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So Here It Comes..

CoverThis is the artwork for John's final album Heaven And Earth. The release date has been set on the 16th of May, although there have been mentions of 3rd of May, which is not quite correct. Itunes Canada started selling the album on 4th of May, though. And Martin Chilton from the Daily Telegraph has published the first elementary review on the 5th of May. Uncut's Graeme Thomson rated the album 3 stars in a one page review.

Amazon has clips available of all songs of the album.

Two whole tracks can be listened to over here: Heaven And Earth, and Can't Turn Back The Years, featuring Phil Collins on backing vocals.

Two dates to remember..

Today the following message was posted in Chicago.

John Martyn Tribute Set for July 12; Beck, Snow Patrol Among 30 On Board

Monday, February 28, 2011 at 12:46PM

An expansive 30-song tribute album to John Martyn, the pioneering and mind-bending British folkie who passed away lin 2009, has been confirmed for a July 12 street. In the works for a few years, the project -- officially titled Johnny Boy Would Love this….a Tribute to John Martyn -- includes a number of notable participants including Beck, David Gray, Snow Patrol, Lisa Hannigan, Davandra Banhart, Robert Smith of the Cure, Phil Collins, Paolo Nutini and The Swell Season. A companion DVD including recording and interview footage is also being produced for the project. See the album's full track listing below. DC will have a full write up on the Tribute w/ music streams soon.

Best wishes for 2011

Things have gone a lot quieter on the webfront but this goes to wish you all a happy, healthy and satisfying 2011.
We know for a fact that this spring, John's final album Heaven and Earth will finally be released. Also several young artists are committed to contribute tracks to a John Martyn tribute album. I for myself have several ideas of enhancing this website and still have lots of work lying on the shelf. So it remains a good habit to visit Big Muff every once in a while. JM is here to stay...

Solid Air on solid vinyl again

Simply Vinyl are repressing their 180 grams vinyl reissue of Solid Air. They announce that production is on the way. The release date of the classic record is set to 11th October. It will be their first release in 2010. They claim it to be their best selling 180 grams title. The price is £ 21,99 so they are aiming at the higher end of the audio market.


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