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Glasgow Gathering

Best way to reminisce about the big man

Traditionally during the last weekend of January, John Martyn fans get together in Glasgow for a so-called winter gathering. The upcoming one is to take place Saturday 27 Januari 2024, at the Clutha & Victoria Bar, 159 Bridgegate. Expect some interesting artists to perform and a lot of inspiring, friendly company.


Ticket price is only £10. Tickets can be obtained via this link:
And of course at the venue during the weekend itself. More and latest information can be found on Facebook at the John Martyn Group.


Summer's here

The 2023 Summer Gathering is to take place in June: 16, 17 and 18, but at another location: Mickleton Village Hall, Barnard Castle. Some very interesting artists have been booked and from my own experience I can highly recommend the company.


Ticket price is £40 for the weekend; day tickets are £25 but who would not want to stay a little bit longer with the finest folk in town.
Tickets can be purchased via Martin Byrne. Payable through bank transfer but the man also has PayPal.
And of course at the venue during the weekend itself. More information can be obtained on Facebook at the John Martyn Group.

14 years..

It has been 14 years that John passed away. He still manages to attract new listeners and every last weekend of January, fans, friends en family come together in the Clutha (Glasgow) to enjoy music and each others company. This year was no exception.

Rather odd find

coverWhile searching for an old concert in Barnstaple, I stumbled upon a remark by DJ Wendy May: "After extensive touring and some John Peel sessions they eventually signed to Phonogram and made an album in 85, which featured the legendary John Martyn on guitar." She is referring to a band called the Boothill Foot-Tappers. They made exactly one album that surfaced October 1985: Ain't That Far From Boothill. It was released by Mercury (MERH 76) and John is indeed credited for Guitars on a track called Stand Or Fall (side B, track #3).
No idea why this track was never mentioned in the older discographies before. It has been included here in the Collaborations section and I also found a review.


Eleven years..

posterToday it makes eleven years since John's passing. Which is sad. Still people all over the world keep discovering his music, though. One year ago, the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall completely sold out for the 10 year memorial concert organized by co-legend Danny Thompson. Last year saw the release of Sweet Little Mysteries | The Songs of John Martyn, a fine tribute CD by Sarah Jane Morris and Tony Rémy. Recommended.

Only recently people in the Netherlands were able to see the John Martyn Project live, a set of JM songs performed by five aspiring musicians who also toured the UK in the course of 2019.

In North Yorkshire, a new John Martyn Gathering is coming up next summer. And a small winter gathering is held in the Clutha this weekend, in John's home town Glasgow. Sold out.

So John is alive though not kicking :o(


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