Sister Bliss and John Martyn

Dan Gennoe
Seven Magazine


She's the first lady of house, he's a living folk legend. She likes gospel, he likes jungle. They are the odd couple and they're taking progressive trance to new ethereal heights. Via a whole lotta love, Sister Bliss and John Martyn tell Dan Gennoe why they were destined to be together.


Emotional Rescue

David Stubbs
Uncut #43

Classic Albums Revisited

John Martyn is a neglected tower of British rock, a man who's made some of the most palpable, almost physically emotional, music ever recorded, whose reward for having always pushed a little too far ahead of his time and against assumptions of what he's about has been perpetual commercial frustration.

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Magic & Loss: 1948-2006

Lee Barry
Big Muff website

The inimitable John Martyn now into his half-century should rejoice in the knowledge that he has survived for five decades as one of Britain's most talented and imaginative artists. Lee Barry tracks a turbulent career, scattered with episodes of undeniable magic, painful loss and more than a wee dram of abuse.

"There were moments of grace and there were moments of danger,
everyday was like that with John."
Ex- manager, Kimball Packard.

John Martyn, Ritorno Dopo La Tempesta

[Gabriela Ferraris]
La Stampa

Stasera il musicista inglese al «Folk Club»

John Martyn, ritorno dopo la tempesta

Un grande del folk rock: John Martyn è senza dubbio uno degli artisti di maggior pesa fra quanti il «Folk Club» schiera in questa sua undicesima stagione. Leggenda negli Anni Settanta, alternativa europea a Bob Dylan, il musicista inglese arriva stasera sul palco di via Perrone 3 bis (ore 21:15) con un nuovo album («The Church With One Bell») dopo tre anni di silenzio, rèduce da una cura disintossicante che ha definitivamente restituito ai fans un artista che sembrava perduto.

John Martyn | Un Mito Del Folk Rock

Riccardo Bertoncelli
La Stampa

John Martyn

Un mito del folk rock

POCHI sanno che John Martyn (in concerto con la sua band al Folk Club, via Perrone 3 bis, sabato 5 alle 21:30, info 011/537.636) è un nome d'arte e che questo signore scozzese ormai cinquantenne si chiama all'anagrafe Iain McGeachy. In realtà il problema è «più a monte». Pochi sanno chi è John 'Martyn «tout court», perché non bastano trent'anni di onorata carriera e la stima della critica per fare una celebrità. Al massimo nasce un «culto», ed è giusto il caso. John Martyn è un venerato minore, un grande outsider, come il suo amico e coetaneo Richard Thompson e altri britannici di gusto raffinato che vedono da lontano le classifiche e quasi mai la Tv ma sono il sale di quella scena. Chi non li conosce, in due parole, si perde qualcosa.

Clear As A Bell

Mike Lipton

It's safe to say that no one has pushed the realm of the singer/ songwriter/ guitarist farther than Scotsman John Martyn. Beginning in the late '60s, his musical muse has taken him from acoustic, jazz-tinged folk to trance blues and echo-filled, electric mantras, before settling into an evolved, radio-friendly fusion of blues- and jazz-based pop. Despite a lack of recognition, Martyn ranks as one of music's truly unique 'voices'.

John Martyn At The Quays

Galway Advertiser

John Martyn at The Quays


ON APRIL 8 the great John Martyn plays a very special gig al The Quays. Martyn, one of the most gifted and brilliantly original singer/songwriter/musicians in contemporary music, has had an extraordinary career since he first gave notice in the early 70s that he wasn't prepared to be lied down to any particular conception of music by attaching fuzzbox, echoplex and phase-shift to his acoustic guitar. Purists beware!

Codevilla, Suona John Martyn

La Stampa


CODEVILLA. Alla soglia dei cinquant'anni John Martyn non ha ancora perso il gusto di suonare: il chitarrista inglese che si merita un posto nella storia del rock si esibisce stasera, alle 22:30, al Thunder Road accompagnato dalla sua Electric Band. Per Martyn si tratta di un ritorno in Italia, a quindici anni di distanza dal suo precedente concerto: pochissime le date che il suo tour europeo prevede nel nostro Paese.

Electric Folk/ John Martyn

Chris Nickson
Discoveries #102

Mention Folk-Rock to an American and you're going to conjure up visions of Roger McGuinn with a Rickenbacker and granny glasses performing 'Mr Tambourine Man,' or maybe Dylan and the Band being booed at Newport. Use the same phrase in England and it's a different kettle of fish altogether. Bob who? Roger what? Over there it's the real stuff, Fairport and Steeleye, and the crowning glory known as Electric Folk, when the traditional ballad met the 1960s and 70s, and everyone came away happy.


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