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JOHN MARTYN is one of the richest musical performers on the current scene. His roots meld traditional folk and blues aspects with the frontiers of jazz. He began playing the guitar when 19 (in 1967).1 Three months later he recorded his first album for Island! It was called London Conversation. His second was titled The Tumbler. John then met Beverley, who became his wife and main collaborator on two subsequent albums. Stormbringer was a recording session and honeymoon combined, Road To Ruin, the next, had considerable jazz influences. This year John had released Solid Air and it coincided with his big tour Stateside with Traffic and Free in January. His October release will be titled Inside Out.

1 16 would be a more accurate estimate. The three months refer to John playing professionally in the London clubs.
This was published in Record Mirror of 22 September 1973. Info provided by Rob Jarvis.