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Melody Maker
Guide to the week

JOHN MARTYN (City University, London, Thursday): Part folk singer, part rock and roller, John Martyn will titillate your ear and give food to your soul. The rock musician's nightmare is an acoustic musician who has mastered the use of electric guitar playing.

DAVID BOWIE (The Fox, Tolworth, Thursday): Currently the swishiest, loveliest man in rock music. Some say he is the greatest find to have come out of the rock and roll cess pit in a number of years, in America he is a starlet. People that know tip him for the top, get along and judge for yourself, or simply gaze at his dishy dresses and skin tight pants.

Announcement from Melody Maker, 12 Feb 1972. This was a Saturday, posing the gigdate on the next Thursday 17th of February.
However. The David Bowie show was a historical one and is documented having taken place one week earlier. This was the first time he performed as Ziggy Stardust, in front of 60 people. So the actual date must have been Thursday 10th February.
Info provided by John Neil Munro.