Grace & Danger

Lee Barry, ISBN 978-1-84728-988-9

220 page biography; first in its kind and long in the making.

coverThe book contains 13 chapters, several black and white photographs, a discography, source notes and a bibliography. Edited by Rick McClure.

"Written with contribution from his friends, colleagues, managers and ex-wife, Beverley Martyn, this long-awaited biography reveals the compelling and turbulent story of a wayward troubadour."

Lee Barry started out as editor of the JM fanzine Well Kept Secret and also had a dedicated website for a few years on Geocities. Early 1999 he started working on an unauthorised biography of the big man. Lee spoke to various people and had access to Beverley but it took several years to finish the project. The book met mixed reception when it finally appeared through a do-it-yourself publishing company.

The price on the website was £ 19,19 for a paper copy, and £ 11,99 for a download version.