Jansch and Martyn here in August

Sydney Morning Herald

Two men whose music was bred in the folk and blues clubs of London and Europe in the 60s are coming to Australia next month to tour together.
One of them is Bert Jansch, from Pentangle, and the other is John Martyn. Both were born in Glasgow, and both have long had an underground cult aura surrounding them.
They play two concerts in Sydney, at the Town Hall, on Sunday, August 14, and Monday, August 22.

By the time he formed Pentangle with John Renbourn, Jansch had become a major folk singer in Britain, playing all the big concert halls.
After years of self-imposed obscurity, Jansch decided to start touring again. It was while he was recording his latest album, A Rare Conundrum, which is being released by Festival to coincide with the tour, that he made the decision.

Martyn's career has followed the early 60s Bluebeat era of Jamaican music, Celtic folk music, and the progressive rock of the late 60s.

This small announcement was published Thursday 21 July 1977 on page 14 in the Showscene section.