The Zip Code John Martyn interview

Kevin Ring
Zip Code magazine #5


Back with a new album, THE APPRENTICE, and touring now to promote it is John Martyn. He's long been an admired and well respected musician on the British scene and he's the proud owner of a back catalogue of albums that are testament to his innovation, imagination and sheer popularity. From the release of his first album LONDON CONVERSATION way back in 1968 [actually 1967 ed.] to now, he's maintained a loyal following, who've witnessed his style changes over the years. For a long time he was associated with Island Records, now he's out on Permanent Records. Based back in Scotland, the new album shows he's no apprentice! ZIP CODE grabbed the chance to speak to a relaxed and affable John Martyn recently.

Whatever Turns You On | Danny Thompson

Rick Batey

If names like Kate Bush, David Sylvian, Everything But The Girl, ABC and Julian Cope conjure up the vision of some kind of Status-toting hotshot somewhere in his mid-twenties, think again. Danny Thompson began as a tea-chest player in a skiffle band, with Leadbelly and Big Bill Broonzy among his earliest influences. He moved on to play with the biggest names in British jazz in the late '50s and mid-'60s -Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott- then joined Alexis Korner's enormously influential Blues Incorporated. He backed blues giants like Little Walter, John Lee Hooker and Sonny Terry, and rounded off the decade by becoming a vital part of the folk-rock movement; that was Pentangle, of course, who subsequently made six albums in their seven-year lifespan.

John Martyn/ Un Hombre Tranquilo

Mingus B. Formentor
Rock de Lux


A pesar de la exquisitez de tu obra, mucho me temo que en España no eres demasiado conocido. ¿Qué tal en el resto de Europe continental?
- «Mis discos se venden muy bien en lugares como Alemania, Holanda, Francia, Países nórdicos, donde por lo demás suelo actuar con alguna frecuencia.»

John Martyn Interview, 27.2.86, Hanley [part 1]

Rob O'Dempsey
Musin' Music Magazine #4

The interview took place February 27th 1986, Hanley, Victoria Hall and appeared in two issues, #4 en #5.

R: How does it feel looking back over your 20 year career?
JM: It doesn't feel like twenty, for a start, it feels more like seven or eight, it feels fine.

R: Your very much a survivor of the music business, do you still enjoy touring?
JM: Yeah, well. I've always enjoyed it. I find it very dull staying at home. It's a bug once you get it...!

R: You described the new album Piece By Piece as your best to date. Would you like to tell us about it?

RIAS Berlin

Uwe Golz
RIAS Berlin

A radio interview with Uwe Golz for RIAS Berlin, probably conducted in the context of the Quartier Latin concert of 22 April 1986 during the Piece By Piece tour.
It is to be found on YouTube but I intend to transcribe it.

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