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Back With A Vengeance..

Over the past years this site has seen many engine upgrades. This time it got a new car... In the background there is a new platform running that is more flexible and future proof than the old one. One thing you might notice is the new location of the search bar. There might be the odd image not being visible any more but on the whole functionality has been preserved. Enjoy and contribute, as always.

A Fine and Healthy 2013..

This is to wish you all a good new year. Johnwise it is going to be a challenging one.

It is clear from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter response that John's music is still appealing to new fans around the globe. On the other hand CD sales have been in decline for a few years now. Most collectors are looking for rare items in Ebay, and often find vinyl originals that still pop up every now and then. Others download recordings from YouTube or some torrent site. The estate does not make any money from that..

From a business point of view the Tribute Festival of 2012 in Thomastown was not as successful as it should have been. This must have been caused at least partly by the ongoing crisis. So we will look eagerly to this year's plans.

Of course this site will continue to expand. Technically I am preparing for a major -and I mean major- update that requires some heavy lifting. In the mean time you can always stay up to date following the @bigmuffsite Twitter account.

Keep spreading the news: John Martyn deserves it. Both in Heaven as it is on Earth.

One Weekend To Remember..


The second John Martyn Tribute Festival to be held at Thomastown the weekend of 15 and 16 September promises to be a highly interesting event. Organiser Eva Lynch has been quite busy putting names and places together. The program stretches over three days and tickets (25 euro) are available online through ticketmaster here. My advice is to buy a weekend ticket in Ireland for 40 euro; in this way you save 10 euro and you get a lot more fun. There are free concerts too in various places.

Tribute Festival in Scotland

Like last year, two tribute festivals are organised this year to commemorate John's birthday. The first one is in Lanarkshire, Scotland, where John lived for many years. Saturday 15th September, the John Martyn Tribute Night is held from 19:00 to 23:30 hours at the New Lanark World Heritage Site, New Lanark Mills, ML119DB. Tickets are £ 8.00. From the announcement:

"After the huge success of last years tribute evening hosted by some of the finest acts in Lanarkshire we are pleased to announce that the event will be continuing for a 2nd year running and hopefully many more to come. This years event heralds a change of venue to the serene setting of New Lanark's World Heritage Site by the falls of the Clyde; a place where John himself frequented the local haunts many a time and lived near himself in Roberton at the famous Church With One Bell."

So far the following bands are confirmed:
Big Dave & the Gnomes
Jim Duncan (from Biggar)
Peter John (of the John Martyn tribute band "Grace & Danger" from Cwmbran in Wales)
Chris Kilgallon
Little Fire (from Ayrshire).

Tickets are available from: Magnum Sound, Wishaw; Crown Tavern, Lanark; Relish, Carluke; or directly from organiser David Mooney: 0044 (0)78 1828 2511.


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