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Thanks for pinpointing this as 1976, I couldn't recall even the year accurately. I don't know the date but I was there, at the front within 10 feet of him. I enjoyed the gig but because of that echoplex I kept thinking about Pink Floyd!


i'm a big john martyn fan and had the pleasure of seeing him at the john wilson theatre in airdrie, there was a beer festival in nearby motherwell that day and a few rowdie ignorants were there trying to giv jm a hard time but he shot them down with a few 1 liners. anyhow after a few growls and stares from true jm fans they soon were told to shut up or they would be listening from the nearby monklands hospital, the lights dimmed again and as he started to play solid air. i lit up a saft black 5 skinner (really pungent smell) the bigman caught a whiff and stopped askin to the crowd who's got that, i shouts down here HOW, gives it was his reply, i was 4 rows away to the left, i stood up and made my way to the front of the stage, handin him the small cigar. he took a drag - keep it i said, i was going to anyway was his reply, going back to my seat amid choruses of laughter he took two long drags and then put it under the strings at the top of his guitar and proceeded to play may you never. i tried to get in backstage after but two drunk arseholes were trying the same so security said no way, but i had blagged the flyer off the wall and had took a cd along in the hope to maybe get it signed but were sent back to main hall, gettin my jacket together the security boy approached and told me to give him the poster and cd, away he went and came back with both signed by the bigman... the security man said he would have met me but he thought i was coming back for the doobie-whether that's true or not i believed him.... my wee gift got me two favourite keepsakes.. recently i found an old vcr tape in my loft of johns 50th birday gig in scotland.. i've uploaded it on youtube under the title john martyn 50, go have a look you'll not be dissapointed,thanx for readin my story, i've dined out on it for years.


I remember seeing him at Durham University on 4th December 1978 - Prior to playing, he was sat on the steps alone, wearing a black greatcoat, and had a crate of beer beside him, which he consumed, staggered off, and played the most amazing set I ever saw him play!
Saw him the following year 21st June 1979 at Glastonbury Fayre, where he drove across the field to the stage in his Volvo estate, with barrels of ale strapped to the roof, then he tapped off quite a few pints before playing!
I saw him other times when he was either too drunk/ stoned to play. Once at Redcar Bowl, where he came on stage pissed, then smoked the biggest spliff seen by mankind and was then too out of it to play! Whatever, the man was a legend, and I loved him and his music dearly.

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Saw him at Liverpool Uni in early 80's but had been a fan for many years, brilliant show and may have been with UK (the band); hard to remember. He asked if we had any requests and my friend shouted "My Old Man's A Dustman"! Half way through the next song he cut into it and then returned to complete the song. At one point he played guitar brilliantly with one hand. Sang every song perfecty. Sorely missed.

Mcgaheysville VA

John did this more often, for instance in 1976 during a Paris concert (May You Never). Also in Sheffield 1978 in the same song.


Can anyone supply me with the chords John plays on 'Under My Wing'? Many thanks, Hampton.


A true original. For me, he belongs up there with Neil Young, Robbie Robertson, Pete Townshend and so many other wonderful songwriters. We'll never see his like again. What a legacy he left behind...


I was just wondering if there was any kind sould out there who has converted the video "Tell Them I'm Somebody Else" into DVD format? If so, I would be very eager to get a copy so please make contact with me. More than happy to pay for postage costs etc.
Many Thanks.


Just wanted to say that more than two years on I'm still feeling the hole in my life. First saw John in 1978 on solo tour at Liverpool Uni & bought music & saw him many times since then. Just bought Ain't No Saint & shed a few tears at some of the memories...

Durham City

Loved John, played on the same stage in 1986 (mainstage Glastonbury) and sat on the foldback monitors during his set, wonderful period. Been a massive fan since the late 70's. The man is sadly missed and I would love to do some kind of animation to his work.


I am a very late convert to the wonderful music of JM. Better late than never and my seeing the light is largely due to reading the passages about JM in the book Electric Eden.


Hans, just read your New Year message. Keep up the good work. I'm sure there are many there besides me who will keep on visiting the site. John will live on through his music. We will all make sure of that.


Finding out about John's death was like loosing a close friend. I've been listening to him since I was 18 and his music has been with me thorough all kinds of times in my life. The first albums of John's I heard back then were One World and Glorious Fool, a class introduction I think, and I was blown away by him.
Be at peace, John wherever you are now.

Rochdale, Lancashire

I've loved his playing since I walked in to a friend's room at Uni in 1978 and Solid Air was playing on her 20 quid Woolworths stereo. I went on to work in gig promotion at Liverpool Uni and I'm sure there are two or three gigs missing from your (amazing) list.
I'm pretty sure that I put him on in 1980 as a birthday present to myself, which would have been around Feb 1980. Plus I'm pretty sure there was a gig the year before, 1979.
Sorry not to be able to be more specific but my appreciation was, erm, 'enhanced' at the time.
Regards, Nick.

Two years have passed for us, not a day for ya! Cool trick man! Let me sing again for ya: "I know you, I love you, You are my friend, You'll follow me, Everywhere."

Chania, Crete

For info, my CD version of Well Kept Secret is a 2008 version by Warner Music (WEA International inc) on the Rhino Encore series with the number 2564-69484-5.

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United Kingdom

Hi there,
today I scored another JM album on martkplaats (Piece by Piece). Still one or two to go to make it all complete (t.i. Live in Bristol, Sapphire).
Looking forward to some new material! And, JM in de Top 2000 in radio 2 in the Netherlands... a song should need about 200 votes to enter the top 2000. My guess would be 'One World'. So, everyone going to join??


Just wanted to add my own little anecdote to the date of 26 September 1990 (Warrington, Parr Hall). I rolled up outside the Parr Hall in Palmyra Square, Warrington after finishing work. As we approached the hall, John appeared at the stage door (situated at the front of the hall!). John was right there in front of me and he asks 'Where's the nearest pub?' Me being Mr Beer Head, tells John to avoid Friars Court or the Woolpack and get to the Lower Angel for some decent beer, at which point John kindly looks at me and says 'I'm looking for the band!'...
I sit here now in Perth WA and still play my old vinyl of John's and feel that it was a great honour to even have entered into such a brief discussion and still walk away laughing... Much missed, much appreciated, God bless.

Western Australia