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Summer Gathering In June

posterThe 2016 edition of the John Martyn Gathering in Yorkshire will take place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of June. Location is the famous Green Dragon. The organizers promise three days and nights of John Martyn related activities. The program features some fantastic artists, special guests, and also an open mic stage and guitar workshops.

Weekend tickets cost 30 pounds. Which is 'cheaper than Glastonbury, and you're guaranteed to see everything.' This event is on a much smaller scale, of course.
Rooms can be booked directly at The Green Dragon (details below) and there's also a camping available.

New home again..

This site has migrated again to another service provider. This is always a risky move but if you see this message, it means the operation has been successful.
Big Muff is now built on better hardware, more modern software and faster servers.

Nice new button

The giglist keeps on growing and growing. Even today. One thing I noticed is that, once you are in a certain page, you have to use the back button to travel to the other decades.
But not any more! I added some extra buttons to enable fast transfers for today's impatient people.

Remembering John..

Seven years ago we lost the musician that captured our hearts and souls. There is some comfort in the knowledge that he is not forgotten. That most of his music is still available. And that people are still passionate about the man and even now, new stories and memories pop up. But the music industry has changed and not for the better. So the best thing I can think of is to put on a John Martyn record, turn up the volume and wonder about our One World.

Happy Birthday John

John would have turned 67 years old today. Not a day goes by that we do not miss him - in spite of the wonderful legacy of music he left us. Every now and then a talented singer-songwriter emerges who is clearly inspired by JM. But it never comes close to what we have come to cherish. This only proves that John is irreplaceable.

Last year I was happy to discover that the ghost of the echoplex has not disappeared. This clip by Nils Frahm is something totally different but gives a nice touch to a memorable day.

Play a John album, open up a good bottle of claret, spread the word and the love for music and mankind.


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