belgium, Brussels Schaarbeek, Théâtre 140. Thursday.

1974-12-13 Belgium, Brussels Schaarbeek, Théâtre 140. Friday.

1974-12-14 Belgium, Brussels Schaarbeek, Théâtre 140. Saturday. Piero Kenroll describes these three consecutive nights as 'parfaitement pelant'. Which means perfectly boring.


Extensive touring to promote Sunday's child

Danny Thompson, Jon Stevens and Paul Kossoff for the encores (but not on the bill; he only showed op half of the times).

Sunday's Child Tour

Supporting act Lucas & McCulloch. Backing the Scottish duo are Kenny Slaven (fiddle) and two members of the JSD Band, Jim Divers (bass) and Iain Lyon (guitar).


1975-01-17 UK, Old Grey Whistle Test.

1975-01-18 UK, Lancaster, University. Saturday night, announced Record Mirror. [There is also a reference to 08 January.] Supporting act Brown's Home Brew or Lucas & McCulloch.

1975-01-19 Scotland, Leith (Edinburgh), Citadel (Leith Halls). Sunday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.30, 90p balcony. "Brian Adams presents John Martyn in Concert with Guests." Support act were Lucas & McCulloch. Reviewed Melody Maker 25 Jan.



1975-01-20 Scotland, Glasgow, City Hall. Monday night. "JM and Danny Thompson. I was utterly blown away by the musical pyrotechnics they presented from Solid Air and Inside Out. After Outside In the guy in front of me, who'd been a bit uncomfortable with the new sounds he was hearing, turned to his partner and said 'Now THAT was fucking BEAUTIFUL!' JM had some problems with a heckler in the audience who turned out to be someone he knew. The guy wouldn't shut up, until eventually JM stood up and shouted 'If you don't fucking shut your mouth I'll come up there and shut it for you!' The audience were behind JM all the way. And the guy DID shut up... I floated home." (David Ward Maclean).

1975-01-22 UK, Newcastle Polytechnic.

1975-01-23 UK, Leicester University.

1975-01-24 UK, Uxbridge (London), Brunel University S.U. Social Club. Supporting act Brown's Home Brew. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets 90p.

1975-01-25 UK, Colchester, Essex University.

1975-01-29 UK, Aberystwyth, University of Aberystwyth. Wednesday. Supporting act Lucas & McCullogh.

1975-01-30 UK, Bristol, University of Bristol. Thursday night, supporting act Lucas & McCullogh. First gig with Paul Kossoff.

1975-01-31 UK, Hull, University of Hull. Friday night, supporting act Lucas & McCullogh.


ticket stub

1975-02-01 UK, Sheffield, University of Sheffield. Saturday night, supporting act Lucas & McCullogh.

1975-02-02 UK, London, Victoria Palace Theatre (with Paul Kossoff). Sunday night, two shows, sold out. One started 19:30 hrs. Supporting act Lucas & McCulloch (bootlegged, 90 minutes). Tickets £ 1.50, £ 1.25, £ 1.00 and 75p.

1975-02-04 UK, Swansea, University. Tuesday night, supporting act Lucas & McCullogh.

1975-02-05 UK, Cardiff, University of Cardiff.

1975-02-07 UK, Norwich, University of East Anglia.

1975-02-08 UK, Portsmouth, Guildhall (for Portsmouth Polytechnic). Ticket price £ 1.00.

1975-02-10 UK, Cambridge, University of Cambridge (Lady Mitchell Hall). Monday night. Well lubricated show, Paul Kossoff joined at the end but did not accomplish much.

1975-02-11 UK, Nottingham, University of Nottingham. Tuesday night, supporting act Lucas & McCullogh (announced by Record Mirror). "John was joined by Danny Thompson on bass and John Stevens on drums. Apparently Paul Kossoff was supposed to be there, but was apparently chemically inconvenienced." (Bob Meyrick)

1975-02-12 UK, Liverpool, University of Liverpool. "Paul Kossoff was supposed to play there too but was 'ill' supposedly."

1975-02-13 UK, Leeds, University of Leeds (Live at Leeds was recorded here) (with Paul Kossoff). "John Martyn In Concert | Presented by Leeds University Union | Thursday 13th February | in the Refectory 7:30pm | Tickets 75p from Porters, Services, Union, Door"

1975-02-14 UK, Warwick, East Anglia University. Friday night, supporting act Lucas & McCullogh.

1975-02-15 UK, Manchester, University of Salford (with Paul Kossoff). Saturday night. Record Mirror announced a show for this date at Portsmouth Guild Hall, supporting act Lucas & McCullogh.


1975-03-01 UK, London, Imperial College. With Danny Thompson, John Stevens and Paul Kossoff for the encore. Saturday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets 90p advance, £1 door. "Imperial College | Great Hall, Prince Consort Road or Exhibition Road, S.W.7 | Saturday 1st March at 8 p.m. | John Martyn". Text from an advert: "After his incredibly succesful tour John Martyn will be playing a special additional date on March 1st at the Imperial College, London." Reviewed by NME's Chris Salewicz two weeks later.


1975-03-16 UK, London, Rainbow Theatre Act in the last live concert, captured on Over The Rainbow album. All tickets £ 1.00. Also on the bill Sassafras, Hatfield and The North, Richard and Linda Thompson, Frankie Miller, Procul Harum, Kevin Coyne. "Martyn played over his time limit, however, and was refused the encore demanded, which seemed slightly unfair as Procol Harum who followed were to play for a stultifying two hours (it seemed like weeks)." (Steve Lake in Melody Maker of 22nd March).

Eight venue tour with Danny Thompson and John Stevens



1975-05-16 UK, Guildford, University of Surrey. Friday night. With Danny Thompson and John Stevens. Supporting act Wizz Jones. (Reviewed Melody Maker 24th May.)

1975-05-17 Ireland, Dublin, University. Saturday night. Record Mirror announced this as 'Ulster University'.

1975-05-18 Northern Ireland, Belfast, Queen's University. Sunday night. Supporting act Eyeless, in a five-piece line-up with Niall Stokes, Dermot Stokes, Neil Jordan, Pat Courtney and Bryan McCann.

1975-05-19 UK, Bristol, Victoria Rooms. Monday night, announced Record Mirror.

1975-05-20 Belgium, Brussels, ULB Université Libre de Bruxelles, Janson Auditorium. Tuesday. Shared bill with Steeleye Span.

1975-05-22 UK, Birmingham, Town Hall. Thursday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.00 (ground floor). 'Steve Royston presents | John Martyn | plus support | Thursday, 22 May, 1975, at 1930 hours | Latecomers will not be admitted until a convenient break in the programme.'

1975-05-23 UK, New Cross (London), Goldsmiths College.

1975-05-24 UK, Oxford, Polytechnic, with Danny Thompson. Saturday night. "One of my all time top 10 gigs" (Victor Yorke)

1975-05-25 UK, Croydon, Fairfield Hall (supporting act Hedgehog Pie). Sunday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.50, £ 1.25, £ 1.00, 75p. "Bob Fisher for Virgin Concerts | presents | John Martyn | plus | Hedgehog Pie". Paul Kossoff for the encore. Reviewed NME of 07 Jun 1975.


1975-06-19 Netherlands, Rotterdam, De Lantaren. Thursday night, 20:30 hrs. Double bill with Woods Band.

1975-06-20 UK, Nottingham, Nottingham Playhouse. Friday night, 23:00 hrs. Part of the Festival '75.

1975-06-30 Germany, Freiburg (solo), first concert in Germany, only one too in this period. Described in Sounds.



1975-07-04 Switzerland, Montreux, Casino. Solo performance at jazz festival. John appears on Guitar Night along with Bert Jansch and Larry Coryell.


1975-08-16 France, Orange, Amphitheatre, first Festival d'Orange. Three day festival, 15-17 August. Opening act for Saturday; 12.000 people in 9.000 seater. Tickets fr 40 per day. NME one week later: "There is John Martyn, who we hear getting applause for his last number as Our party enters the chariot stables (the backstage area). Unfortunately I'm too late to catch the set but there's no doubt the French are going mildly spare. Martyn is apoplectic with disbelief when he comes offstage. 'Couldn't believe it,' he splutters to ZigZag's Andy Childs. 'Play on one beat, they clap on another. Couldn't see what was going on, me eyes were shut, but I had to change to get in time with them. Then they changed back again.'"
Laurent Olszer remembers the show as being "quite successful with the audience". Other acts that day were Dr Feelgood, Zebra, Ginger Baker, Tangerine Dream and Procol Harum.

1975-00-00 UK, London, Regent Park Open Air Theatre (Solo concert.)



1975-09-17 Germany, Bremen, Rathaus/ Festsaal (Town Hall). Solo gig produced by Radio Bremen ("Forum Junge Musik"). Second concert in Germany and better received than Freiburg. Released as On Air as late as 2006.

1975-09-21 UK, London, Theatre Royal (Drury Lane). "Virgin Concerts Present John Martyn plus Out To Lunch. 7.30 pm, Sunday, September 21st. Tickets £ 1.50, £ 1.25, £ 1.00, 50p." "A lot of swearing but great music and Paul Kossoff came on for the encore." (John Hawkins).

1975-09-24 UK, Birmingham, Town Hall. 'On Tour With Special Guests Out To Lunch'. "Virgin Concerts present | John Martyn plus support | Wednesday, 24th September, 1975, at 19:30 hours." Admission £ 1.25.


1975-09-29 Scotland, Leith (Edinburgh), Citadel Centre. 'On Tour With Special Guests Out To Lunch'. "Leith Theatre | Edinburgh (formerly Leith Town Hall) | Doors open 7.00 pm | Monday 29 Sept. 1975 at 7.30 pm | Virgin Records Present | John Martyn | in concert plus support | Stalls £ 1.50."

1975-09-30 Scotland, Glasgow, City Hall. Tuesday night, 19:30 hrs. 'On Tour With Special Guests Out To Lunch'. "Tuesday | 30 September, 1975 | Virgin Concerts | present | John Martyn." Doors open 7.00pm, tickets £ 1.00 (stalls).



1975-11-00 UK, Colchester, Essex University (Lecture Theatre, Wivenhoe Park). "I was only there 75-76 so it couldn't have been the '77 concert" (Alan Carter).

1975-11-01 UK, Kingston, Polytechnic. (Main Hall, 20:00 hrs, admission 85p).

1975-11-03 UK, Exeter, University.

1975-11-04 UK, Penzance, Winter Gardens. Venue also known as the Wints.

1975-11-06 France, Paris, Bataclan. With Danny Thompson. Tickets 20 FF (mentioned in French Sunday's child press kit).

1975-11-07 UK, London, North London Polytechnic. With Danny Thompson. Friday night, 20:00 hrs, 'come early'. "John and Hedgehog Pie at the North London Polytechnic - Bar, disco, lights - £ 1.10 in advance, £ 1.30 on the door." Broken PA and broken bass. Reviewed NME and Melody Maker one week later.

1975-11-08 UK, Loughborough, University.

1975-11-08 UK, Southampton, University. [cancelled]

1975-11-09 UK, Sheffield, Grosvenor House Hotel.

1975-11-12 UK, Bedworth, Civic Hall. [cancelled]

1975-11-13 UK, Plymouth, Guildhall. Thursday night.

1975-11-14 UK, Bath, University.

1975-11-15 UK, Manchester, University. With Danny Thompson. Supporting act Hedgehog Pie.

1975-11-19 UK, Reading, Reading University. John played with Danny Thompson and John Stevens with Hedgehog Pie as support.

1975-11-20 UK, London, Middlesex Polytechnic.

1975-11-21 UK, Bristol, Polytechnic.

1975-11-22 UK, Sheffield, University.

1975-11-26 UK, Leeds, Leeds University. Supporting act Hedgehog Pie. From the poster: "Leeds University Union presents | John Martyn | Saturday 26th November | 7:30pm | Plus Support | In the Refectory | Tickets £1.25 from Porters Services Door."

1975-11-27 Scotland, Dundee, University. Supporting act Hedgehog Pie.

1975-11-28 Scotland, Stirling, University. Supporting act Hedgehog Pie.

1975-11-29 Scotland, Glasgow, Strathclyde University. Supporting act Hedgehog Pie.

1975-11-30 UK, Newcastle, City Hall. Supporting act Hedgehog Pie. Also on the bill Pete Scott. John apologised for Danny Thompson not being present.


1975-12-01 UK, Brighton, Dome.

John did seventy-five gigs in the course of 1975 and needed a long sabbatical afterwards.




1976-01-09 UK, Hastings, The Carlisle. Friday night. With Danny Thompson. John became very annoyed with people talking during his performance. Phil Gill remembers a great gig: "JM's best put down of the night was aimed at a woman constantly talking loudly in the audience, and I quote: 'Look, I've got a 2000 watt PA here and I still can't hear myself for you talking, so shut up. If my wallet was as big as your mouth, I'd be the richest c*** in Hastings.' Only with more swearing involved..." Concert was announced and reviewed in the Hastings & St Leonards Observer.


1976-04-30 UK, Lancaster, Lancaster University. Supporting act Brian Robertson Band (with Herbie Flowers).


1976-05-01 Scotland, Glasgow, Queen Margaret Student Union (Glasgow University). Saturday night, 20:00 hours; tickets 85p... With Danny Thompson, supported by Hedgehog Pie. "It was the night of the Scottish Cup Final and Rangers had beaten Hearts 3-1. During the gig, John Martyn, who was accompanied by Danny Thompson, mentioned something about Celtic and the whole place erupted into something akin to Wild West brawl. I can't remember if order was restored or the gig continued, but years later, and just by chance I mentioned this incident to a guy whilst talking about music in general and John Martyn in particular. It so happened this guy was Mick Doonan who had played in Hedgehog Pie at that time. He remembered the night well and said when it all kicked off, John Martyn actually jumped down off the stage into the midst of the brawl and chinned a couple of students!" (Simon Godley).

1976-05-28 Belgium, Brussels, Halles de Schaerbeek | Hallen van Schaarbeek. Friday.

1976-05-29 Belgium, Brussels, Halles de Schaerbeek | Hallen van Schaarbeek. Supporting act Kleptomania. Saturday.



1976-07-03 UK, Newcastle, City Hall.

1976-07-04 UK, London, Regent's Park, Open Air Theatre; Sundays in the Park show. Sunday 20:00 hrs, tickets £ 1.00, £ 1.75 and £ 2.00. Solo concert for capacity crowd (reviewed NME 10 Jul). Headlines the gig, Hedgehog Pie in support. Show was recorded for subsequent transmission on Capital Radio, 15 October 1976.

1976-07-06 UK, Newcastle, City Hall. Supporting act Hedgehog Pie. Also on the bill Pete Scott. John apologised for Danny Thompson not being present. "He rocked on his seat to the echo bits - brilliant" (Neil Thompson).

1976-07-13 UK, Ilford (London), Tiffany's.

1976-07-25 UK, Charnock Richard (Chorley), Park Hall. Sunday night, closing act of three day July Wakes Festival, with Danny Thompson. Day ticket £ 3.25. Line-up for the day was DJ Jerry Floyd, San Tracy & guests, Plexus, Pete Farrow, New Celeste, Dransfield, Bob Pegg, Pete Atkin, Bert Jansch, Richard Digance, The Chieftains, Hedgehog Pie and John at 22:00 hrs (compered by Tony Capstick).
"Best performance of festival" (Clare Broderick). Other acts included Martin Simpson, Five Hand Reel, Magna Carta, Alan Stivell and Kate & Anna McGarrigle.



1976-09-12 Scotland, Edinburgh, Playhouse Theatre. Sunday night, 19:30 hrs, tickets £ 1.50 (circle), £ 2.00 (stalls). John was one of the acts during the Festival Of Popular Music and shared the bill with Bert Jansch and Davey Johnstone. The festival lasted from August 20 through September 17. Other artists were for instance Queen (2 nights), Soft Machine, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Billy Connolly.
"John was the highlight, spent his set playing around with the Echoplex. Bert was playing with three young musicians he'd just met, and played after minimal preparation - not a good result. Davey Johnstone was too stoned to make sense, at the end of his set he was joined on stage by Kiki Dee after she had just finished her show elsewhere in town - they just sort of fumbled around on stage." (Robin Thomson)



1976-10-29 UK, Nottingham, Victoria Leisure Centre (solo). Liquorice magazine benefit, recorded from soundboard onto cassette by David Belbin. Released as Live In Nottingham 76. "An Evening Of Solid Air | John Martyn • Kevin Coyne | Bridget St. John • Brindaband | at Victoria Leisure Centre | Gedling Street • Nottingham | on Friday • October 29th • 1976 • 6-12 p.m. | £1.25 (Advance)   £1.50 (Door) | "Liquorice Benefit".
"The audience was very lively by the time he came on and the repeated calls for May You Never get a little irritating. To my knowledge, it was the first time he played an electric guitar on stage (he did a stunning improvisation in the sound check) and the song about Paul Kossof, Dead On Arrival was debuted here, as was the classic One For The Road in a far superior version to its official release 28 years later." (Anonymous).
The name Brindaband was used for the first time that concert. The performing order was inverse to the ticket: so Bridget was second on the bill, followed by Kevin Coyne and John Martyn.


1976-10-00 France, Paris La Villette, La Grande Halle. Fête Rouge (Fête de l'Humanité). John opened quite successfully for this all-night festival.

1976-00-00 Scotland, Glasgow, Pavilion (solo, One World tour). "His joint never seemed to go out!" (Jim McAllister)


1976-12-05 UK, Sheffield, Highcliffe Hotel. (Sunday). "It was in a small room above the pub where he had played at folk clubs there in the past. Brilliant, intimate solo gig." (Chris Taylor).

1976-12-25_26 US, Boston, John opened in a small club for Mose Allison. "He was bigger, bearded but still bouncy." (Mark Cooper)


So Far So Good Tour

February/ March: 14 dates in Britain and Ireland to promote the compilation album.


1977-02-04 UK, York, University of York (solo), supporting act Wizz Jones. Friday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 1.10. "No smoking, no dancing." Reviewed NME 26 Feb. "I went and remember he definitely played Dead On Arrival and One For The Road on his guitar strung with octave 12 string strings, as per Liquorice benefit." (Chris Taylor).


1977-02-05 UK, Sheffield, University. Saturday.

1977-02-06 Northern Ireland, Belfast, Queen's University. Sunday.


1977-02-07 Ireland, Dublin, Liberty Hall. Monday.

1977-02-08 Northern Ireland, Coleraine, New Ulster University. Tuesday.

1977-02-11 UK, Canterbury, Kent University. "Kent Ents '77 presents | John Martyn | + Guest support | at the Odeon, Friars, Canterbury | Friday February 11 at 8pm | Tickets £2.00 and £1.50 available by post from the Odeon, and by personal application."

1977-02-12 UK, Colchester, University of Essex, Lecture Theatre Building. (Saturday, solo plus support act). Advance tickets £ 1.20, doors open 8.30 pm.

1977-02-18 UK, Uxbridge, Middlesex (Western London), Brunel University, Kingdom Room (Friday, solo plus support act). Advance tickets £ 1.00, door £ 1.20. "Bar available to club members."


1977-02-19 UK, Nottingham, Nottingham University. 19:30 hrs, tickets £ 1.00. Saturday night gig recorded by John Moon for Radio Trent; excellent sounding master reel to reel tapes surviving amounting to 90 minutes. "N.U.S.U. | in co-operation with | the Kinsella Klan present | John Martyn | plus Support | Sat.19th.Feb.7.30 | Portland Building | Univ. Park | Bar Disco | TKTS. £1.00 | a NURKSOC production."

1977-02-20 UK, London, New Victoria Theatre. Sunday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.00, £ 1.25, £ 1.65, £ 2.00 and £ 2.25. "John Martin [sic] for Classic Concerts in association with Bruce May presents John Martyn". 500 standing, broke box office record. Possibly played Dead On Arrival, reviewed National Rockstar 26 February.

1977-02-21 UK, Coventry, Warwick University. Monday.

1977-02-22 UK, Leeds, Leeds University. Tuesday.

1977-02-25 UK, Liverpool, Eric's Club. Friday. Reviewed in Sounds.

1977-02-26 UK, Manchester, University. Saturday.


1977-03-01 UK, Old Grey Whistle Test.

1977-03-24 UK, London, Half Moon, Putney (Lower Richmond Road). Solo. Thursday night benefit for Hamish Imlach, organised by John and announced Record Mirror.

1977-03-25 Germany, Hamburg (probably), Musikhalle (supporting act for J.J. Cale).


1977-04-04 Belgium, Brussels, ULB Université Libre de Bruxelles, Janson Auditorium. Supporting act WIM. Monday night. "John Martyn & his band".


1977-05-20 Belgium, Tielt, Europahal. Friday night. Shared bill with J.J. Cale. Supporting act probably Joe Hall from Canada.




1977-06-03 Canada, Toronto, New Yorker Theatre. Supporting act Joe Hall; tickets $ 6.60. "One show only! First North American Tour in 4 years." Recorded in mono and broadcast on McMaster University radio (Hamilton) early 1978 but tapes have been erased. The poster says "One show only, Friday Midnite June 3/ First North-American Tour in 4 years" and mentions full name of supporting act: "Joe Hall & the Yodelling Himalyan Compact-Car".
Bridget St John claims she was present at this concert.

1977-06-06 US, Philadelphia, Bijou Cafe. Shared bill with Essra Mohawk. Monday night, 20:30 and 22:00 hrs. Tickets $ 5.00. Reviewed Philadelphia Inquirer.

1977-06-07 US, Philadelphia, Bijou Cafe. Shared bill with Essra Mohawk. Tuesday night, 20:00 and 22:30 hrs. Tickets $ 5.00 'which includes one drink'.

1977-06-08 US, Washington, The Cellar Door. Wednesday night, double set in iconic venue. Announced and reviewed Washington Post. "Great show, per audience prompting he never picked up the electric. Even took a few requests." (David Clark)

1977-06-10 US, Roslyn (New York), My Father's Place. Friday night, support act for a post-Phil Collins Brand X. Bootlegged. "The evening began with John Martyn, who I had seen open for Yes in 1974. His set alternated between soft, acoustic songs and spacey, improvisational electric tunes, which created an unusual, but well received performance."

1977-06-11 US, New York, WBAI FM radio (15 minute solo set). Saturday. John did a radio interview and short accoustic set with Ed Haber.

1977-06-13 US, Boston, Jazz Workshop (Boylston Street). Shared bill with Mose Allison. Monday night, 20:30 and 23:00 hrs. Tickets $ 4.00.

1977-06-14 US, Boston, Jazz Workshop. Shared bill with Mose Allison. Tuesday night, 20:30 and 23:00 hrs. Tickets $ 4.00.

1977-06-15 US, Boston, Jazz Workshop. Shared bill with Mose Allison. Wednesday night, 20:30 and 23:00 hrs. Tickets $ 4.00.

1977-06-16 US, Boston, Jazz Workshop. Shared bill with Mose Allison. Thursday night, 20:30 and 23:00 hrs. Tickets $ 4.00. Reviewed The Boston Globe. Mose Alison continued alone for three more nights.

1977-06-17 US, New York, Kenny's Castaways. Friday night. Two solo sets, supporting act Bridget St. John, Dick Morrisey & Jim Mullen. Bootlegged.

1977-06-18 US, New York, Kenny's Castaways. Saturday night. Two solo sets, supporting act Bridget St. John, Dick Morrisey & Jim Mullen. Reviewed by the Daily News.

1977-06-19 US, New York, Kenny's Castaways (two solo sets, supporting act Bridget St. John, Dick Morrisey & Jim Mullen; first set bootlegged). According to John Walker, John was "deaf in one infected ear and out of his mind with homesickness."



1977-07-02 UK, Guildford, University of Surrey. "John played the Surrey Free Festival at the beginning of July 1977 (probably July 2nd) at the University of Surrey. He was top of the bill but because of overruns and a midnight curfew he only played for about 40 minutes. He played Small Hours in an extended form and his playing was stunning." (Stephen Gough).

1977-07-30 UK, Battersea, Town Hall: FMOB (Fond Memories of Battersea), benefit for Danny Thompson after heart attack. 18:00 hrs; admission £ 1. "Stan Tracey (piano) came on first. JM had forgotten his capo and made one out of a pencil and rubber bands. They kept breaking, and I gave him a couple (which presumably also broke). He played May You Never, Over The Hill, Bless The Weather, Solid Air, among others. John Stevens' Away played afterwards and JM jammed with them." (Richard Royston).
"It was the upstairs of Battersea Town Hall. Can't have been more than a hundred people. Opening act was Stan Tracey, doing Under Milk Wood. The concert was called F.M.O.B. Fond Memories of Battersea, where Danny was in a Dr Barnardos Home. John renamed it Fuck My Old Boots. Naturally the amplifier screwed up." (Anonymous). Reviewed by Malcolm Heyhoe in NME.


Australian tour

'Universal Attractions presents: John Martyn with Bert Jansch'

1977-08-10 Australia, Perth, Regal Theatre.

1977-08-10 Australia, Adelaide, Town Hall.

1977-08-14 Australia, Sydney, Town Hall. Sunday night. John shared the bill with Bert Jansch. That is to say, Bert Jansch was on first, and was the support act for John. They played together at the end of the show. "Their latest albums of both artists were for sale in the lobby. John's So Far So Good was autographed, Bert's A Rare Conundrum wasn't." (Tony Shanahan). ABC recorded this show and the result was included in the Island Years big box set.

1977-08-15 Australia, Canberra, Canberra Theatre. Shared bill with Bert Jansch. "Two of Britain's most respected folk musicians, Bert Jansch and John Martyn, should give Canberra's folk music enthusiasts a concert to remember when they perform at the Canberra Theatre on Monday night." - Canberra Times. About 400 visitors. Reviewed by same paper.

magazine ad

1977-08-17 Australia, Melbourne, Dallas Brooks Hall. "Universal Attractions | presents | Britains Folk Rock Hero | John | Martyn | plus | The Legendary Bert Jansch | Wednesday, August 17 - 8.15 | Dallas Brooks Hall | Tickets now on sale $ 6.50 plus booking fee at | Celebrity Services, Myers, MSD. | Students and party concessions". Ticket says 24 Aug but most sources say 17.


1977-08-21 Australia, Brisbane, Mayne Hall. Double bill with Bert Jansch; supporting act Dodsworth and Sullivan. Sunday night, 20:00 hrs. Reviewed Radio Times.

1977-08-22 Australia, Sydney, Town Hall. Monday night, shared bill with Bert Jansch. Two Sydney dates were announced in local newspaper.

1977-08-26 New Zealand, Wellington, University of Victoria. Friday night; shared bill with the 'legendary' Bert Jansch; only New Zealand show. Supporting act Chris Thompson. "I saw him in August 1977 at Wellington University as part of a students arts festival tour he did with Bert Jansch. Bert was sick certainly under the weather, he had to leave the stage very early. So we were blessed with a solo performance from John who seemed keen to make up for the loss. I remember him on stage, a couple of hundred students, sitting around on the floor. Relaxed John bantering with us. Handling a guy with a guitar who thought he could just walk on stage and jam. Very diplomatically, even let him strum along on one song. It was a Sunday night as I remember it. In those days you could not buy alcohol on a Sunday. The joke about New Zealand being shut on a Sunday was not far wrong. John had a very big bottle of alcohol on stage with him. Bourbon as I recall. [Actually it was Coruba rum, ed.] At one point he stopped and said he felt guilty that we were all 'dry'. "Leave me 3 or 4 inches in the bottle for back at the hotel" and he passed the bottle into the front row. In appreciation the audience ensured that John was supplied with some of NZ's finest herb. So the atmosphere was definitely mellow and John I guess relaxed but his guitar playing was on fire. He wove sound with that echoplex. I hadn't heard live sound like that before." (Raymond Jones)
From another review: "If the opening of the festival with Little Feat and J.J. Cale was inspired, then the closing with Martyn was brilliant. The festival was a monument to student organisation by the New Zealand Students Arts Council." A comprehensive review by John Kovacevich was published in student newspaper Craccum of 12 Sep 1977.
This show was the final one of the tour; the day after, John went back to England.


1977-09-07 UK, London, Marquee Club (Wardour Street). Acoustic solo gig with echoplex. Reviewed in Melody Maker, 17 Sep. Magazine announcement: "John Martyn, currently touring Australia, returns to play two nights at London Marquee Club on September 7 and 8. Tickets are £ 1.25 (in advance) and £ 1.50 (on the doors)." Another advert says "Marquee Special | John Martyn | Plus Friends and [DJ] Jerry Floyd." A third advert adds: "The first 50 people in each night will receive a free copy of John Martyn's limited edition 'Live At Leeds' album." John was signing copies of Live at Leeds afterwards.
"He introduced 'Black Man At Your Shoulder' as being from the next album." (Matt Dawson).

1977-09-08 UK, London, Marquee Club. Plus support and Ian Fleming. Solo gig on Thursday night, 7pm. "The usual joint was passed around!" (Jerry Page)." "John played for two nights and I think about twenty copies of Live At Leeds were given away to the first 20 people that came through the door. I went to the gig with one of John's cousins, a certain Marian from Orpington (Kent)." (Dennis Moore).

Jerry Page provided the scan of this ticket.
"It's in the usual shambolic style of Marquee tickets for that time.
Note the original misspelling of 'Martin' before being manually converted!"



1977-10-15 London, Golders Green, Hippodrome: acoustic solo performance (Spencer the Rover, Outside In from BBC Live; also Dealer (Sight and Sound in Concert, BBC video).

1977-10-18 UK, Liverpool, Eric's (warming up for One World tour). Tuesday night, 20:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.20 (members), £ 1.60 (guests).

1977-10-19 UK, Liverpool, Eric's (warming up for One World tour). Wednesday night, 20:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.20 (members), £ 1.60 (guests).

1977-10-29 UK, Leicester, Leicester University. Saturday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 2.75 (advance), £ 3.00 (door). "LUSU ENTS present | John Martyn plus support | Queen's Hall | Percy Gee Building".

One World tour


1977-11-03 Scotland, Edinburgh, St Andrews University.

1977-11-04 Scotland, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University (Potterrow centre). "He was fairly stoned (as were many of the audience) but played a great relaxed set, just him and the echoplex" (Iain Thow).

1977-11-05 Scotland, Glasgow, Glasgow University.

1977-11-06 UK, Hull, New Theatre.

1977-11-10 UK, Portsmouth, The Centre.


1977-11-11 UK, Brighton, Sussex University.

1977-11-12 UK, Bristol, University.

1977-11-13 UK, Plymouth, Fiesta.

1977-11-15 Northern Ireland, Belfast, Queen's University.

1977-11-16 Ireland, Dublin, Stadium.

1977-11-18 UK, Guildford, University of Surrey. Joint bill with The Brains Trust.

1977-11-19 UK, Colchester, Essex University.

1977-11-21 UK, London, Rainbow Theatre (with Steve Winwood, Danny Thompson, Hansford Rowe and Pierre Moerlen). Monday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 2.50. "His backing band includes Danny Thompson and Steve Winwood and is recorded on The Manor Mobile studio. Four of the recordings finally surface on the boxed set Ain't No Saint, including a brilliant One Day Without You." Reviewed NME, the Guardian and Music Week. Chris Salewicz wrote in the NME that after the concert, Johnny Rotten went backstage to tell John how much he dug his music.
"First time I saw him was at the Rainbow with Danny Thompson and Steve Winwood. Thompson did a solo spot and he called one number 'The loneliest monk in town' [Blue Monk, ed]. Martyn was in his chair and pedals phase. Security was pretty lax at the Rainbow that night and I have fond memories of one guy running at the stage, jumping up and handing JM a huge joint which he, of course toked on (queue comment: 'the colours, the colours!'), until the guy jumped back and took it off him. Don't know if that's any use, but it made me smile. The music was, of course, incredible." (Terry Crewes)

1977-11-23 UK, Reading, University. Wednesday night.


1977-11-24 UK, Bristol, Colston Hall. Thursday night.


1977-11-25 UK, Manchester, Rafters. Friday night. "Piled into a car we drove from Bangor. And walking to the gig crossing the road is John and Danny!! Smiling and hand extended. In the gig shared a pint of Guinness with John. The days when everyone sat down on the floor and smoked away... Gig wonderful!!" (David Devalle).

1977-11-26 UK, Leeds, Leeds University. Saturday night. Bootlegged; tape surfaced April 2007. "Interesting gig because the electrics in the building were screwing up the sound... They found out that if they switched off the lights, the background 'buzz' disappeared... So the gig was played in total darkness. [...] We were sat on the floor of the University for the whole of the gig, just about every person chilled and/or stoned." (Tony T.)

1977-11-27 UK, Norwich, St Andrews Hall. Sunday night.

1977-11-28 UK, Birmingham, Town Hall. With Danny Thompson. Monday evening, 19:30 hrs. Admission £ 2.00, £ 1.50 and £ 1.00 (ground floor). "LATECOMERS will not be admitted until a convenient break in the programme."

1977-11-29 UK, Lancaster, University. Supporting act Prelude. Tuesday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1,50. 'In full quadraphonic sound'. "I was at this gig, knowing nothing about his work but being intrigued by the promise of quadraphonic sound. Been a fan ever since. It was a custom at Lancaster for John to invite the audience up on to the stage towards the end of the Concert, so naturally quite a few of us obliged. Nice memory." (Rob Griffiths). Bootlegged. Poster design John Angus.

1977-11-30 UK, Newcastle, Polytechnic. Supporting act Prelude. Wednesday night. "This was a tiny, totally informal gig. John Martyn sat on the floor and we sat around him in a circle. There was almost no light at all except from the city behind through the huge glass panes. He seemed very relaxed and the first thing he said was 'Anybody got a spliff?' - to which request we (the small audience) rapidly responded with conspiratorial laughter. It was just like being in a front room or a bar, with friends, but with the most enthralling and original music, ever" (Frances Matthews).


1977-12-03 UK, unknown. There was a concert on this date, based on a diary entry by Richard Royston. Could have taken place Nottingham or not too far from there.



1978-01-10 UK, London, Collegiate Theatre (Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC Video: Small Hours, Bless the Weather). Also May You Never and other songs broadcasted.


1978-03-03 Belgium, Uccle | Ukkel, Vieux Saint-Job. Friday night.

1978-03-13 UK, London, North London Polytechnic. Monday night. Special one-off concert in aid of Rock Against Racism. Show also featured Martin Carthy and Bob Davenport. Tickets £ 1.50 (advance). "It's Martyn's last London gig before he tours Europe and America."

1978-03-15 France, Paris, Bus Palladium (cancelled).

1978-03-17 Germany, Hamburg, Audimax, University (solo act broadcasted by Rockpalast).

Supporting act for Eric Clapton's Slowhand tour

(second half, East Coast):
"John Martyn, obviously a very strange choice. He used to sit in the middle of the stage on a big pile of pillows, playing acoustic guitar and singing fairly unintelligible lyrics."


1978-03-19 US, Miami (Florida), Jai-Alai Fronton. Sunday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 7.50 and $ 8.00. Standing room only.

1978-03-20 US, Lakeland (Florida), Civic Centre Coliseum. Monday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 6.50 (advance), $ 7.50 (door). "The Robert Stigwood Organization & Jerry Weintraub present | Eric Clapton & His Band | Lakeland Civic Center Arena | Lakeland, Florida | Monday - 8:00 p.m."


1978-03-21 US, Savannah (Georgia), Civic Centre.

1978-03-22 US, Macon (Georgia), Coliseum.

1978-03-24 US, Charlotte (North Carolina), Memorial Coliseum.

1978-03-25 US, Columbia (South Carolina), Carolina Coliseum.

1978-03-26 US, Huntsville (Alabama), Von Braun Civic Center. Sunday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 6.50.

1978-03-28 US, Detroit (Michigan), Cobo Arena. Tuesday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 9.00. Bootlegged: Big Muff, Outside In, Small Hours/ One World and Rather Be The Devil. Reviewed The Windsor Star.

1978-03-29 US, Cleveland (Ohio), Convention Center.

1978-03-31 US, Baltimore (Maryland), Civic Center Arena. Friday night, 19:00 hrs. Tickets $ 5.50, $ 6.50, $ 7.50. "Baltimore Civic Center | The Robert Stigwood Organization in association with Jerry Weintraub and Concerts West and American Promotions proudly presents | Tonight | Eric Clapton | plus special guest John Martyn | Doors open 6:30 | Good seats still available."


1978-04-01 US, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Spectrum Arena. Saturday night, 20:00 hrs, tickets $ 6.00 and $ 7.00. "Mellow rocker John Martyn will open for Clapton, who has been preceded by the new group Player for most of the tour" (The Morning News).

1978-04-02 US, New York, Radio City Music Hall. Announced but unconfirmed.


1978-04-03 US, Uniondale (New York), Nassau Coliseum. Monday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 8.50. "John had a metal folding chair, his 'acoustic' guitar was plugged into his full array of pedals; far from Donovan redux, he played loud and mean, finishing with a ferocious Rather Be The Devil, introduced as 'a song by Skip James, but he's dead now so I don't suppose you'd care'. He finished the song by rising from his chair and, clutching the strapless guitar in a twisted grip, doing a slow skank-walk back and forth across the middle of the stage as he squeezed out another volley of echoes. This was not unappreciated by the crowd." (John Walker).


1978-04-05 US, Springfield (Massachusetts), Civic Center. Wednesday night, 19:30 hrs. "Robert Stigwood Organization & Jerry Weintraub present | Eric Clapton & his band." "A strange but uniquely experimental warmup act," reviewed the Boston Globe.

1978-04-07 Canada, Montreal (Quebec), Forum. (uncertain).

1978-04-09 Canada, Toronto (Ontario), Maple Leaf Gardens. "chum and chumfm present | Eric Clapton | and his Band | World Tour | 1978 | with special guest John Martyn | Sunday, April 9 8:00 p.m. | Maple Leaf Gardens." Tickets $ 7.50.


1978-05-00 US, unknown, club tour. The Sarasota Journal of 10 May states that John is "now touring the States on a club tour". I managed to find the following dates.


1978-05-11 US, Bryn Mawr (Pennsylvania), The Main Point. Thursday night, 20:00 and 22:00 hrs. Supporting act Chuck Anderson. Intimate coffeehouse gig.

1978-05-12 US, Chicago, Park West. Supporting act for Tim Weisberg. Friday night, 19:30 and 23:00 hrs. Tickets $ 7.50.

1978-05-18 Canada, Toronto, Horseshoe Tavern. The venue's main room could hold 500 people. John featured in the first month new management took over. Gary Topp and Gary Cormier had booked John one year earlier in The New Yorker Theatre, also Toronto.

1978-05-19 Canada, Toronto, Horseshoe Tavern. Their contract stopped December 1978 and they moved on to The Edge. Where John was booked April 1981...


1978-06-11 UK, London, Regent's Park, Open Theatre; solo performance. Supporting act Martin Carthy. Sunday, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 3.50, £ 2.75 and £ 2.00. "No seats left, but we sat on a bank outside, and could hear pretty well. Martin Carthy was on first. JM played new stuff, May You Never, Spencer The Rover, and One Day Without You. Then we left." (Richard Royston).
"Scotland were playing in the world cup in Argentina in 1978. John had an ear plug in his ear waiting for team news and updates on the match. It was probably a spoof as a lot of the matches were played at midnight due to the time change between London and Argentina but he led us to believe that he was listening to Scotland on the radio throughout the gig. It was a solo gig on the green grass stage which was like a Shakspearian set. A most vivid memory in my life was the wonderful sunshine and the energy of the afternoon in London so long ago." (Ciaran Daly). A bootleg of this show was released February 2012 but falsely dated 1976.


Second Australian tour

'Universal Attractions presents: John Martyn with Margaret Roadknight'
(ended around 1 August)

1978-07-10 Australia, Perth, Perth Concert Hall. Monday night. Supporting act Margret Roadknight.

1978-07-12 Australia, Adelaide, Opera Theatre. Wednesday night. Supporting act Margret Roadknight.

1978-07-13 Australia, Canberra, Canberra Theatre. Thursday night 20:15 hrs, admission $ 8.40. Supporting act Margret Roadknight. Venue about half full. "That night at the Canberra Theatre he continued to air his contempt for the Aussie's, with a diatribe between each song about how backward, racist and murderous all Australians were." Show reviewed als 'flat' by Canberra Times.

1978-07-15 Australia, Sydney, State Theatre (supporting act Margret Roadknight). Saturday night. Solo act broadcast by ABC radio.


1978-07-19 Australia, Melbourne (solo), Dallas Brooks Hall. Supporting act Margret Roadknight. Wednesday night, 20:15 hrs. Tickets $ 8.40. Advert: "Universal Attractions | presents | John Martyn | with special guest | Margret Roadknight | in concert | Wednesday July 15th 8.15 p.m. | Dallas Brooks Hall [...] Tickets $8.40 incl. | Discount for Students and Groups." The date in the advert is wrong, the 15th was a Saturday. So the ticket is right.
"On the night he introduced an instrumental with the title 'Draggin' my Dragon Back Home'" (Mark Fanthorpe, owner of the S22 ticket). This was probably Outside In [ed].
"He'd just starting playing with all the electronic stuff with his guitar. It was just him, a drum machine and all the effects he was using at that stage. It was fantastic concert. Dallas Brooks Hall seemed to be vibrating with all the feedback and sythesized noises. Not one for the acoustic purists I guess but I thought it was fantastic. He went through about 12 cans of the local beer while he did his set because he said he had a sore throat. I thought that was a great excuse.." (An eye witness).
Another one: "Dallas Brooks Hall holds maybe 2000 people so it was a fairly intimate setting."


1978-07-20 Australia, Melbourne, La Trobe University, Union Hall. "John Martyn | plus Margret Roadknight | Thursday 20th July 8.15pm | Students $ 3.50 - yellow ticket Non students $ 4.50 - blue ticket."

1978-07-23 Australia, Sydney, State Theatre (supporting act Margret Roadknight). Sunday night.

1978-07-25 Australia, Wollongong, University of Wollongong, Union Hall. Tuesday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets $ 5.00. Announced with a feature in Tertangala, magazine of the Student's Representative Council. "25th July - 8pm | Only $5 - Don’t Miss It."


1978-07-00 End of month: Sydney, Kirk Gallery (recorded). Organized by makers of In search of Anna movie.


1978-10-00 UK, Colchester, Essex University. Phil Collins guested on drums. This was shortly before 22nd October.
"John came on and played for about 30 minutes solo and then the rest of the band came on. A huge cheer went up when Phil Collins was spotted as the drummer." (Pete Howe).

1978-10-20 UK, Reading, University (Rock goes to college, BBC Video: Certain Surprise). John replaced The Stranglers who had walked off stage, swore at students, smashed equipment and sang 'obscene songs'.

Solo tour British universities and colleges



1978-11-08 UK, Brighton, Sussex University (Mandalla Hall). "Sussex University S.U. | S.A.C. Presents | Wednesday, November 8th | John Martyn + Support | Disco Bar Lights Food Stalls | The Mandalla Hall | (Old Refec) Sussex University | Falmer, Brighton, Sussex | Tickets £ 1.30 in advance, £ 1.50 on door | S.U. only".

1978-11-09 UK, London, LSE (Old Theatre). Thursday, 8.00pm. London School of Economics show; tickets £ 1.50. "Old Theatre, Houghton St, Aldwych, WC2 | LSE Ents present | John Martyn | On Thursday November 9th | Tickets: £1.30 adv £1.50 door| Doors open 8.00p.m. | Hip Music for Cool Rabbits! | Singalongjohn...[followed by two lines of May You Never]." Reviewed Record Mirror.



1978-11-10 UK, Bristol University, Students Union.

1978-11-11 UK, Exeter, Exeter University.

1978-11-12 UK, Southampton, Guildhall.

1978-11-16 UK, Plymouth, Polytechnic.

1978-11-17 UK, Uxbridge, Middlesex (Western London), Brunel University, Kingdom Room (Friday, solo plus support act). Starts 8.30pm. Advance tickets £ 1.30, door £ 1.50.

1978-11-18 UK, Colchester, Essex University. Saturday night, 20:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.50. "Essex S.U. Ents Presents | John Martyn + Support." "I saw John at Essex University in the fall of 1978. He played solo acoustic in the Lecture Theatre Block there." (Mark Brierley).

1978-11-20 UK, Liverpool, Eric's. Monday night.

1978-11-21 UK, Birmingham, Town Hall. Tuesday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 1.50. "Avon Entertainments presents".


1978-11-22 UK, Lancaster, Lancaster University. Wednesday night, tickets £ 1.50. "Plus support". Poster design John Angus.

1978-11-23 UK, Newcastle, Newcastle University.

1978-11-24 UK, Sheffield, Sheffield University.

1978-11-25 UK, Leeds, Leeds University.

1978-11-29 UK, Keele (Staffordshire), University.

1978-11-30 Scotland, Glasgow, Pavilion.



1978-12-01 Scotland, Edinburgh, Odeon. Friday night, 19:30 hrs. Admission £ 2.50. "Capital Agencies present".

1978-12-02 Scotland, Aberdeen, Capitol. "Fantastic performance. He played two sets of 1 1/2 hours each, all on his own" (Bruce Morrice).

1978-12-04 UK, Durham University. "Prior to playing, he was sat on the steps alone, wearing a black greatcoat, and had a crate of beer beside him, which he consumed, staggered off, and played the most amazing set I ever saw him play! " (Ian Wallis).

1978-12-05 UK, York, York Universtity.

1978-12-06 UK, Manchester University. "Manchester University Students Union | John Martyn | plus Support | Wednesday 6th December 1978 | doors open 7.45 | Tickets £ 1.25 advance £ 1.50 on night."
"This was the first time I'd seen John in concert. We saw him in the Union bar before the concert. He was dressed in his white suit. The concert itself was brilliant. Lots of echoplex. I had a few problems deciphering which song was which, but it didn't matter. There were a few sound problems also. The sound system couldn't cope with the audience standing up - problems with the treble, but the hall was too packed for everyone to sit down. John got quite annoyed with the whole thing and announced that he was going off for a p**s and that by the time he got back he needed it sorted out one way or another - either bad treble or squashed audience. I think we ended up squashed." (SteveO).


1978-12-07 UK, Huddersfield Polytechnic.

1978-12-09 UK, London, Queen Mary College of Education.

1978-12-11 UK, Liverpool, Mountford Hall (University). Monday night. Supporting act Steve Tilston. "John Martyn | plus Steve Tiltson [sic] | Mountford Hall Liverpool University | Doors open 8.00 pm." Tickets £ 1.50 (advance), £ 1.75 (door). "Late night reggae special with Tapper Zukie at Erics after John Martyn has finished!" 'He played standing up for the first time, we were shocked!!' (Stephen Walsh).




1979-01-25 UK, Swansea, Brangwyn Hall. Solo. "It was an amazing show, it was Burns night and I swapped Elvis Costello tickets to get to this show." (Andy Richards).

1979-01-27 France, Paris, Théatre de l'Empire. Solo gig recorded on a Saturday in front of a live audience. Three tracks broadcast by Antenne 2 in 'Chorus' episode of Sunday 28 Jan.


1979-04-13 Netherlands, Rotterdam, Exit. (Solo gig, Friday).

1979-04-28 Denmark, Copenhagen, Montmartre. 21:00 hrs.

Small Italian solo tour, first in Country'n'Folk series presented by Dischi Ricordi


1979-05-13 Italy, Milano, Teatro Di Porta Romana. 21:00 hrs. There were two consecutive nights, both sold out. One show was apparently filmed by a local tv-station.

1979-05-14 Italy, Milano, Teatro Di Porta Romana. 21:00 hrs. Bootlegged, released as Live in Milan 1979. "La Dischi Ricordi S.p.A. presenta | Country'n'Folk | Un Concerto di Musica Vera | John Martyn In Concerto | 13-14 Maggio Ore 21 Ingresso L. 2.500 | Teatro di Porta Romana | TRM 2 Radio Regione Radio Hinterland."

1979-05-17 Italy, Torino, Teatro Alfieri. Thursday night, 21:15 hrs; admission L2.500. Supporting act Marcello Capra (bootlegged).


1979-05-18 Italy, Bologna, Teatro Antoniano. Solo set, bootlegged with soundboard cassette. "He was in top form - as usual. One can also hear some stomach grumbling inbetween songs: that evening was very hot and maybe he needed something extra to drink..." (taper Nobody). This tape was dated 1977 but this probably was mistaken.

1979-05-00 Italy, Brescia, date and venue unknown.

1979-05-00 Italy, Gorizia, date and venue unknown. Part of the concert has been bootlegged, though.

1979-05-00 Italy, Roma. Gig cancelled in late stage because they could not find a suitable venue (Ciao 2001).


1979-06-23 UK, Glastonbury festival. John headlined the Pyramid Stage with a three piece band featuring Chris Glen on bass and Timi Donald on drums. 12,000 people showed up. It was the Saturday night; tickets were £ 5.00.
"[John] drove across the field to the stage in his Volvo estate, with barrels of ale strapped to the roof, then he tapped off quite a few pints before playing." (Ian Wallis).
Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis considers this performance his personal all-time favourite Glasto act: "He was so good, it brought tears to my eyes."
According to Eavis John Williams of Sky headlined the Friday and Peter Gabriel followed with a headline set on Saturday. John played before Gabriel.
Text from an advert from the period: "GLASTONBURY FAYRE | Steve Hillage. Sky. Tim Blake. Barry Ford Band. | John Cooper Clarke. Leyton Buzzards. The Good Missionaries. | X-Dreamysts. Sex Beatles. Nik Turner's Sphinx. | Carol Grimes. Matumbi. John Martyn. U.K. Subs. | Clayson and the Argonauts. The Pop Group. The Only Ones. | Raja Ram. Patrick Fitzgerald. Etc. Etc.
Theatre, dance & mime from: Footsbarn. Abracadabra. Continuum.
Incubus. Cunning Stunts. Many Ways Of Moving. Matchbox Purveyors. | Natural Theatre Company. Beril & The Peril. Headless Wonder. | All Women Cabaret, and many more! Plus: Camping and van space. | Wholefoods. Welfare. Crafts. Clowns. Market. Yoga. Medical & legal services. | Giant childrens play area. Lecture area.
Thurs. June 21. Fri. June 22. Sat. June 23. | Worthy Farm, Pilton, Nr. Shepton Mallet, Somerset. | Tickets £5. From all Virgin shops or by post from Glastonbury Fayre, | 57 Elgin Cres. London W.11. Please enclose an S.A.E. | All profits to Unicef International Year of the Child."



1979-07-15 France, Irvillac (Bretagne), Créac'h Carnel. Festival Elixir; solo show on Sunday. Day tickets 30 francs. Second day of first big festival in the country. Shared bill with Richard and Linda Thompson, John Renbourn, Bert Jansch, Pan-Râ, Machin, Gwendal, Aristide Padygros, New Celeste, Dan Ar Bras, Delahaye, Favennec and Strolock. "Le guitariste britannique John Martyn, pop star alcoolique, prétentieuse et autoritaire," wrote Rock & Folk. "Memorable solo offering where he did plant the head of his guitar on the stage, dead drunk on his chair." (Jean-Luc Garnier)

1979-07-21 Ireland, Kilkenny, Rose Hill Hotel. Handwritten poster: "An evening with John Martyn | Rose Hill Hotel | Saturday 21st July." With Alan Thomson, keyboard and drum machine. As remembered by Bill Carroll, owner of Carroll's Bar, Thomastown.


1979-08-25 Northern Ireland, Portrush, Causeway Coast Music Festival. John headlined the Saturday night at this first and only annual three day festival. He was scheduled for 23:00 hours. Other names of interest were Boys of the Lough, De Dannan (Friday), Paul Brady (Saturday) and Christy Moore, The Strawbs and Loudon Wainwright III (Sunday). Weekend tickets were £ 8.00.


1979-09-22 UK, London, Royal Festival Hall. Saturday night, 20:00 hrs. Tickets £ 4.00 (stalls), £ 3.50 (terrace). Solo performance, supporting act Rico. Mainly old material, reviewed by Melody Maker one week later. "Greater London Council | Royal Festival Hall | Director: George Mann, O.B.E. | John Martyn | In Concert | Saturday, 22 Sept., 1979 | 8 p.m. | Management: Derek Block & John Martin [sic]".



1979-10-23 UK, London, Roundhouse. Camden Jazz Festival; gig with John Stevens Dance Orchestra. Phil Collins on drums.

1979-10-24 UK, London, studio performance with John Stevens Dance Orchestra. Line-up: Elton Dean, Paul Rutherford, Trevor Watts, John Martyn, Pepi Lemer, Nick Stephens, Phil Collins.



1979-11-04 UK, Guildford, Surrey University.

1979-11-05 UK, Leicester, University [Percy Gee Building, the Student's Union]. "He didn't come on until 9.30 and started with a twenty minute instrumental. As he began his first proper song we had to leave to get the last train back to Nottingham - gutted!" (Karen Hudspith) "The Percy Gee building is situated on the campus of Leicester University which is next door to the De Montfort Hall but a completely separate venue." (Phil Holden).

1979-11-07 UK, Norwich, East Anglia University.

1979-11-09 UK, Newcastle, Polytechnic. Solo show in foul mood. John played a short acoustic set and left the stage; then returned for some echoplex work.

1979-11-10 UK, Nottingham, University (solo). "Just John, the miked-up acoustic, his echoplex and PA, in a pretty small room. He came on with a 4-pack and cigarette, clearly already under the influence of something (maybe beer, maybe not ;) and plonked the lighter and pack on his amp ('Johnny's lighter is on Johnny's amplifier'). His playing was absolutely stunning..." (Dave Porter).

1979-11-11 UK, Northampton, Royal Theatre. Sunday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 2.50. "The Royal Theatre and Opera House Northampton | John Martyn in Concert."

1979-11-13 UK, Plymouth, Polytechnic.

1979-11-14 UK, Warwick, Warwick University. Supporting act Dave Kelly. "After the [amazing] gig, John and Dave Kelly went to the senate building (it was being occupied by students in protest against overseas fees increases) and they continued to jam together into the small hours aided only by copious Camberwell carrots." (Bill Goodall).

1979-11-15 UK, Hanley, Victoria Hall. Plus supporting act. Thursday night, 19:30 hrs. Tickets £ 2, £ 2.50, £ 3.


1979-11-16 UK, Manchester, UMIST. Friday night, tickets £ 1.50 (advance), £ 1.80 (door). "I remember this gig very well. I was a student at UMIST at the time and it was the day before my 21st birthday. I couldn't persuade any of my friends to go with me, so I went alone. It was quite packed and John did a good set. There was a bit of trouble with feedback and so the poor sound crew came in for a bit of stick - I think it was all good humoured! I remember John lighting up one of his special hand rolled long cigarettes. Some one in the audience shouted out: 'audience participation'. John looked down, said OK and threw it down to him." (SteveO).

1979-11-17 UK, Sheffield, University. "ENTS present | Sheffield University Union of Students | John Martyn | plus Support". Tickets £ 1.30 Members in advance, £ 1.40 others and on the door.


1979-11-18 UK, Redcar (Teesside), Coatham Bowl. "The place wasn't full and he was swearing (like bigtime!)" (Ian Hepplewhite). "He came on stage pissed, then smoked the biggest spliff seen by mankind and was then too out of it to play. My friend ended up crying at our table because he was so disappointed with the performance.." (Ian Wallis).

1979-11-21 UK, Leeds, Leeds University. Solo performance, Wednesday night. "It was snowing and the buses went off! It was a solo performance - and jolly splendid it was too!" (Gordon Lees).

1979-11-22 Scotland, Edinburgh, Odeon. Thursday night, 19:30 hrs. Admission £ 2.50 centre circle, £ 3.00 stalls. "He was superb" (David Ward Maclean).



1979-11-23 Scotland, Aberdeen, University.

1979-11-24 Scotland, Glasgow, Strathclyde University.

1979-11-27 UK, London, Half Moon Putney. Phil Collins on drums.

1979-11-30 UK, Uxbridge, Brunel University. "Brunel University | Kingdom Room, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge | Friday 30th November | John Martyn | + support | £ 1.80 in advance | £ 2.00 on the door | Tickets available from Hard Pressed Records, Uxbridge or by post from Social Sec, Students' Union." "John played an acoustic set before being joined by John Giblin on bass. After one or two songs Phil Collins joined on drums; it was a lengthy set and I think it included songs from Grace & Danger" (Toni King).
sitenote: I had to reconstruct this date but 30 November only falls on a Friday in 1973, 1979 and 1984. Price level points towards this year.


1979-12-03 UK, Brighton, Brighton Dome.

1979-12-06 France, Paris, Bataclan. Thursday night, 20:00 hours. Admission 35 francs.

1979-12-08 Netherlands, Dordrecht, Kunstmin. Winterfolk festival; top bill with June Tabor. Saturday, 14:00-24:00 hrs. Other acts include Wolverlei, Dommelvolk, De Perelaar, Schnappsack, Gay & Terry Woods, James Ferguson, Dougie MacLean and Alan Roberts (broadcast).