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These are the entries made in the Big Muff guestbook between 2006 and 2010.

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Love this site. Loved john since 1980. Had every album and more til got divorced and lost most of it, still, I got the kids and house!! Looking foreward to new album and gig at Liverpool.

Ellesmere Port

Does anyone out there have the words to 'Please fall in love with me' from GLORIOUS FOOL?

Brecon, Wales
United Kingdom

This guestbook has been rebuilt from scratch and should work again now in a safer way.


Due to unbelieveably persistent spamming of this guestbook I decided to disable it for a few weeks in order to see if I can get these bastards to go somewhere else.


It's the cast iron Scottish Heart here again! Once again melted by the best JM concert to date. The Bein Inn 30th Nov. last. The only flaw was the big fella's biting sarcasm in the bar at half time, but then he is easy to forgive when he sings like only he can! We could do with some info on the pending new album, a release date would be nice? Looking forward to his next (nearish gig) Awrrabest China!! JJK